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Emergency Lighting: is It Necessary for Residential Buildings?

Emergency lighting is a mandatory fixture for commercial properties, like malls, cafés and factories. It can help with emergency exit protocols by guiding the occupants to the fire or emergency exits. The importance of such an electrical fixture is unquestionable in commercial properties. However, residential building has been somewhat reluctant to install these emergency lighting features, mainly because they aren’t legally required to install them.

Electric Works London offers emergency light installation for commercial and residential buildings because we believe safety is a right for all. You cannot endanger the safety of residents simply because there is no legal mandate for it. Emergency exit lights can save lives in the event of a disaster and prevent residents from getting lost inside the building if the power goes out during a fire or an earthquake.

Are emergency lights expensive themselves?

That’s right. The most expensive item in the installation is the lights themselves. In addition, you have to consider other expenses such as wiring, in-wall fixtures and other necessary equipment. Add the costs of installation, testing and annual service to the lights to determine how much it will cost. Different emergency lighting models vary in price, and the model itself determines the installation fee. So there is no standard price for emergency lighting installation.

If you are interested in finding out how much an emergency light fitting will cost you, contact certified electrician and share the details of your case. We have different offers available at any time, and our consultant will explain which one would be the best for your home or office.

Electrical circuit design for emergency lighting systems

If your existing electrical circuit layout does not support the installation of emergency lights, our engineers can design a new layout separate from the primary circuit. If batteries instead of a backup generator power your emergency lighting system, installing the circuit will be significantly easier.

After designing the optimal layout for your location, it’s time for the installation to commence. The more complex your design, the higher our installation fees will be. So it’s essential to discuss the extent of your budget with our engineers before the design process is complete to allow for short-cuts that can save money. For example, routes with minor foot traffic can be left out of the emergency lighting setup, which increases the risk of accidents in case of an emergency. 

We recommend extending your budget to cover all areas that need emergency lighting, even if they are not used regularly. 

Regular testing and maintenance requirements

after the installation, the emergency lighting fixtures must still undergo maintenance and testing every month! That is one of the hidden costs of having a safer home, but ignoring this need for testing and maintenance defeats the whole purpose of installing emergency lights. However, past a certain point, installing a new emergency lighting system becomes a more reasonable option in financial terms, as the cost of maintenance for older systems increases every year.

Modern lighting systems have an automated testing mechanism that can solve the monthly maintenance issues, but they cost more than conventional systems. The difference in initial prices makes sense in the long term; as we mentioned, monthly testing can cost a fortune over time.

Benefits of emergency lighting installation in your building

  • Lighting That Is Always There:
  • Lighting can fail for several reasons, but productivity will take an immense hit if it happens to go out during a storm and during a working period for your business. 
  • Emergency lighting, when properly maintained, is always there if the main lights happen to go out.
  • Smart Investment That Can be recouped:
  • There’s no getting away from the investment required to have emergency lighting installed, but that investment can be quickly recouped. 
  • Although not guaranteed, you might find that your insurance premiums drop slightly with emergency lighting installed. 
  • Also, if the main lamps do go out, you can reduce the number of hours lost to non-productivity.
  • It’s a Top Asset if You Suffer Power Outages:
  • As noted in the first benefit, emergency lighting means you’ll never be without lighting.
  • If you happen to suffer from a power outage, productivity shouldn’t drop as much since you won’t be “in the dark”.

Optimal locations for emergency lights

Their type determines the location of emergency lights. In general, emergency lighting is either for escape or standby lighting for specific locations with life-threatening machinery or installations like some factories. Standby lighting can also be used in places where the visitor could potentially trip or fall during an electrical outage.  

Three central locations require emergency lighting:

  • Emergency exits or fire escapes: these lights are used as a guidance system for those who are panicking when the lights go out and cannot find the exits without help. They are the essential type of lighting for emergencies.
  • Public emergency lighting: The occupants are usually gathered in a previously designated area after an emergency exit. This area must have emergency lighting to avoid confusion and further incidents in the crowd. In addition, it can serve as a beacon for rescuers or search teams.
  • Locations with high-risk operations or circumstances: whether it’s a factory with heavy machinery or a surgery room, some locations cannot be left in the dark at any time, or lives could be lost.  

Why should you choose Electrician for emergency light installation? 

Our commitment to our clients and their safety is showcased by years of experience and positive feedback from our clientele. Our staff have good experience with emergency lighting systems installation and other emergency and security services. They know how to install the perfect circuit that won’t let you down when it counts the most. Our electrical safety standards have stood the test of time, and our responsibility towards our projects has been a factor in that success.

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