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Modern Studio Apartment Layout Furniture Decoration

Modern Studio Apartment. Layout, Furniture, Decoration

Even a modest-sized space, such as a studio apartment in a new building, can be quite comfortable and harmonious. Next, we’ll take a closer look at how to achieve this with the help of proper zoning, design and selection of furniture.

Zoning a studio apartment

The first thing you should think about when arranging a studio apartment is the proper division of space. On the one hand, it should look solid and harmonious, and on the other, be clearly structured.

The first design stage is determining the location of each zone. The kitchen area should be adjacent to the dining area , which smoothly transitions into the living room – this is the best and most convenient option. For the bedroom, as a rule, there is a secluded corner away from the entrance to the studio apartment.

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After determining the approximate location of all key zones, the most important thing remains to divide them in such a way that the boundaries of each zone are noticeable. It is worth noting that in the zoning process it is important to preserve the concept of a single harmonious and free space. Of course, there can be no talk of any walls or solid partitions. When zoning a studio apartment, the best options would be:

  • Mobile partitions, screens, screens and curtains . Thus, if necessary, you can close, for example, the bed.
  • Bookcase, chest of drawers, sofa or dining table. They can serve as zoning elements to define the boundaries of adjacent zones. At the same time, the owner does not lose useful space. For example, a sofa with a back facing the dining or kitchen area can be an ideal partitioning element. A high through shelf can separate the bedroom from the living room, while still performing its direct functions.
  • Separately, it is worth highlighting the bar counter , which is a common element of dividing the kitchen and living area. It performs a number of functions, serving as a dining table, additional work surface and storage space for kitchen utensils.
  • Various types of finishing . Often this role is performed by different floor coverings, since it is better to leave the walls in the same or approximately the same color scheme. For the kitchen, for example, you can use tiles, for the living room – parquet (an additional example is a dark shade of laminate in the bedroom and a lighter shade in the living room, or vice versa).
  • Different floor levels . For example, a bed can be placed on a podium, which will highlight the sleeping area and allow you to organize additional storage space.
  • Lighting of different levels of brightness or color . It is an original and effective way to draw a line between different zones. At the same time, one part of the studio apartment is brightly lit, while the other is in twilight – this makes it easy to discern the line between the zones.

Furniture for a studio apartment

One of the common mistakes that studio owners make is ordering furniture and other interior details that are too large or, conversely, too small. Both options will only emphasize the modest size of the room. Here it is worth giving preference to the golden mean.

A studio apartment does not require a large amount of furniture, which is why all furnishings should be as functional as possible, but not very bulky and, of course, attractive. When creating a design project for a studio apartment, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • As far as possible, it is better to replace massive pieces of furniture with more airy and lighter ones, with the possible use of glass, mirrors and metal. This rule does not apply to the sofa and armchairs.
  • You should not choose overly miniature furniture. The result is the appearance of a dollhouse feeling, stuffed with an abundance of all kinds of semi-functional items, so the best option would be to choose integrated or full-size, but transformable custom-made furniture. The simplest option is a sofa bed and a folding dining table. Manufacturers, following real estate market trends, offer custom-made creation of a wide variety of transformable furniture, while paying great attention to the integration of various types of furniture. An example would be beds that are hidden behind closet facades, and a TV area or workplace integrated into a wardrobe .
  • Furniture in a small apartment should be as mobile as possible . This is convenient if there is a need to free up part of the space when receiving guests and organizing a party. A coffee table on wheels, folding chairs or a folding table will be excellent mobile furnishings.

There are several ways to arrange furniture in a studio apartment, but the most popular is to place the main part of it around the perimeter, and some items in the center at the border of the zones. With a studio apartment area exceeding 40 sq. m, you can move the main part of the furniture away from the walls.

Second floor

If you have a studio apartment with high ceilings, a good solution would be to create a two-level space.

Upstairs you can organize a bedroom or workspace, and make the stairs a storage space.


When choosing a color scheme for a studio apartment, remember: dark shades give the space brutality and drama, light shades add lightness.

The best design for a small apartment is a light tone and bright details. This way it will look spacious and not boring.

The following interior styles best suit the above-described requirements for the design of a studio apartment:

  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • Scandinavian style ;

Pop art, loft, and modern also have the right to exist in a small space, but it is better to refuse the classical style with an abundance of decorative elements, stucco molding, patterns and gilding; in extreme cases, use only its simplest elements that will create an atmosphere but they will not take away the place.

Mirror and glass surfaces are perfect for visually expanding a studio apartment (glass can also be used for zoning). And, if possible, refuse curtains: the more light in the apartment, the better.

We use the balcony correctly

If the apartment has a well-insulated balcony, a couple more useful square meters appear. There you can arrange not only a cozy relaxation area with armchairs, poufs, a table and flowers. But also a compact work office – there are many options here.

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The main thing is the basic rules of ergonomics and integration.


There are a lot of stereotypes around studio apartments. Often such housing is considered extremely inconvenient and uncomfortable. Of course, a family with children will really not be very comfortable there. But young people or a married couple will find it quite normal if they plan the space correctly. Think through all the nuances of the interior and design the furniture . It’s not for nothing that today small apartments, Khrushchev apartments in particular. Are being converted into studios by demolishing partitions and turning several tiny rooms into one large one.

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