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What to Expect in the First Week of Invisalign Treatment

If you’re serious about Invisalign, you must have realized its superior treatment methods for dental realignment and its commitment to reshaping your smile. It’s one thing to recommend the treatment ourselves, and another to show you’re the results of our other patients. But there is one common complaint about Invisalign treatment, and that is how insufferable the first week of wearing Invisalign has been for some patients. This is incredibly annoying for those with sensory overload issues, as wearing the tight aligners for more than 20 hours per day can drive some people crazy. If you’ve never had the Invisalign treatment, and want to know what you’re getting into before finalizing your Invisalign order, take note of the following:

It’ll be painful at first, but not as much as metal braces

Although Invisalign is a massive advancement in orthodontics technology compared to traditional braces, they aren’t a painless solution. They are designed to use meticulous force to realign your teeth, and however subtle the pressure is, it’s still going to impose some pain on your teeth and gums. But it won’t take long for you to get used to the irritation, so rest easy; the pain is temporary. You can use mild painkillers to address the offense if it becomes too unbearable, but some chewing exercises help familiarize your gums with the pressure. The activities are designed to elevate blood flow around the gums and help loosen your jaws for transition.

Exercise dental hygiene routines 

Your first few trays will roughen up your gums with their edges since they are sharp when they arrive from the Invisalign Wimbledon Laboratories.  So another reason you might have a sore tongue or gums in the first couple of weeks into wearing invisible aligners.

Our dentists recommend using medical-grade wax to help soften the abrasions caused by wearing the braces for an extended period.

You can use a ball of wax, shape it with your index finger, and apply it to the rough edges. If you still feel uncomfortable wearing the aligners after a week, or if the rough edges are visibly too sharp for use, call your dentist. You may need an additional visit to the orthodontist to file down the advantages of your braces.

Another way to combat the early soreness symptoms of Invisalign braces is to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide that will soothe initial soreness and prevent any infection from forming around your gums

Monitor How Long You Wear the Braces

Your usual lifestyle will undoubtedly be subjected to changes after you start using the braces full-time. The tricky part is resisting the urge to remove your aligners too often, as that will reduce your chances of reaching your smile goal in time. It’s okay to take them out a few times per day, but if your teeth are loose for too long, they may recede to their previous position. It’s recommended to wear the aligners 22 hours every day, with no exceptions. It’s paramount to wear your aligners during the night since that’s when your teeth are the most malleable. So we recommend using a chart to monitor how long you wear Invisalign every day to avoid forgetting your braces. Experience shows keeping track of your treatment can significantly improve your results. 

There’s a mobile app for anything these days, and Invisalign treatment is no exception. You can use various available apps, but we recommend TrayMinder; it’s a free third-party application for android and IOS that keeps track of your wear time and reminds you every time you’re supposed to change your aligners.

Another option that could cost more is worth every penny to ensure the perfect treatment for your money. Otherwise, all the money spent on your Invisalign treatment will go down the drain if it fails to reshape your teeth perfectly. It’s called a retainer case that monitors your wear time with its dedicated mobile app. You’ll get alerts if you forget to put in your aligners, so you can manage to wear Invisalign easier.

Perform routine chewing exercises or use an aligner chewie  

If you’re feeling too irritated with Invisalign braces, you shouldn’t ignore the pain for too long. It might be a signal of incompatible treatment or a mistake on the side of your orthodontist. If this is not the case, you may be too sensitive for the treatment. But that’s no sign of concern, as you can increase your tolerance by routine exercise before putting in the aligners. If your jaw or gums still get irritated during your treatment, you can use an orthodontics tool called an aligner Chewie (not from Star Wars). You can use it on each tooth for five seconds, and it will help your teeth quickly fit into the new aligners.

Treat your aligners like your own gums

Due to the removable nature of the braces, you might turn into an express transport system for bacteria. The aligners don’t necessarily attract bacteria, but they will if you’re removing them with your hands and don’t wash them often. You can practice the following steps to avoid this:

  • Wash your aligners after every removal
  • Softly brush the surface of retainers using toothpaste and water
  • Use unique solutions provided by your dentist to sanitize the aligners.
  • Always rinse and clean your aligners before putting them on

Make sure you use the aligners correctly

You have to remove your aligners before consuming food or drinks, to keep them clean and sterilized. Otherwise, they become a festering source of infection and have worse effects than simply suffering from crooked teeth.  You may forget you have aligners on sometimes, so it’s essential to develop a routine. 

Consult Your Dentist in case any of unexpected difficulties

Invisalign in Wimbledon is a certified treatment, but anything can go wrong in the course of orthodontics treatment. While some issues are apparent, contact your doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms.

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