Bajaj CT 100 – Best Things That You Should Know

India imports the majority of its crude oil reserves. Hence, it is natural that fluctuations in international crude oil prices will affect the price of fuel in India. Furthermore, the excessive taxes imposed by Indian authorities also lead to the increase in retail prices of fuels like petrol. The result is that one has to shell out more money every time they take their bike to the petrol station. Hence, mileage is considered a unique selling point by Indian riders when they buy a bike. For best mileage bikes, you can consider the best mileage bikes brand Bajaj and the best mileage bikes are Bajaj CT 100, Bajaj CT 100, Bajaj Platina etc.

The sales of 100 CC bikes such as Bajaj CT 100 are high in India compared to bikes with higher engine displacement. The CT 100 is capable of running for 89.5 kilometres per litre of petrol. Furthermore, the bike is available at an average ex-showroom Kolkata price of Rs. 57,114. 

There are also a ton of other aspects that make this bike desirable. Here we have discussed the best things about the Bajaj CT 100 like its Available variants, Product placement, Overall looks and available colour schemes, Mechanical Specifications, handling and ride quality, etc.

Some of those aspects are as follows – 

Available variants

Apart from being one of the best mileage bikes in India, the CT 100 is also affordable. Bajaj offers the bike in three variants. The base variant doesn’t have an electric start option. But the decked-out top variant comes with the electric start option.

Product placement

The dry weight of the bike has been reduced a bit thus making the bike ideal for new bikers. The BS-6 version of the CT 100 is designed to meet the needs of rural and semi-urban riders. This is the reason why Bajaj improved essential aspects of the motorcycle.

For example – 

  • The ride quality of the bike has been enhanced by many folds.
  • The front and rear suspension travel of the bike has been increased.
  • The engine has been tweaked a bit to offer low end-torque.

Overall looks and available colour schemes

The bike still looks elegant and fresh despite being on the market for quite some time.  Bajaj Auto offers the CT 100 in several colour schemes.

They are as follows – 

    • Gloss Ebony Black with Blue Decals
    • Matte Olive Green with Yellow Decals
    • Gloss Flame Red with Bright Red Decals
    • Gloss Ebony Black
    • Matte Olive Green
    • Gloss Flame Red

Mechanical Specifications

The CT100 is based on a single-cradle frame. The frame is a modified one that is borrowed from the Platina range.

The bike is powered by a 99.3 CC, single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine. The motor is compliant with the BS-6 emission norms.

The motor is quite capable despite its small displacement capacity. To put things into perspective, the peak power output of the engine is 7.7 bhp. The peak torque output of the motor is 8.34 Nm. The engine is paired with a four-speed gearbox. The gear ratios of the transmission have been tweaked as well. This was done to ensure the rider could make the most out of the engine’s power band.  The clutch pull-action is light thus making gearshifts effortless.

Overall handling and ride quality

The ride quality as well as handling of the CT 100 is amazing. Expert reviewers have even labelled the handling of the CT 100 as ‘best-in-class’.

The cradle frame has been tweaked over the years. This ensured that the latest iteration of the bike can remain balanced at slow and high speeds. The bike is easy to manoeuvre in city traffic. The bike can perform overtakes and take sharp turns without scaring the rider.

The suspensions on the bike are meant to make the ride quality comfortable. The front wheel is paired with a standard hydraulic telescopic fork suspension unit. The suspension travel however has been increased to 125 mm.

Here we have discussed the best things about the Bajaj CT 100 like its Available variants, Product placement, Overall looks and available colour schemes, Mechanical Specifications, handling and ride quality, etc.

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The rear wheel, on the other hand, is paired with 2 SNS suspension units. SNS stands for Sprint-iN-Spring. It is a Bajaj-patented suspension technology. The rear suspension travel however stands at 100 mm.

The bike tends to offer a semi-hard ride when it is ridden by the rider only. With a pillion rider or with cargo in the back seat, the ride quality shifts to the softer side.

The CT 100 is a bike with a high value for money factor. It is a cheap-to-run motorcycle with a no-fuss engine. Its spare parts are reasonably priced and the servicing charges are low as well. To learn more, the reader should visit the nearest Bajaj-authorised dealer as soon as possible or you can visit Bajaj Auto Finance’s official website for the same.


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