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Car licensing

Car licensing: what it is, how much it costs

Want to know everything about car licensingSo you are in the right place. In today’s article, I will explain what it is, how much it costs, and how to consult and pay

Car licensing is a very important procedure so that it is possible to circulate with the vehicle being in good standing. That’s because even if the vehicle is yours and has already been paid for, it is necessary to do it every year.

So, if you have doubts about the function of this process and how to do it, this content will explain everything!

Check it out and find out the reasons for its realization: 

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What is car licensing

First of all, to begin to understand this subject, you need to understand what car licensing is and why it exists. Licensing is authorization for the vehicle to be used and travel in the national territory. He attests, above all, that that car is safe to use.

Another point that car licensing checks and guarantees is whether the emission of noise and pollutants is within acceptable limits. That’s because every car emits a sound when in use and also a certain amount of pollutants.

However, exceeding the limits established in legislation is prohibited. The National Vehicle Noise Control Program has several resolutions that support this issue. Below you will also understand the relationship between car licensing and the so-called CRLV and IPVA.


The CRLV, or Vehicle Registration Certificate, is the famous “car document”. It is that paper that must always be in the hands of the conductor in case there is a blitz.

Licensing is confirmed through it. That is, the CRLV is the paper issued after the licensing is done correctly, being mandatory.

He certifies that the vehicle has passed the checks and is in full driving condition. 


IPVA, in turn, is the Tax on Ownership of Motor Vehicles and is charged annually, based on the value of the vehicle. For passenger cars, it is usually 4% of the value of the car.

Therefore, the IPVA is part of the fees that must be paid for the licensing to be carried out. It is not possible to license the car with a late IPVA.

In addition, it has its own cost for issuing the CRLV, which changes from a zero vehicle to a used vehicle. Another thing, for example, is DPVAT insurance, which is mandatory. It is different from the personalized insurance that is contracted separately for the vehicle.

What is the importance of renewing your automotive license?

After understanding these initial concepts, it is possible to understand the importance of renewing the license every year.

Failure to do so leaves the driver subject to sanctions, such as fines, as this situation is a traffic violation.

One more point to note is the deadline for renewal. However, this issue of licensing, it is worth remembering, varies from state to state, as we will discuss later.

How much does car licensing cost?

To know how many cars licensing costs, it is necessary to understand the price differences according to the location. So, it is important to clarify how it is calculated.

Licensing involves a fee determined by the Secretaria da Fazenda and paid to the Department of Transit, Detran, of each state. In some years, this value was different depending on whether the car was new or used.

In São Paulo, for example, for 2022 this rate is R$144.86 for new and used vehicles. It is always necessary to follow the determinations of each region and the calendars to know the amount that will be paid each year.

To have a base, this value does not usually exceed R$ 150.00. 

Where do I pay for my car license?

This licensing fee payment process is also quite simple. The licensing fee can be paid online, as mentioned above, at ATMs or branches of accredited banks.

If you need more information about payment, we have a complete guide on the subject.

How to renew vehicle document

To renew the vehicle document, it is necessary to gather some documentation, such as RG, CPF, proof of residence, proof of payment of the guide, and a form that is usually filled out via the Detran website of each state.

That is, it is possible to do this digitally, greatly simplifying the vehicle owner’s routine. 

It is worth remembering, however, that the documents and possible debts of the vehicle and driver must be up to date. There can be no open fines and if this occurs, they must be paid for the renewal.

It is very important, still in this line, to have a cautious driving and always observe the state of conservation of the car, to reduce the risks of suffering traffic problems and even collision. 

IPVA payment

As stated earlier, IPVA is the Motor Vehicle Property Tax. The IPVA is paid at the beginning of the year, but it can be paid in installments.

The advantage of paying in one go, however, is having a discount. Typically, this discount is 9%, which makes a big difference depending on the value of the car. Imagine a car with a value of R$ 50 thousand, which has an IPVA of R$ 2 thousand. Paying with a discount, this cost can drop to R$ 1820.00.

In addition to this method and the installment plan, there is the possibility of a smaller discount, of about 5%, if paid after January. In February, generally, the driver still has the possibility to obtain this rebate, even if it is smaller.

If it goes beyond that month, then all that remains is the full payment without the discount. Payment of at least the first installment is generally due by March 15th.

mandatory insurance

Compulsory insurance is an amount that is not usually high and is intended to compensate victims of traffic accidents or their families. In the past, this value already came with the IPVA, but some changes have taken place. The driver must take care of this issue. To make it easier, you can use the Caixa app to make the payment.

It is important to always reduce the chances of problems with the vehicle in use. The more conserved the vehicle and serviced up to date, the greater security it will present.

It is very important to be aware of how to protect the car from the sun, rain, and hail, to name a few and even solve any problems with air conditioning, head gasket, and steering gear. All this can influence the driver’s experience.


After all these steps, to pay for the car license, you need to have your Renavam number at hand. In this case, just go to a bank branch or ATM and select the option to pay for vehicle licensing.

It is also possible to pay the car license via internet banking. When the car’s Renavan number is entered, the corresponding amount will appear and payment can be made.

How to check vehicle licensing

To check car licensing, you need to go to the Detran website in your state and inform your vehicle’s license plate and Renavan number.

There your status will appear. But the recommendation is always to pay quickly when licensing is available. Sometimes, due to forgetfulness, the deadline may pass without any need. Then the resolution gets more complicated later.

If there is any overdue, it is necessary to pay attention to the regularization through payment of fines and interest. The advice is always to resolve this as quickly as possible. If the driver is caught with an irregular vehicle, the infraction is very serious, according to the Brazilian Traffic Code, CTB.

In addition to the seven points on the driver’s license, the fine is around R$ 293.47. The vehicle is also seized and removed. The release only takes place after regularization, but it is a big inconvenience, in addition to having to bear the costs, of being stopped in the place where it was barred, without the vehicle.

How to prepay

In this situation, those who have paid DPVAT and IPVA can make the advance electronically. In the bank’s system, the corresponding amounts are then consulted and the payment is made.

Something to watch out for, in any case, is the vehicle inspection. This depends on how long the vehicle has been used. Since December 2019, cars older than 3 years must pass inspection every 2 years.

Without this condition, licensing is prevented. Tires in bad condition, uneven suspension, cracks in the windshield, and items that help with signaling are examples of what is often seen in inspections. 

Therefore, a car in excellent conservation guarantees greater peace of mind at these times as well. If the inspection fails, the vehicle will have to undergo a new inspection. A period of 30 days is given for the situation to be regularized. But the inspection is also done only if the IPVA is paid.

What happens if the car licensing deadline passes

If the deadline for car licensing has expired, the driver needs to generate the calculation of the fine and pay it late.

Finally, it is worth understanding that it is very important to be aware of the issue to avoid complications with the authorities. Up-to-date car licensing guarantees greater safety for the driver and all passengers.

Did you understand what car licensing is and how to prepare to always be up to date with this part? 

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