The Best Karaoke Songs of 2022- Country and Pop

Now that 2010 is over, we can look back on the year and see what were the best-selling karaoke songs, both pop and country. Although there are very similar reviews, this pop and country karaoke review differs in that it shows what people who sing wanted to play, not just what people who love music today wanted to hear. .

Here are our top ten picks – based on sales, inquiries and popularity – first the pop list, then the country list. Many CDs we sold throughout the year contained multiple of these songs on the same CD, so there is no specific method to determine which main song the buyer was interested in when purchasing the CD. In other words, our pick of songs that topped the charts in 2010 can’t be considered 100% accurate, but we think it’s close.

Top Karaoke Pop Songs of 2010

#1 – Need You Now – Lady Antebellum (Yes, a country band topped the 2010 pop music charts; in the pop mix version of this song, electric guitar replaces the country guitar twang in the chorus and in the bridge. heard this song, I thought I had heard it before; many think it is similar to “Eye In The Sky” by Alan Parsons, I think its chorus is similar to “More Than Words Can Say” by alias .)

#2 – California Gurls by Katy Perry – (Katy Perry turned out to be not just a flash in the pan but a bona fide pop star. For my part, I thought her career would be short-lived when her debut single came out titled ” ‘I Kissed A Girl’ – Top 40 American fans are moody and forgetful. But here she is two years later with her 2nd album which spawned 3 No. 1 hits, including California Gurls. The song is catchy with the sentence “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top”. . She needs someone to help her with the spelling department.)

#3 – Hey, Soul Sister by Train – (We may have thought Train was ancient history as it had been five years since they had hit the pop charts. However, three of those years they were on hiatus and now look; “Hey, ‘Soul Sister’ brought this band back from the dead. Who would have thought that a song with a ukulele as the lead instrument could top the charts? Maybe Tiny Tim would have done it, but who remembers him.”?)

#4 – TiK ToK by Ke$ha – (A catchy track, aptly compared to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” this song could be a cookie-cutter paradigm of America’s many Top 40 dance numbers today today)

#5 – Nothin’ On You by B.o.B – (This debut single from artist B.o.B features Bruno Mars on guest vocals, but the karaoke version can of course be sung as a single artist.)

#6 – Pink’s Glitter In The Air – (This song takes Pink to a whole new level. It’s a bluesy, emotional and heartfelt ballad and as such was in high demand. She performed this song at the 52nd Grammy Awards in a Cirque du Soleil-style performance)

#7 – Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – (Another hit from the unpredictable Lady Gaga. Characteristics of this song have been compared to her previous hit “Poker Face”.)

#8 – Taylor Swift’s Today Was A Fairytale – (A cute little ballad featured on the “Valentine’s Day” soundtrack. Although I sometimes cringe at some of Taylor Swift’s twisted live performances, I mostly enjoy them. ballads, like many female karaoke singers. Add your own voice to the instrumental arrangements and whatever sounds like her “live” performance.)

#9 – Rihanna’s Only Girl (In the World) – (Rihanna continues her winning streak with this upbeat dance song. This song became her 9th #1 single, more than any other artist since 2000)

#10 – Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars – (This song is not a remake of the Billy Joel song of the same name. It is an original composition that is so juicy it can make you cry. Almost every girlfriend, fiancĂ©e or wife would blush if this song was sung to them, much like the official video for this song shows.This great video and Bruno Mars’ convincing vocals have made this one of the most popular karaoke songs. requested from 2010.)

Top Country Karaoke Songs of 2010

#1 – Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (This song obviously has wide appeal, topping the country and pop karaoke charts in 2010. The fact that it’s a duet helps, as many karaoke fans are looking for a song to sing along with someone else, but since it’s a karaoke song, a singer can easily sing the whole song solo.)

#9 – Rain Is A Good Thing by Luke Bryan – (It seems like a country song is either going to tell you a story or have a developing hook. For this song by Luke Bryan the development of the theme is this: “Rain is a good thing,” because “rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey, and whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky”. Obviously ‘corny’ but it worked)

#10 – Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert – (The message in this song is that city girls and country girls are basically the same except that country girls are ‘only prettier’.)

So, if you are a singer, 2010 gave you plenty of new music to choose from. Sometimes it may seem that there is no good new music out there. However, it may seem that way because you’ve gotten into the habit of listening to your ‘iPod’ with your pre-selected choices in music. Start making it a habit of listening to the radio or turning on a music channel more often, then you’re going to find plenty of new selections to choose from.


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