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Benefits of Teeth Whitening by A Professional Dentist

Cosmetic treatments are gaining more attention as social media has consumed our daily life and having a white set of teeth has become a standard in society, and yellowish teeth are now considered as a sign of lack of dental care. That makes the appearance of your teeth just as important as any other facial feature, which can show perceptive people a sense of how you handle your oral and overall health. 

So friendly and quick methods for improving how white your teeth look are on the rise, as the market demand for them is skyrocketing. That’s become a reason for many profiteers to come up with ridiculous and apparently ingenious methods and treatments that usually cause more harm than relief and results. 

Professional teeth whitening is the only real method for whitening your teeth that will last for more than a few days, causes no harm to your teeth and gums, and presents no side effects that endanger your health. 

This method has been tested in labs and is certified for professional administration, which guarantees a nearly perfect chance of success for every treatment. Unlike unverified products, the gels are manufactured with the highest quality, something that we ensure for all our equipment used during the whitening process.

We guarantee whiter teeth by the end of every session and provide counselling on exactly how many sessions you should have to achieve the shade of white you want.

  • A Safer and more Comfortable Treatment

The quick whitening treatments you may find over the counter or online don’t have the long-term safety or even short term safety concerns as professional treatments. These chemicals aren’t tested in a lab and can have unknown effects on your teeth and gums, and even cause damage to your mouth or digestive system. Additionally, some of them are painful especially if you have sensitive teeth syndrome.

Our gel-based treatments aren’t harmful to your gums and are applied using customized trays that are fitted to your teeth and prevent leakage. You don’t have to worry about swallowing the gel either. 

  • Better dental hygiene

From a psychological viewpoint, the improved appearance and the newly found whiteness of the teeth you’ll experience after the treatment are great encouragements for you to take oral hygiene more seriously and keep your newfound charm. 

Moreover, the stains can lead to decay and infection over time, so removing them sooner rather than later can increase the lifetime of your teeth.

  • Personalized Treatment

Teeth vary in their shades and even how they react to whitening treatments. The comprehensive treatments you find that claim to treat all shades and types of teeth are not customized based on the health profile of an individual, and the results you can expect from such treatment will be far from perfect. By taking precise measurements and impressions of teeth before the treatment, our specialists can offer the best teeth whitening London customized to your needs and requests. If you don’t want your teeth to look too white, you can determine exactly what shade you want during the consolation visit.

Bleaching vs. Whitening: What’s the Difference?

Whitening as we introduced, is the process of restoring the initial shade of a patient’s teeth by deep cleaning them. Using a special gel, the pores on the surface of your teeth are opened up, allowing the extraction of pigments trapped under the surface. These pores remain open for a little while after the treatment, during which your teeth are more vulnerable to stains.

On the other hand, bleaching is a form of teeth whitening that aims to change the natural shade of one’s teeth, making them whiter than it has ever been. It involves applying hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to the teeth, which effectively wipe out natural colour pigments in the teeth as well.

Bleaching is available for use at home, where a less potent solution is provided to the patient for regular use. this solution is usually a 15% purity mix of carbamide peroxide, as it is weaker than hydrogen peroxide and handling it at home is safer. For clinical bleaching, a stronger solution is used that acts faster in removing stains.

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