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Top Online Logo Designing Courses You Should Learn in 2022

Logo design is an art and no one could ever deny the fact that it has influenced us very deeply. In this modern epoch, you have unlimited opportunities to avail. Logo designing is purely a form of art and not everyone is an artist. A graphic designer knows how important a logo is, especially in the business aspect.

If you are a designer, then learning a logo is the very first step you should take. Many online courses are available related to graphic and logo designing, but how can one rely on these? These courses are affordable and require less time. It involves all those activities, practices and environment that help you to understand graphic designs basics.

Why should you learn graphic design and logo design when there are free online logo makers and download without registration options available for you? 

Because learning something on your own becomes a useful asset for your entire life. Now global business parties are more focused on maintaining their websites and logos to create a brilliant brand’s image and unique identity in front of people. For this reason, they hired professional graphic designers to customize their business logos and websites. 

Learning logo design by your own may help you to create your own professional name in the competitive market. Below are some of the best logo design courses available online (free and paid). Use the link provided with each course and start learning from today!

LogoCore master class is one of the best online logo design courses best for basic to intermediate learners. You should learn how to design a logo, how to vectorize it and give shape to it using Adobe Illustrator, how to create proper design brief and give style to it and many more. You can also get some extra discount by using the LogoCore Masterclass special coupon code.

  • Coursera

If you want to learn something new every day with some of the best globally recognized graphic design professionals then Coursera is providing you the platform. Get a deeper dive into the ocean of typography, font fundamentals of designs, colors theory, symbols and many more with courser’s graphic design specialization course affiliated with California institute of arts. You have to pay $49 per month or $499 for the whole year having access to 3000+ courses. After learning all tips and tools about logo design, you have to apply it in a project name as “Brand a new brand” for practice.

  • Logo Design Masterclass on Udemy

The logo design Masterclass by Udemy uses a handful of approaches to teach logo designing to all their learners. The course contains 12 sections and around 85 lectures, so no doubt it is packed with value! After learning graphic design courses from Udemy you learn about how to conduct research on clients’ topics and provide them their desired result, how to sketch and brainstorm your ideas, and how to gathered, utilize those ideas on software i.e., Adobe illustrator.

  • Logo Design with Sagi Haviv

A graphic designer, Sagi Haviv who excels one’s individuality and simplicity that is one of the most ingoing issues nowadays. You get numerous ideas on how to transform your logo into a masterpiece. He uses concepts to create logos memorable and help their learners too.

You might have some little misunderstanding about the logo, Sagi will cover it all! 

He teaches you that graphic designing is not all about design but a lot more. Also, how to persuade your idea in this field. After getting a deeper understanding, you’ve to deal with personal clients and design a logo for them.

  • Skillshare

Skillshare gives a quick understanding of what graphic design is and how it works overall. Skillshare offers short courses of logo design so it does not take your hours. These courses give you an idea and refinement about logo design. Skillshare offers quite simple pricing, first you get a free month trial and then you have to pay $10-$20 per month based on the chosen course. Duration of a video is 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

A professional logo design course that is created by Rawson Uddin, in which students are allowed to enroll in seven hours on demand courses and full-time access. And at the end after completion, they receive a certificate of completion. The requirements of course is having a basic know how of Adobe Illustrator.

Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator will provide you with a deep understanding of logos and styles, and how to shape its visual elements. You should be able to design a logo on your own for your client. This course will help you

  • How to choose right typography
  • How to use simple shapes with proper concepts
  • Use of negative spacing 
  • Adding logo design color psychology
  • How to play with other visual elements etc.

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the best logo design courses you should learn before it gets too late. Make sure to choose the right one that best fits your demand and budget.

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