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Update the Firmware of your Tp link AC750 Setup device

The software of your range extender often contains bugs and some security vulnerabilities. And that is why it becomes essential to update the firmware regularly. You can even enable the “Automatic Firmware Update” Option to keep your Tp link AC750 device UP-TO-DATE. Let us learn the manual method to update the firmware of your tp link repeater. 

Manual firmware update guide for the Tp link AC750 setup

  1. Use your computer’s web browser to surf or through the Addy of this web browser.
  2. Go to the support site of your Tp link AC750 wifi range extender setup and click on Download Center.
  3. Scroll down to the download center for the exact model number of your Tp link AC750 setup.
  4. Click on the appeared model number (Tp link AC750) to open its download page.
  5. The next page will ask you to click on Firmware Update, look for the date of publishing to get the latest firmware for your WIFI extender.
  6. Now, you should carefully examine the name or your extender model number to download the correct firmware file. 

For example: –

  • Tp-link AC750 is the model number
  • The US is your operating region.
  • V3 is the latest released firmware version.
  • 210105 is the date of publishing in YYMMDD Format.
  1. You need to ensure that the model name, region, and version match the printed label on your Tp link AC750 Setup device.
  2. Once you have confirmed details, click the firmware version to download the file on your device.
  3. Unzip and save the file on your desktop. Then log in to your Tplink repeater, and visit System Tools>Firmware upgrade or the firmware. 
  4. Then click the upgrade option and drag the saved file from the desktop.

As the firmware update completes, your tp link repeater will reboot and will restart.  

How Do I reset my Tp link AC750 wifi range extender setup?

To reset your Tp link AC750 wifi range extender setup, follow the guide in the below section;

  1. Turn on your TP-Link AC750 wifi extender.
  2. Connect the power line adapter to the power port at the rear of the extender. And then, press the power button.
  3. If you see the tp link repeater LED is solid white, the extender is turned on and is ready to use.
  4. Locate a small reset button at the back or either side of your Tp link AC750 setup device.
  5. Take a pointed object to press and hold the button. It is inside the outer panel of your range extender for some security purpose.
  6. You should press the reset button for at least ten seconds. And then, release it.
  7. Your Tp link AC750 will reboot automatically. The device has been reset to its factory default settings and is ready to login back to its web interface.
  8. For login again to your TP-Link wifi extender when it is set to its factory default settings, use admin as the default login username and password.  

Why is my Tp link AC750 wifi range extender network unstable?

Such problems occur due to the local environmental factors in your surroundings. You may also face this issue if your internet connection is not stable. If your internet connection is not stable, contact your internet service provider. If the Ethernet cable you have attached to your tp link repeater, modem, and computer, is not in good condition, you should replace it on a priority basis. 

Resolutions: –

  • Locate your wireless clients at a reasonable distance to the tp link repeater. If you place your wireless clients far away from the range extender, you will receive weaker wireless signals.
  • Reduce the number of wireless clients operating with the repeater. If you use more devices with a wireless network, you will receive less bandwidth for each device. Disconnect some devices to get better wifi coverage.
  • You can have a test by adding one device at a time to your wireless network to check for the maximum number of required devices.
  • All the available wireless devices in your house try to send data over the air to decline interference from other wireless equipment.
  • Try to change some wireless settings in your repeater. You should log into the wireless settings and click on wireless settings below the setup menu to change the wireless channels in your network.
  • It is also essential to check the wireless region or the country, which should be correct.

Nowadays, the TP-Link also provides the Tether app to set up your repeaters and the range extenders. It is beneficial, especially for new commerce in the field of networking. Using this TP-Link Tether app, you can configure & manage your tp link repeater, range extender, and modems. Moreover, you can also control your TP-Link WIFI devices remotely using your smartphones. 

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