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Asus RT-AC53 Wi-Fi Router Access

The login to the configuration page will redirect you to the Basic home page or the dashboard of your Asus RT-AC53 Router. is the IP address of your Asus router login page, and you can also access the web GUI of the router. You can connect several other smart networking devices using the login page on the homepage. You can also get guest network access and a lot more on the Asus wifi login homepage of your Asus RT-AC53 Router.

Access to the Asus router login page of your RT-AC53

A General Guide to set up your Asus RT-AC53 Router

At the beginning of the process, power on the Asus RT-AC53 Router and connect it to the modem using an Ethernet cable. Use only the WAN slot of your modem and the router to make this connection successful.

  1. Once the router gets connected to the modem, connect it to the LAN port of the computer. You can further use it for the Asus router login process. 
  2. Open a web browser of your choice and launch it. When you launch the browser, enter or in the address bar, and hit the enter tab.
  3. Now set the Asus router login password of your router by following the on-screen prompts by the Smart setup wizard. 
  4. If you need the default login credentials, use ADMIN as the login user name and admin as the login password for the Asus RT-AC53 Router.
  5. Click on the get started button on the login page. 
  6. After that, you are supposed to change the default login user credentials from a security point of view.
  7. Anyone can easily access the default login credentials. 
  8. Follow the further on-screen instructions to configure the internet and wireless network. Click yes to get started with the quick setup wizard.
  9. Mention the wireless network name of your router very carefully in the required field of the network name. 
  10. Once the Asus router login process gets completed, you can join the wireless network with the same SSID to all the wireless devices.

How do I create a cloud account for my Asus RT-AC53 router?

The cloud services are one of the latest features launched by Asus. The users of all Asus routers can take advantage of these cloud services. You have to register yourself for cloud services with an Asus cloud account. In your cloud account services, get remote management to your WIFI router. You will also get online updates, the latest news feed regarding your router, and its newly launched features. You can register to cloud account via two different methods;

  1. Using the Web-Management page, and
  2. Using the Asus app on your smartphones.

Asus cloud account- Web Management page 

  1. Connect your PC or the laptop devices to the Asus wired or wireless network using an Ethernet cable. And make sure you’re getting the internet. 
  2. Then launch a default or the customized web browser. Type in the web address,, and you will get the login page or the management page of your Asus router.
  3. Fill in all the login information required for the Asus router login process. Go to the ‘Basic Home Page’ tab, and then hit the ‘Asus cloud’ account option. 
  4. Click on the next option, Register now, and create and register a new Asus cloud account. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to provide your email address. 
  5. You’ll now enter/set up a password for your Asus cloud account. And then, agree to the terms and Conditions given by Asus, then click ‘Register’ to access cloud services.
  6. You will now receive an email to make a confirmation for your cloud account. You need to go to the mailbox and open the link to activate your cloud account and other cloud services.
  7. Now, you have successfully created your cloud account. You can enjoy all the cloud services given by Asus.

Cloud Account Registration via the Asus app

  1. First, you have to download and install the Asus router setup, app on your smartphone. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store section of your device and type the Asus mobile app in the search bar to get the app.
  2. Get your smartphone or the tablet linked to the Asus WIFI network, and then launch the Asus app.
  3. In the app, click the ‘Login’ option. And then, hit the option ‘New User’ on the same page.
  4. The next level will require you to have an email address and the password for your cloud account.
  5. When setting a strong password for your cloud account, tap ‘Sign Up’, and you will receive an activation email or text message.
  6. Once you click the activation code in the mail, your cloud account services will be activated. 

Now hit the ‘Login’ button to log into your registered Asus id and password. Use the personalized Asus ID and password. Select your Asus RT-AC53 Router, and link to the cloud account. Now, enjoy the priceless cloud services for your Asus router login page.

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