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Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Industrial Equipment?

Many production businesses in the UAE use heavy machinery and that is what most of their business depends upon. Even a minor fault in the equipment could affect the daily output and cause immeasurable losses all through the supply chain. However, if you look for maintenance companies in Dubai or other cities and hire one proactively, you can prevent this from happening. Maintenance is an ongoing process and you shouldn’t wait for your machinery to give up on you completely before you decide to take care of it.

That is why many asset-heavy businesses plan predictive maintenance and backups so that their production systems don’t get affected. There is a lot of economic value in regular maintenance and here are some reasons why all business owners should consider it.

#1: Ensures Steady Supply Chain

Most businesses rely on their supply chain for their revenue stream. If even one step of the supply chain gets disrupted, it can affect the whole business. And one of the most common reasons for a disrupted supply chain is equipment malfunction. However, consistent and regular maintenance can help curb this problem. If you continue predictive maintenance, then your equipment will always stay running and the supply will also be stable.

#2: Improve Efficiency

Old equipment can get rusty and become less productive over time. However, regular maintenance can help keep it good as new. No one can deny that a new or well-maintained machine will work much better than an old one. So, in the long run, regular maintenance costs will be far less than the profits you can gain from higher efficiency. It can also increase production rates and lower fuel costs for most businesses.

#3: Boosts Longevity

If you don’t take good care of your equipment, it will likely fall apart in a much shorter time. So, in order to increase the life cycle of your industrial machines, it is important to maintain them regularly. Any minor issues can end up as much bigger losses if they aren’t caught in time. This may require more severe repairs that affect the quality of the machine and its output. However, regularly maintaining the machine can increase its life and give you the bang for your buck.

Industrial machinery can be expensive and repairs usually cost a lot more than maintenance cycles. You don’t want your investment to go to waste by ignoring the maintenance of the machinery.

#4: Decrease Downtime

If your machinery falls apart and you need a repair, you will likely need to shut the plant down. Most small businesses usually can’t afford backup machinery because it can cost a lot of money. So, if the machines need repair, you will also have to bear the intangible costs of downtime. However, these issues likely will not happen if you have been careful and get regular maintenance.

Downtime means that all processes are at a halt and each second that you could’ve generated revenue is now going to waste. The overall losses might not even be calculatable as you don’t know how long the repair will take. So, the only way to minimize downtimes is to schedule regular maintenance cycles and not let your machines go to the point of breaking down.

#5: More Working Hours

Old and outdated equipment will likely break down in high-pressure situations and won’t be able to provide the required output for you. However, if the same equipment has been well-maintained, it will literally work as a well-oiled machine. So, it is important to keep your equipment ready for times when you have to rely on it for more than the usual work hours. You may get a much bigger order requirement and you don’t want to pass that up due to an unreliable machine.

New or healthy equipment should be able to carry the weight of a double shift. You may need that more than you think in high season. So, unless you want to splurge your money on another equipment piece for a double order, you should think of regular maintenance.

#6: Better Re-Sale Value

Your equipment can still give you the financial value after you are done with it. You can sell it for a great price if it is still in a good condition and works well. An older piece of equipment that doesn’t work well is likely to fetch you a lot less financial gain than the one you have taken good care of. So, maintaining the machinery can be a win-win situation while you work with it and even afterward. Most businesses don’t consider after-sale value when it comes to maintenance. But you can put that money to good use or even get an upgrade from your last machine. So, not only does it create more value during production use, but it is also a valuable asset for your business.

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