How to Prepare for the AZ-104 Certification Exam for Microsoft Azure Administrator

If you are aspiring to pursue and take the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam this year. This article is a brief guide to help with some of your queries. The AZ-104 Certification exam was newly launched in 2020 after replacing the AZ-103 Certification exam with the latest updates in the syllabus and improved azure certification training. The AZ-104 is an entry-level certification however may come across as challenging. The training strikes a balance between practical and theoretical development of a skill. It equips the students to deal with various scenarios in real life. 

What is the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification is an entry-level certification offered by Microsoft to help the aspirants get well equipped with the knowledge of Azure. It is a globally recognized and widely-acknowledged Microsoft Cloud Certification. The 4-day AZ-104 course will teach students how to manage Azure subscriptions, network traffic, the configuration of virtual networking, etc. Hence, managing virtual networking in a cloud environment requires this azure certification. 

Who is the target audience of the AZ-104 Certification?

The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Certification is a learning opportunity for people who aspire to take up roles such as Azure Administrators, Networking Administrators, Security Engineers, Cloud Architects, and many more. Anyone who has a desire to build a career in IT architecture is good to take this course.

What are the learning objectives of AZ-104 Certification?

The basic areas of study and learning objectives achieved through the Microsoft Azure Administrator Course are;

  1. Managing the Azure identities and its governance
  2. Efficient deployment and management of the Azure compute resources
  3. Configuration and management of virtual networking
  4. Proper implementation and management of storage
  5. Monitoring and creating backup of Azure resources

These study areas are mainly centric on a cloud-based environment and its efficient management and security. This Certification is an instructor-led training is a good course to kick start your career in IT architecture. This certification compensates for any shortfall in work experience in this field during hiring in organizations. The balanced mix of practical and theoretical training will equip all students with the knowledge to deal with various scenarios in the job environment. The Microsoft Azure Administrator exam is scored out of 1000. Students need at least 700 marks to get certified in this course. 

Is the Microsoft Azure Certification worth it?

Investment into the AZ-104 course to develop knowledge, expertise, and skill set in this field will offer the expected returns from the job sector. So, by completing this course adds an extra feather to the caps of aspirants, making them more suitable for hiring in organizations. The azure certification cost varies as per the training centre. However, in today’s time, all organizations operate and maintain data on the cloud, and as a certified Cloud Administrator, the career opportunities for aspirants become multifold. 

What are the prerequisites for pursuing AZ-104 Certification?

It is often advisable and expected for candidates to have at least six months of prior work experience or hands-on training in the implementation, management, and monitoring of an organization’s Microsoft Azure system. Some prior basic knowledge of IT architecture of cloud-based environments helps the students grasp topics better and apply them in practical situations more efficiently. 

Why should you opt for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification?

  1. Knowledge and expertise in the field spread across organizations in all sectors provide flexibility in career to all aspirants. Therefore, all organizations operate on the cloud and require experts for their proper management. 
  2. The compensation packages offered to candidates with Cloud Certifications are high, and the Azure Administrators receive higher market recognition. Career growth becomes exponential with AZ-104 Certifications due to increased expertise. 
  3. The field of Cloud Architecture is constantly developing and evolving, therefore it offers the candidates an opportunity to be part of a challenging and growth-oriented environment in the job sector. 

The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Course offers aspirants many learning and growth opportunities. Moreover, it ensures that the knowledge imparted to them prepares them to face real-life situations in workplaces more efficiently. Hence, if you are planning to build your career in this field, choosing the AZ-104 course is a great opportunity to make your career growth exponential.

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