5 Ways To Increase Event Engagement In 2022

Audience engagement is the crux of success that event marketers look to achieve in their events. We are almost half past 2022, and new ideas have come up in the marketing world around audience engagement.

Are you tired of the event template you have used for some time and looking to enhance audience engagement? Then look no further. Through this blog, we will remove any hiccup that has stopped you from engaging your audience in the past. So let’s see what these are!

5 Ways To Increase Event Engagement 

Let’s explore ways to assist you in your bid to enhance event engagement.

Build Anticipation With An Event Page

A well-designed event page can convince possible attendees to learn more about the event and eventually share their personal information to obtain further knowledge about it. Therefore, the page should have an appealing impression as well as detailed information about the event.

It should also include what makes your conference unique, the crucial speakers, some metrics to quantify your reach, and social proof to establish credibility.

Multiple pages for sponsors, speakers, and the agenda can be worth your effort to provide helpful information to the proper target group without crowding a single page. A single landing page funnel, on the other hand, has shown to be effective for many virtual summits and is worth considering.

Display A Social Media Wall

One of the most in-demand features that have recently produced brilliant results for event marketers. Social media is an integral part of event marketing. Therefore, making its best use through a social media wall is critical. 

But what is a social wall? a social wall is a unique real-time representation of user-generated content across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., on digital screens. This user-generated content accumulated is texts, photos, and videos. 

social wall

A social media wall is not just limited to one marketing touchpoint; it can boost a business across multiple touchpoints. For example, business touchpoints include live events, websites, e-commerce stores, email campaigns, etc.

The benefits served by a social media wall are multiple such as audience engagement, social proof, brand advocacy, word-of-mouth marketing, high conversion rates, and increased revenues.

Let An Emcee Take Centrestage

A captivating host that greets and directs your audience through the event can be beneficial.

Remember that if you’re hosting a hybrid event, you must have two hosts – one for in-person and another for online attendees.

The reason is simple: people who attend your event through the internet may feel excluded. As a result, increase your engagement by engaging a representative who will devote his time to entertaining your virtual audience.

While the future is uncertain, one thing is sure: event planners must be prepared to take their work to the next level. When arranging an event, aim to be innovative to wow your audience.

Develop A Marketing Strategy

The budget determines all the promotion campaign’s components, including the services you employ, the location, caterers, tents, and other hidden expenditures. For example, you might need event management software, a website, or paid digital advertisements. 

Remember that marketing costs should account for a reasonable portion of the event’s budget when creating your budget. To avoid any gaps, get quotations as soon as possible. Apps and software for marketing are valuable tools for keeping track of the entire process.

When promoting an event, think about how much money and time you plan to put into it. The right plan allows you to conduct coordinated campaigns efficiently utilizing multiple marketing platforms.

Involve Your Audience

Your event attendees are among your brand’s most enthusiastic supporters, and they’re ready to sign up or purchase tickets to your event. As a result, leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing to encourage attendees who have already purchased tickets to bring their friends and family. 

As an incentive, you can use freebies or gift certificates. Finally, show the confirmed attendees that you appreciate their business to generate more leads.

Activate your performers and speakers, too. They care because they know they will gain popularity if the numbers are high. So you can have them make teaser films to promote the event.

To make the event a success, establish clear communication lines with your various teams at all stages. For example, weekly briefings and emails should keep all stakeholders informed about opportunities and goals. You can also use specific channels through collaboration tools like instant messaging to see who brings in the most money

Wrapping Up!

The above ideas are a recipe for engaging your audience; you should consider these for your next events. Displaying a social media wall is essential. Create one through Taggbox!

Taggbox has been defining trends regarding a user-generated content platform and a brilliant social media aggregation tool with terrific personalization, customization, and moderation features. Build a social media wall in minutes through Taggbox!

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