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Skincare Routine To Follow In Humid Summer Days?

They say nothing beats the disaster of humid weather and if you look at it from different angles, they’re right! Humid weather results in excessive stickiness and sweating on the skin. No matter what you apply and how much you try to fix your makeup, it will come off because of sweating. 

So if you’re thinking about what kind of skincare routine will be perfect for humid weather and what products to use then read on.

Cleanse Your Face Often!

We often don’t realize but we tend to wipe the sweat from our face with our hands, arms, and sometimes any cloth we can find. This isn’t a good thing because it allows bacteria to cling to our face resulting in inflammation and acne. To make sure your skin remains clean during this weather you should cleanse and wash your face very often.  You can use the COSRX low pH good morning gel or face wash to cleanse your face. This Korean brand is quite economical and is known for its top-of-the-line formulas.

Hydration is Key, Drink Lots Of Water

Your skin will only look great on the outside if you put what makes it look good inside. This is why we have added drinking lots of water as a part of our skincare routine in humid weather so that it will make up for the loss of water that takes place in the form of sweat. Drinking lots of water will make your skin glow and look healthy.

Use A Lightweight Serum

Don’t go too heavy on your skin when it comes to applying serums in humid weather. Your skin sweats a lot in humidity and this is why it is best to nourish it with a light serum which will enhance the texture of the skin while allowing it to breathe.

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Use Retinol or Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs)

Retinol and acids like Alpha-Hydroxy acids have the ability to help control the oil production in your skin. This helps you keep your skin stable and not look too oily. It also prevents the clogging of your pores with sebum.

Use Toners

Toners help tone your skin, smoothen their texture and they also help control the excessive oil that comes to the surface of your skin. They also form a neat surface for makeup if you apply it after washing your face and the best part is toners tighten your pores.

Humidity is No Excuse For Moisture Exemption

No matter how humid the weather is, you need to make sure you moisturize your skin properly. You can use a light moisturizer if you feel your skin is already too oily but a moisturizer always covers up for the lack of moisture that is lost due to sweating and cleaning the sweat from the face. You can get the best lightweight moisturizers from Korean brands because their skincare products are great. You can check the Sensoo skincare website for some awesome moisturizers and other skincare and makeup products.

Nowadays, who doesn’t want vibrant and radiant skin, right? If you are in a search for such smooth textured and rich skin, then you need to keep in mind that you need to develop an effective skincare routine. But that’s not all that you need to have. You would need to buy top quality skincare products.

Well, let’s suppose that you search online for “the best skin care products” you’ll be surprised to see a vast list of brands that sell skincare products. Keep in mind that not all of the brands have products that are reliable and effective. So, the real concern is how you will choose the best one out of the rest.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, your best bet is to invest in COSRX products. They have rock-solid skincare routine products that will help you in keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

Tips For Choosing The Right Products For Skincare

Choosing the best skincare products for yourself can be a daunting task. This is much true if you do not know where to start your search. But you do not need to worry about anything because in this blog, we’ve listed some of the best tips that will help you in choosing the right skincare product.

Knowing Your Skin Type

The best place to start your search is by knowing your skin type. Is your skin dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination of all?

Let’s suppose that you an oily skin, and the product you’ve chosen is for dry skin. You can rest assured that you’re going to make your skin condition worse.

Keep In Mind Your Needs

Just as your own personal needs, your skin requires some needs as well. Maybe you’re looking for a product that will prevent wrinkles, or reduce the sunspots. All in all, the products you choose ought to address the issues that you are concerned about.

Daily Cleansing

It doesn’t matter whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, you will always need a cleanser that does not strip your skin in any possible ways.

You might not notice, but your skin on a daily routine accumulates bacteria, pollutants, and dirt. A good cleanser will remove the dead skin cells and all the other impurities from the skin leaving it looking fresh and glowing.

Keep The Skin Hydrated

Keep in mind that a well hydrated skin ought to look healthy, vibrant, and fresh. This is why you should consider buying a good moisturizer.

Don’t know where to buy a good moisturizer? Visit COSRX, and browse the website for their top of the line moisturizers.

Protect From Sun Damage

One of the most dangerous skin damages comes from the sun. It can truly wreak havoc on your skin. So, keep in mind that no skincare routine is complete without a sun damage prevention cream.


If you still are not ready to buy skin care products on your own, you might want to consult a good dermatologist. They will examine your skin type and also recommend a suitable brand or products for your skin.

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