Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Weekly, I post on my social media and my blog point try to plan ahead what I am going to post in my blog. It’s also an everyday blog, so if there is any content that I find interesting or a new challenge comes up, I can easily focus on it. The term digital liar includes short stories and instant feedback and instant visual liars on social media. Sometimes, my writing can have a healing effect. If this is an unwanted challenge. I try to change that and find the commodity positive.

I started a nomadic life 20 times in 2000 but eventually decided to move to the Dominican Republic, where I have lived 15 times as an expat and had my real estate business. After graduating from the academy in 1988, I worked 5 times for my family’s business, the Presslet Group in Aarhus, Denmark, including 2 trainee periods in Hamburg, Germany. I also started at the University of Copenhagen and completed my law degree in 2000. My gestures of traveling during the plague, my unborn life, wandering and foreign life, and the challenges and costs that come with it, I have described in my writing.

The online business I am setting up and the clothing and tools I choose to work with are all meant to show that I can write and tell stories from anywhere. I’ve gone through five different milestones in shaping my background to write at university in the family business business, traveling as a Rambler, expat life with a real small business, and most recently, on Line has started a new phase of working with content creation. . I can move on to being a more articulate author on my specific website and on my new digital fake website, towards working with digital marketing, including copywriting. All creative writing in various formats

My purpose in writing is to entertain, and perhaps anthropology can learn or be influenced by it. Please read more about my writing in the attached composition.

Business stories

I think I have a lot of hints to participate. Through social media, blogs, papers, and upcoming ebooks, My False is for those who are working through depression, undergoing transition, or wanting to travel further. I hope this helps others to read the stories of someone who is still searching. I’m not trying to give business advice because I can’t offer more than that, but I can tell stories of gestures I’ve seen over the last 20 times and new gestures moving forward. Read about Https www twitch tv activate!

I use the term entrepreneur astronomically to include a social entrepreneur who hopes to inspire society in a appreciative way or an artist who works with the basics of creating art. Anyone who is entrepreneurial and, in any case, someone who overcomes challenges such as physical disability, internal illness, language and artistic differences, or differences of opinion about diversity. Through juggling and digital lies, I blog about my online business development and the challenges it faces with legal issues, accounting, digital marketing, and technology.

Digital Storytelling

First of all, I’m writing an e-book at Tone Help Kidney. Finally, I will experiment with more creative writing, perhaps poetry or short stories. I have also considered writing a novel. The locations of the stories can be found in all the places where I have spent the last 20 times in Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic and Miami in the United States. As of the end of my writing, from July 2022, I will be traveling to Denmark and England, where my family is, because I am part of Denmark and partly English. And during 2022, I plan to go to Spain to see a possible unnatural occupation there.

I also plan to travel to Miami and other US corridors in 2023 before returning to Los Terence in the Dominican Republic. On the LinkedIn Learning Platform, I am following the path of literacy, which includes a course of Shani Raja, how to write with the faculty an extraordinary pen, and its principles of simplicity, clarity, beauty, and provocation. Involves. I am working on using this system in my writing. I use minimal digital marketing and will blog about my uninterrupted literacy and my strategies, styles and tools, including my literacy about copywriting.

My first e-book

I’m writing my first e-book, and it all started when I was on a tour in Miami in March 2020, and the epidemic started. I will cover issues related to internal health. From my experience, periods of severe depression and gradual completion, but the shortcomings that go through before finally recovering. I explain the decision to close my business in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, reorganize the business that my partner has continued as a real estate broker, and create a self with blog and juggling. Mukhtar started with online business as a solo pioneer.

During this epidemic, I traveled internationally from Miami to Santo Domingo, from the Dominican Republic via Miami and London to Denmark, stayed in Denmark for three months, and finally returned to the Dominican Republic via Hamburg and Madrid. went. The eBook will cover how I am developing my business through writing and travel, the tools and practices I use. I’m excited to learn about digital marketing. In Santo Domingo, I got a place to work together and manage it, focusing on the results of the virtual office with the apartments. I now embrace the concept of “work from anywhere”, a transition I describe.


I hope to describe how eBooks make an impact every 1-2 times, covering maps around specific developments, small business development, trips, digital marketing, and online for solo pioneers. The concept of working from anywhere and covering the online tools I use and the creative workspace. Around which I visit. I have made a useful and inspiring plant and blogged about it which I find interesting by reading and listening.

Every day I try to write. And I spend some time in learning tools. And reading materials that apply to my writing. I hope that sticking to one thing, writing in different formats. Will make the rest of my life and business easier and some of the effects will actually go unnoticed. Similarly, one thing should be said that instead of working towards getting “investigation” one should work towards some productive habits. When a person has clear, productive habits and routines, his life will eventually become easier.

My toolbox

I’m building my online business with Google Workspace for Office Tools. QuickBooks Online for Accounts, and GoDaddy and WordPress and Visual Composer for web hosting. For dispatch marketing, I use Mailchimp and have a database of multiple international contacts. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. I remember a quote from Tech Entrepreneur Mark Cuba for Business Entrepreneurs. “Use what you know,” and working alone, I’m lucky to have that choice.

Recently, I’ve started working with Dashlane Word Director to manage all my Watch Words. And to improve my writing and editing, I’ve started using ProWritingAid. It integrates well with Google Crockers and, apparently, is good, especially for creative writing. Want to know more about SEO and will check out several tools for analytics. I use LinkedIn Learning as a literacy platform, and as a subscriber. I follow GoDaddy, WordPress, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks online for courses that they use on my juggling and online business. Are applicable.

Creative workspaces.

When I start traveling more internationally again. I will visit around the workspace which I find interesting and write reviews about them. The quality of the workplaces I write about is highly regressive, and I like to encourage invention, diversity and creativity. I try as much as I can around my writing on mobile bias and reduce it on my laptop. When needed so that my workspace is wherever I feel comfortable. I follow Mark Gilbert, CEO of LiquidSpace on LinkedIn, who talks about “flexible office frugality”.

He says the trend is moving towards continued use of traditional office. Space for mutual cooperation and business social trade, but there is a way to be more cool. Maybe more people wouldn’t want to work in a traditional office at all. And I would have reviews of any essentials that are as different as possible. Different from the traditional workplace. I can really add some places that are not really workplaces but impress me. So it’s really fluid and can’t be a traditional understanding of workspace. I will try to cover creative workspaces that further appeal to my target audience.

Providing services

I review the tools I use and review the creative workspaces I use in my digital layer. My followers on social media are international, and I’m constantly increasing the number of my followers. I work with hashtags, keywords and international SEO to grow the business. My target follow-up is international and includes digital gadget bouts. Expat entrepreneurs, and business trippers with common interests in trips, digital marketing and special development.

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