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Organization Development


 In this case study, we will identify the factors that told plant issues by probing the significant areas of concern at General Motors that redounded in a public strike. The thing is to identify core problems within General Motors by performing an in- depth analysis of their strategic, functional procedures and assessing the data to determine the cause and effect of workers’and establish ethical and effective operation is executed.

We’ll also be assaying organizational geste within colorful situations of business development and suggest strategies to ameliorate the working conditions of workers. People are central to the success of a business; therefore, an association is largely dependent on practical and ethical operation conduct and the faculty and happiness of its workers who enthrall colorful situations of operations within an association’s scale. Read about Jcpenney credit card!

 GM a brief history 

 General Motors, a transnational pot grounded in the United States. And was innovated on 16 September 1908. Detroit, Michigan, is the headquarters of General Motors (GM), an American transnational pot that designs, manufactures, distributes vehicle corridor, and offers fiscal services. GM is one of the most recognizable and well- known brands encyclopedically, with an incontinently recognizable totem since it has been around as early as the turn of the 19th century.

In numerous ways, General Motors is synonymous with of old commercial America due to its long history and literal donation to the automotive assiduity. GM is also viewed as a company that formerly embraced and encouraged the gospel of the American dream in its core values. According to the description of the American dream, it’s a gospel of equal occasion, allowing anyone to reach their loftiest bournes. By discrepancy, GM has failed to live up to the American dream given the conditions employed by temporary workers. GM has sought to rise above adversity, rebrand its image in order recapture its former character as a global dominating pot.

Still, General Motors has been agonized by internal and external challenges similar as competition, the contestation girding imperfect vehicles, unethical labor law practices, and the check of shops led to the 2019 public strike, the first major strike in the American automotive assiduity over a decade. Thus, the central focus of this case study will concentrate on the working conditions of GM workers from the perspective of organizational psychology and use scientific exploration to propose results to internal organizational challenges. 

 Challenges at General Motors 

 This is particularly true for temporary workers, who performed the same duties as endless workers but without entering the same obligatory benefits or contracts. Although UAW aimed to negotiate better contracts through collaborative logrolling, General Motors and UAW dissented beforehand on; this redounded in a prolonged public strike that saw both General Motors and its workers suffer the loss of profit and earnings. 

 The public strike was also due to colorful factors and organizational changes within GM, which negatively impacted both workers and GM. With the current extremity of deficit of chip semiconductors, GM CEO Mary Barra has raised some enterprises with general motors’ decision to shut down shops. This decision posed a trouble to the United States automotive assiduity and the entire global automotive assiduity which redounded in the suppliers of the semiconductors directing their products to other diligence, causing competition and deficit in the automotive assiduity. 

 This negatively impacted GM’s gains causing fiscal difficulties that made it challenging for GM to pay its workers. Due to a lack of sufficient finances, the directors can’t pay the workers and poses an fresh trouble to hand health insurance. 

 Proposed results 

 Beget and effect analysis 

 The first cause of action GM should take is to apply the cause-and- effect illustration to help operation understand how the interface between mortal geste and an association works. To dissect organizational geste, the cause-and- effect illustration, or fishbone illustration, uses a variety of criteria, tools, and scientific exploration styles similar as meta- analyses and deducible processing to find core issues within an association.

Using the cause-and- effect illustration, it allows an association to do an in- depth analysis of its functional procedures. By enforcing the cause-and- effect illustration, we can help workers by relating core issues that affect in job dissatisfaction and attempt to find results to some of those problems. 

 Beget and effect illustration assists in the following. 

  • Estimate individualities and associations 
  • Identify the major challenges within an association 

 Develop a plan for threat mitigation 

  • Propose organizational results eg, Maslow’s scale of requirements and organizational literacy strategies 
  • Identity the effectiveness of training programs’proposed results. 

 General Motors needs to concentrate on recovering their workers’ trust by perfecting quality control, hand satisfaction and icing ethical procedures are present in all areas of business development. One of the main issues is job query, low stipend leading to dropped provocation. (Which relates to the hygiene factor proposition) Since workers are unhappy and demotivated.

A combination of Herzberg’s provocation-hygiene binary- factor proposition should be enforced along with Maslow’s scale of requirements to increase provocation and increase hand job satisfaction. 

 Maslow’s scale of requirements 

 Maslow’s proposition focuses on fulfilling physiological requirements, which are the introductory survival requirements, followed by safety requirements, which emphasize the significance of job security and health; following this are social requirements, which address recognition, acceptance, and love. Likewise, encouraging tone- fruition offers workers the occasion to maximize their eventuality.

The heartiness and happiness of General Motors workers remain a central and essential part of the company. Underappreciation, and lack of support from associates and operation. Low stipend drop safety and their capability to meet particular requirements therefore; 

 Also, they should be handed with contracts, and their health insurance finances must be reinstated. All workers at General Motors. Anyhow of race or gender. Should be eligible for obligatory company benefits and perk impulses. Through performance- grounded appraisals and be handed openings for growth within the company; these benefits must be extended to workers under temporary contracts. 

 Herzberg’s provocation-hygiene binary- factor proposition 

 Hand satisfaction consists of two corridor”hygiene”and” provocation.”Hygiene factors, similar as hires and recognition. In the absence of hygiene factors in the plant, workers show lower provocation to work. Therefore, it’s in the stylish interest of GM to employ. These strategies since it improves working conditions and help sustain productivity in order to boost profit perimeters. 

 Numerous of the propositions listed over have proven effective in working plant issues. Still, General Motors is a large pot. And it’ll be challenging for one director to oversee and break every problem the company faces. Therefore, GM needs to employ further organizational psychologists to help administrative operation with the company’s metamorphosis processes.

Strategies in the plant it can adjunct in administrative operation in this regard. Organization growth and competitiveness depend on numerous factors high- quality products, well- trained brigades, motivated and married workers; thus, it’s critical for a business to identify and resolve plant issues at an individual and an organizational position, 

 As a final suggestion to GM. I would like to suggest introducing organizational literacy (OL) to ameliorate productivity. Maintain worker satisfaction, and foster creativity to encourage invention. The purpose of organizational literacy is to encourage workers. And other groups to interact and learn from each other and help them. Pursue a creative vision, learn, and unite effectively, and acclimatize to change. I/ O psychologists use organizational literacy programs to apply-and enhance-salutary changes which involve operation, assessment, and statistics. 

 OL organizational literacy 

 And transferred within associations through organizational literacy. Applying organizational literacy in the plant allows associations to stay ahead of core issues. Organizational literacy improves a wide range of critical mortal resource operations. Similar as job and hand satisfaction. By covering ethical conduct within an association and addressing. Several aspects of mortal resource operation problems, including hand morale, productivity, and hand geste.

GM should apply OL styles to challenge themselves and encourage invention. OL will also help GM avoid using business models that have come obsolete or stagnate the creativity of workers. Likewise, this adaptive business model can help unleash everyone’s collaborative aspiration within an association. 



 Culture and people are also two essential factors of any association. As is the division of labor within the operation that should work together harmoniously towards a participated thing. 

 The commercial vision of General Motors is”to come the world’s most precious automotive company.”The temporary workers who shared in the strike now have endless contracts. Still, General Motors remains a work in progress. In need of operation changes and organizational reforms to achieve the fantastic heights it formerly had. 

 To achieve this, A unborn interpretation of General Motors should embody ultramodern commercial American culture. One that values inclusivity, technological invention, and ethical treatment of everyone. 

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