Why is it important to update the firmware of my Netgear wifi Extender setup?

Firmware is required in most electronic devices to perform their day-to-day activities smoothly. Firmware is the programming of a device needed for all engineering Goods to perform their designed tasks. Most of the devices use firmware to do all their functions. Firmware is not a selected or specific activity. Implement the Firmware update regularly so the devices operate the way they should be. During a firmware update, bugs are fixed for the user’s benefit. Mywifiext.net login firmware update also adds all recently launched features and configurations so that you do not buy a new router each time the technology advances.

Netgear wifi extender setup: Firmware update benefits 

Those, who don’t have any knowledge about the firmware update process, will have difficulties in updating the firmware. After the Netgear installation assistant process, you will receive a prompt that your system is ready to be upgraded. As soon as the Netgear wifi extender setup manufacturer sends you updates through the update process, do it right at that time. Your Netgear mywifiext.net setup extender may have caught some bugs and viruses after being used for a long time. The firmware update fixes bugs and viruses and throws them out from your device so that it starts functioning in a well.

You should not trust any other website to get the firmware file. Trust only updates sent directly by the manufacturer. Before downloading a firmware file from any website or the Netgear installation assistant .local official website, check your model number and the configuration of your device. Never get a firmware file from a third-party source, as this can lead to hassles in the extender login process and can damage your device as well. Some sources directly take updates from the manufacturer and provide you. You can save the update file to a removable or SD card to communicate directly to the device.

How to Update the Firmware of my Netgear Extender?

Netgear Wi-Fi extender is an MU-MIMO-based WIFI range extender. You can extend the range of your wireless range extender using the Netgear installation assistant. If we talk about the features of a Netgear range extender, it is out of the world. Netgear Wi-Fi extender setup is a responsive device that provides seamless wireless technology. No need to worry about dead zones as the Netgear wifi extender setup with the firmware update automatically does so.

Steps to update the firmware of your Netgear extender

  1. Launch a web directory, or you can say a web browser on your connected computer to any available WIFI network.
  2. Now, you should visit the address bar of your web directory and type mywifiext.net setup or 168.1.250 as the URL of the browser.
  3. You can even type the LAN IP address of your range extender. Both will give you the same default mywifiext.net login window.
  4. Mention the username in the required field. Type the word ADMIN as the default username followed by the default password in the Password field. After performing the Netgear wifi extender setup process, replace or modify the login password.
  5. After providing the default login credentials then click the login button to get the Netgear installation assistant page.

  6. Move your cursor to the Management tab situated at the right panel of your window device screen. Secondly, hit the Upgrade tab from the appeared drop-down list.
  7. If you wish to perform the Automatic Update function, go to the Firmware upgrade tab. And then, look for the firmware update notification from the Check for New Firmware tab.
  8. When you tap on it, your range extender will start checking for the recent firmware version in your Netgear installation assistant.
  9. You can see the details and configuration of a recently launched firmware on your computer screen. If you found a new firmware version for your device then click on the Upgrade Firmware button to gear up the update process.
  10. If you manually want to update the firmware version of your Netgear extender, visit the support website of network setup and download the new firmware file for your device.
  11. Press the ‘Upgrade Manually’ tab, and then go to the Select File tab and tap on it. Locate the file of your recently downloaded firmware file and select it. The moment you choose, click on the Open tab option.
  12. Carefully review the file name displayed next to the virtual ‘Select File’ button.

Hit or press the Upload tab to begin the Netgear extender firmware update process. It will consume around a few seconds to update the firmware for your Netgear wifi extender setup page. Once you see that your extender update process has finished, the device will restart automatically. Visit the mywifiext.net login window. Make sure to use the correct default or customized login credentials.

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