Rockspace Wi-Fi extender setup with and without WPS

Ap setup is an offline web-based setup page where you configure your wireless range extender. It helps to access the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender login page within a few minutes. If you want to improve the wireless settings of your range extender, you can do the same through the dashboard available at the Rockspace local login page.

Next, you can browse the assigned IP address of your wireless range extender by your home wifi router to get into your extender’s settings page. After finishing the setup, you may access the internet using any web browser of your house. You can even access the internet sitting at any corner of your home.

Rockspace setup and login steps without WPS button

  1. Connect your computer to the extender network before accessing the ap.setup page.
  2. Turn on the WIFI on your configuration devices, such as a mobile, computer, or tablet.
  3. On your device, find and click settings and then click on the WIFI option to connect with your Rockspace local wireless range extender.
  4. On the web browser, input http://Re.rockspace.local or the IP address and hit enter.
  5. Follow the upcoming instructions to connect with your wireless range extender.

Rockspace Wi-Fi extender setup using the WPS button  

Without any doubt, the WPS button helps you setup your wireless range extender. Most of the Rockspace wireless range extenders have a WPS button on their hardware panel. The WPS button is to synchronize the extender with the home router. Let us know in detail about the Rockspace local extender setup via the WPS button.

  • Power on the range extender and plug it into a power outlet.
  • Plug the extender near the Host router in your home.
  • Power on your router also by pressing the power button.
  • Use any suitable object to press the WPS button on your range extender.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds and then release quickly.
  • Wait; until your extender achieves its Wi-Fi protected settings.
  • Within a few minutes, press the WPS button on your router also.
  • Press the button for five seconds, and then release.
  • Wait; until your router receives the Wi-Fi protected setup and is synced to the extender.

That’s all your wireless extender and the router have connected to each other. You can now log in using default details through the ap.setup process.

How to reboot my Rockspace Wi-Fi extender after login?

Reboot your router, modem, and the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender if it is not working. Are you unable to load the web pages of your Rockspace wireless extender or browse online platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime? If so, follow the guided instructions below this page.

It may be the case if your devices are offline and not connecting to the network. This problem may occur, especially with your older routers, modems, and range extenders. Sometimes, you did not use your extender and router for a long time. That is why it cannot work properly. In this case, you have to perform a reboot or restart process.

The guided Assistance on this page will help you troubleshoot the problem with the ap.setup process. Try accessing the Rockspace extender login web-based setup page using the default IP address. You can also try another wireless device to connect to the LAN port of your Rockspace WIFI extender network.

Update your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender Firmware after its configuration

You have logged in to the web-based configuration page of your Re.rockspace.local wireless range extender’s administrative console, go for firmware update by following the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Once you are at the Rock space wifi extender setup page, click on the “Administration” field.
  2. Under the administration section, click the firmware update option.
  3. You should locate the firmware update file available for your extender.
  4. On your computer, click and install the firmware update file.
  5. The firmware update process could take up to two-three minutes.
  6. You should sit and wait patiently because the firmware update process should not be interrupted at any cost.
  7. During the Re.rockspace.local firmware update process, your extender will reboot.
  8. Don’t turn off the power or leave the page until the update process finishes.

Why is it essential to update the firmware?

A firmware is an essential process to keep the functioning of your Rockspace local wireless range extender smooth and healthy. Re.rockspace.local extender manufacturer releases the latest firmware version regularly. Do not miss even a single update. The firmware update adds so many new features to your wireless range extender.

Rockspace extender gives you a WRT firmware to update on regularly. After the update, it also provides you with an AiCloud storage facility, AiProtection with parental control, WTFast client association, High-power supply mode, master application for download, etc. If you want Dual-WAN ports, Port Aggregation facility, In-built VPN server, Guest network access and control, and DLNA server settings, update your Rockspace local extender firmware. The firmware update will facilitate Automatic IP address setup, Static IP address setup, PPPoE with MPPE support, PPTP/L2TP/IPv4, and IPv6 security settings.

Here, you should log into your router’s configuration panel to update the firmware. Log in to the configuration panel of your extender requires a web browser, IP address or the URL, re.rockspace.local login credentials like the username and password. Admin is the username, and password is the password of your wireless range extender. Let us first log in to the router’s web-based administrative panel.

Read More – http //re.rockspace.local


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