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Tp link extender setup page not accessible

When you cannot reach the tp link extender setup page, you probably see a page with the error message [No Network] or my wifi extender setup not reachable. In this case, you need to know the exact cause of the error you are facing. If you do not know the causes, your attempts to access the tp link range extender setup will go waste. There can be several reasons that would not let you access your web page. If you really want to know about the culprit behind these errors, read the following blog to clear the entire doubt that you have. 

Although tplink is doing its best to provide a high-quality product to its users, we face issues in the setup and installation. Installing your Tp-link wifi extender is a complicated process, so you are requested to do it very carefully. We have squeezed here some of the best and most reliable methods to resolve such issues.

Reasons for not getting the tp link extender setup page

After detailed research, we came to conclusions, which is the most common scenario when our tp link extender setup becomes unable to respond. Look at the Basic causes for not accessing the tp link range extender setup.

  1. Using Antivirus and Firewall Security: Sometimes, we use Antivirus and firewall security software to protect our system from being hacked and corrupt, but this can also create access problems for the wifi extender setup pages. You have to disable such software and security settings in your router and the range extender.
  2. Firmware update error: – Those struggling to access the tp link extender setup page and facing errors should check their firmware version. An old version of the firmware in your WIFI extender will create many access and login issues. It is suggestible to disconnect your wireless component and associate it with LAN/Ethernet cable. 
  3. Dynamic IP and DNS allotment: – One of the Basic and biggest reasons that prohibit your tp link extender setup access is the automatic allotment of dynamic IP and DNS addresses. The User whose wifi extender has the Dynamic IP address will have conflicts to access the tp link extender setup page. In such a system, reconfigure the router and assign a static IP address for each tplink Wi-Fi device. 
  4. You may not have cleared the Cookies and caches: – We have seen that users try to log in to their tp-link, but it automatically receives the old IP address of some other Wi-Fi extender. And ultimately, it shows you an error “failed to open ” message. The action required to resolve this issue is to clear the caches from the web browser you are using. 
  5. Invalid or inappropriate IP connection: – Everyone with a Wi-Fi device cannot become tech-savvy. Tp link extender setup and login do not require any advanced knowledge of the technology except basic. You have to connect to the internet to set up your Tp-link wifi extender. Also, verify which network you are using at the setup and login. You need to connect to the internet via either a LAN cable or a WIFI network.
  6. Your Wi-Fi extender might be dormant for a long time: – If you were out of your home for a long time and not using your extender, it becomes unresponsive. You may face many access issues when you restart your range extender after a long time. It is better to power cycle your wifi extender and all the other devices connected to the network.

Solutions to access the Tp link Wi-Fi extender setup page

  1. Prefer rather than 

We must remember that every tplink extender cannot access the page. So we are getting the same error while using the wifi extender setup page in the login process. We should try to use the IP address or instead of a tp link range extender setup interface page. Using an IP address directly can help sometimes.

  1. Try a different Web-Browser: 

Sometimes a web browser can be the reason to prohibit the Tp link extender setup. Meanwhile, you must try a different web browser to check if it is working now or not? For the web browser, we have many options, like Google Chrome Internet, Apple Safari, Explorer Mozilla Firefox, etc. And do not forget to clear the cache of each browser before using them.

  1. Hold on to one connection for some time: 

Are you using more than one connection? Are you on many networks during the wifi extender setup process? Then it is better to disconnect from other devices until the WIFI network establishes on your PC or computer successfully. You have to connect using an Ethernet cable or the LAN cable. 

There are chances that you may still face issues accessing your wireless extender via the setup domain because you cannot strictly follow the complete instructions over here. If you need any guidance on fixing these errors, visit us through the tp link range extender setup.

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