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Top Reasons Why Students Find it Hard to Clear IELTS Exam

The difficulty of the IELTS exam is one of the top worries that students have. Many students find it impossible to pass this exam. This is especially true for students who live in rural or isolated communities where no one speaks English at all. They tend to assume that they will definitely fail the  IELTS exam. The IELTS test is the subject of a lot of anxiety. In order for students to study for the test in peace, it is essential to allay their fears. They need to gain confidence and will to be able to pass the IELTS exam. 

The fact is that IELTS isn’t as hard as many assume. Just some consistent practice can do wonders. If you keep on obsessing over thoughts that you’ll fail to pass the exam then you are heading out on a path of darkness and failure. Students fail because they do not put in adequate practice in working hard. So if you are preparing for IELTS then make sure you don’t waste time pondering over thoughts of failure. Additionally, you can join IELTS online coaching and get all your queries solved by a well-experienced team.

Now let us read the reasons why students find it hard to clear the IELTS exam

Lack of focus

Focus is integral to doing well in any exam. Be it IELTS or any other language test if you aren’t focused well on your studies then no amount of tips can work for you. Actually, the focus is the beginning step towards preparing for the IELTS exam.  Once you have determined your goal you have to put all your energy into achieving that. Focus is basically that force that distinguishes a successful person from a non-successful one. So if you are diverting your energy and focusing on other non-essential things during IELTS preparation then the road to success i.e passing IELTS is going to be quite challenging. 

Improper time management

The ability to manage time is essential while preparing for IELTS. See time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is something that can never be created or manipulated by anyone. We all get only 24 hours each day. Now how you’ll utilize your hours will define your success journey. If you keep delaying your preparations for the IELTS exam or find it hard to finish the syllabus on time then it’s a sign of improper time management. You really cannot achieve success and reach up to maximum potential if you lack the skills to manage time. So before you begin your preparations make sure you are planning proper strategy and plan in order to manage time well.

Lack of fluency

Speaking module of IELTS is going to test your fluency and pronunciation of the English language. So if you are someone who lacks fluency in the language, time to pull up your socks and practice hard to be fluent. Now you might be confused about how to do that? Well just try conversing in English as much as possible. Use various parts of speech, synonyms, etc while speaking. You can find some online groups or resource communities where people regularly discuss such topics. See a lack of fluency will make it hard for you to give your best in the speaking exam and thus affect your band score. Ensure that you have developed good fluency in the language before you set out for your IELTS exam. Fluency is required for all language tests like PTE, TOEFL, etc. Seek PTE online coaching and prepare well for the exam under the guidance of experts. 

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No reading preferences

The reading section is crucial and can be high-scoring.  But the truth is that several pupils still end up doing poorly in this section.  They fail to solve the questions and find solutions from the passage. . They devote excessive time to reading the whole passage, which results in a lack of time to solve every question. In order to do well in the reading portion, you have no option but to improve your reading habits. It will be hard to read long sections and find solutions without appropriate reading practice. 

There is no need to read lengthy, complicated books or articles to begin your reading practice. Begin with reading simple news articles from any national daily. Spend around 20 to 30 minutes reading the paper. This facilitates rapid reading. This habit of reading newspapers daily will help form excellent reading habits. Once you have practiced reading enough then it can be much easier for you to do well in the reading section of the IELTS exam. 


The IELTS test is the subject of a lot of anxiety. In order for students to study for the test in peace, it is essential to allay their fears. If you follow a proper timetable and practice consistently then it can be a cakewalk for you to ace the IELTS exam. Hence we wish the above article will make you aware of some beneficial tips to do wonders in your IELTS exam.

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