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This Bhai Dooj, let the priceless childhood memories pour in!

Does that title make you nostalgic? If yes, well, your childhood was amazing. Living with siblings is somewhat similar to a bullfight, you continuously provoke them, but the minute you take your eyes off Or provoke them enough, the next minute you will be pounded on the ground. Siblings have the capability of fighting over really silly things and sometimes you don’t even know the reason why you two are fighting. But it is mandatory to fight back. No matter how decent a person you are, siblings manage to bring out the crazy side in you. If you are the younger ones in the house, you must be familiar with words like “ you’re adopted”, “ mom loves me more”.  

Though you might not confess this ever, deep down you know that siblings are the only creatures whom you can trust blindly. They are the best in house best friends that you can ever get. Maybe because you didn’t get the choice to choose them, otherwise might have messed up. 

As Bhai Dooj is approaching, you are reminded of some petty things that siblings have done to each other that make their childhood worth remembering. Also, celebrate Bhaiya Dooj by presenting Bhai Dooj gifts to your partner in crime and show them that no matter how much things heat up between you two, when in crisis, you will always look up to them. Let’s begin

R.I.P. your favorite toys

Let’s start by remembering all your favorite toys that were brutally murdered (yes, it was a murder) by your siblings. May their souls rest in peace. You had a big heart, so you lent your favorite toy to them, but they murdered it without even blinking an eye. That triggered a never-ending fight between you two. Be honest, those toys still haunt you in your sleep, right? But who knew that incidents such as these will become your best memories. 

Hidden food

Remember that time when you used to get an equal share of your favorite food? And one of you always finished the share first, while the other one just hid it to tease and eat later on. Or when you hid it just because you didn’t want to share it with your sibling. But they eventually found the hidden stuff and gulped it in your absence. Remember when you two always went for a dessert search in the kitchen together, but your sibling found the container and ran. That was irritating, right?. But now things have changed. If such a thing happens now, you can order cake online for yourself. 

A constant war over clothes 

Well, this is the biggest dispute ever. Siblings are best at stealing, oh sorry, I mean borrowing clothes. First of all, they have got the nerve to borrow your clothes without permission and on top of it, they have the audacity to decline all your claims that it belonged to you. Not all siblings are the same, some are even worse. The other category is the one who safely returns your clothes, first after an infinite time, and second, with all sorts of stains. 


Playing darkroom was a different thing, but remember when they pushed you in a dark room and looked you up from outside? Especially when no one was at home. Or when they turned off the light when you were in the loo. They were well aware of how much you were afraid of the dark, and that thing used to scare the shit out of you. Or were you the one who did the same thing to their sibling? But, don’t you agree that this made you stronger with time?

Dispute property- remote

Talking about disputes, how can we forget this one. Television remote was like a throne, whoever had it, had the ultimate power. This even forced you to race with him/her from the school bus to your house just to conquer the power of the remote. If the weaker one was successful in capturing the remote,   the stronger one used their power to defeat the other one. That felt unfair, right?. You also order bhai dooj gifts online for him and get the best gift at your place on time. 

Well, there are so many memories that you unknowingly made with your siblings. Listed a few of them, I hope you all can relate to some of them (or all of them). Because You know what they say “there is no petty like siblings petty”.

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