The Weirdest Buildings in Manhattan

New York is overflowing with architectural wonders and Manhattan is home to some of the most notable. Not all weird, but definitely all awesome. 

The Flatiron Building

One of the most recognizable buildings in New York is the Flatiron Building. The entire area is named after this building and is called the Flatiron District in Manhattan. The building’s brilliant design was created by Daniel Burnham who was born in New York and became a prominent architect in the Chicago architecture industry. He was the Director of the Works for the 1892-1893 World’s Columbian Exposition also known as The World’s Fair.

This building may not necessarily be weird but it is both memorable and iconic. Its referenced in literature and as a representation of New York for decades. Peter Parker worked for the Daily Bugle which is depicted as being in the flatiron building in the Spider-Man Trilogy. It’s also home to Damage Control, a fictional company in the Marvel Universe, which is headquarters for “The Boys”. They are a group of misfit superhero “management” team.

The Vessel in Hudson Yards

When we think of strange buildings, this is exactly what we are talking about. Not that this is a building. More of the art of architecture. The Vessel is a series of platforms linked by staircases that form a large, vessel-looking structure. The purpose of the entire structure is to provide new vantage points of the city for people to enjoy. There are over 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings.

It’s located in Hudson Yards which is the newest neighborhood in a progressive West Side Manhattan. There are tons to do in this newly established area. Restaurants, shops, and quaint condos await those visiting Hudson Yards. For people planning to pop into the city and check out Manhattan real estate, this is practically X marks the spot. 

Grand Central Terminal

Another icon of New York, Grand Central Terminal is referenced and spotlighted in many forms of American pop culture. Grand Central has been featured in movies from Armageddon to Men in Black. It’s not weird, but it’s special to the New York experience.

Midtown Manhattan in the early 1900s was a bustling, beaming city with a railroad and subway. Grand Central Terminal welcomes 750,000 visitors daily. People commuting, families meeting, friends grabbing lunch. The station is a perfect place to witness the heart of New York in its truest form. 

Additionally, the information booth clock is a signature landmark of Grand Central. New York’s most famous clock is on top of the information booth where over 1,000 questions are answered every day. Being there in Grand Central is truly magical. The clock itself is valued to be over $20 million.

Via 57 West

In Hell’s Kitchen, there is a huge windowed triangular building. It takes up a full block and is home to a couple of hundred people as it is a residential building. It’s made to be a cross between a traditional skyscraper and the Copenhagen courtyard building. Its proper shape is a tetrahedron which is basically a triangular pyramid.  

The architecture was done by Bjarke Ingels Group based in New York and Copenhagen. The design is made to show the views of the Hudson from as many rooms as possible with its shape and not impede on the views from the adjacent tower, Helena 57 West.

These buildings are barely a scratch on the surface of what New York offers in terms of architecture. This is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world and many architects and designers work their whole careers to build in a city such as NYC. 

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