How can we match our halloween outfits with gold Jewelleries?

It’s that time of year again: Halloween! It is almost time for Halloween, which means it is time for scares, treats, ghosts, goblins, candy, and costumes.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at our best-love online jewellery store in Singapore– Risis.  As you probably already know, we are also huge fans of gold jewelry

We have taken some of this year’s most popular costumes and put together a guide for choosing the right jewelry items that are sure to elevate any outfit to the next level.

 By combining these two loves of ours, we have chosen some of the most popular costumes of this year.

  1. Harley Quinn

Since Suicide Squad was such a tremendous (commercial) hit, you can anticipate seeing many people dressing up as the queen of crime, which refers to Harley Quinn. This year, expect to see a lot of individuals dressed up as Harley Quinn.

The on-screen connection between Harley Quinn and The Joker leaves something to be desired. Still, there’s no denying that audiences were captivated by Margot Robbie’s portrayal of this iconic comic book character as cruel, insane, and hilarious.

The fashion sense of Harley Quinn may be described as punk, punchy, and a little cheeky. Her outfits seem like someone threw Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, and a dash of Courtney Love into a blender (pardon the pun).

According to the events in Suicide Squad, Harley is a big enthusiast of wearing gold jewelry. Throughout the film, she can accessorize with glittering enormous gold spike bracelets, chandelier-style hanging gold earrings, and large gold rings.

Even in moments when she is not wearing the now-iconic “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt, Harley Quinn can be seen coated in gold. She typically wears gold earrings in the manner of hoop earrings, and she wears many strands of asymmetrical gold necklaces.

Recently, fashion jewelry designers have reignited their age-old love affair with gold, which has been going strong for centuries. In the recent past, fashion and bridal jewelry designers like A. Jaffe, Simon G., John Hardy, and Michael Kors, amongst others, have created exquisite pieces of gold jewelry that are sure to make Harley Quinn squeal with delight.

Try something like this bangle bracelet from Simon G. rather than a gold bracelet with spikes. With its glittering diamonds and golden embellishments, this bracelet is the kind of accessory you’d be sure to wear on occasions other than Halloween night.

In addition, most stores that sell fine jewelry carry a large inventory of gold rings that may be stacked and dangly gold earrings and gold rings. There are many things that, taken together, would wonderfully capture Harley’s punk-glam aesthetic.

  1. Wonder Woman

On the opposite side of the DC Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman is an extremely popular costume choice this year.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman is here to stay, as evidenced by the fact that she will appear in both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Justice League, in addition to starring in her solo movie.

The older version of Wonder Woman wore a bright outfit covered in stars and stripes, but the newer version of her costume has a darker, more gold-like coloring to match the mood of the upcoming films, which are expected to have a darker tone. Fans will be relieved to know that Wonder Woman’s signature gold cuffs and gold headband can still be found on her in this outfit.

Even though it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find gold headbands in most jewelry stores (unless you look somewhere online like Etsy), you should still be able to find plenty of other items that will help you put together a Wonder Woman costume.

You can achieve the look of gold cuffs by stacking several bracelets or purchasing a wrist wrap bracelet similar to the one offered by Officina Bernardi.

In addition, take a look at some large gold gemstone rings crafted by designers such as Madison L or Simon G. Even though Wonder Woman might not always wear rings, no one will risk telling anyone who wears very large rings that this is the case.

Try going as Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diane Prince, if you’re not comfortable strapping yourself into the leather outfit that Wonder Woman wears.

Diane can be seen in Batman v. Superman donning various stunning pieces of gold jewelry, including an impressive collection of gold choker-style necklaces and gleaming gold women’s bracelets.

  1. Witch

Witch costumes are always a perennial favorite and are a fantastic option for a last-minute costume because of their effective creepiness. There will be a wide variety of witch costumes available this year, ranging from those inspired by the Wicked Witch of the West to the goth-glam witches seen in American Horror Story: Coven, as well as other witches from popular culture.

It doesn’t matter what kind of witch you decide to portray for this year’s Halloween festivities; one thing is certain: you’ll be donning a lot of black clothing.

The most effective witch costumes typically consist of a skirt or dress, many layers, and an assortment of sinister jewelry. Examples of this type of jewelry include pendant necklaces, rings made of dark-colored gemstones, and earrings inspired by the natural world.

To make things a little less complicated for you, we have divided this article into what we have observed to be the three primary categories of witch costumes for 2016:

When it comes to this witch costume, less is more. Consider wearing dark-hued and straightforward jewelry, such as this fashionable ring by Madison L. and this pendant necklace by Brother Wolf. Both are sure to add an understated yet spooky touch to any costume you wear this Halloween.

Dressing up as Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and the rest of the gang from the 1996 cult film The Craft is becoming an increasingly popular costume. This is because it combines nostalgia for the 1990s with the spooky spirit of the Halloween season seamlessly.

The most suitable jewelry pieces for this look are understated black chokers, pendant necklaces with imagery such as crosses and birds, and bracelets made of tightly wound gemstones that are ornately decorated.

These witches’ clothing brings the traditional witch aesthetic into the 21st century by putting a gothic spin on the Southern Gothic style.

This witches-in-training can be recognized by their attire, which is a fusion of the traditional witch look and the look of the high school witches in The Craft. These witches can be seen wearing items with dark-colored gemstones and simple bright diamond earrings and fashion rings.

  1. Vampire

Dressing up as a vampire, whether it be in the form of Dracula or another character entirely, is another option that is popular year after year for Halloween. Vampire costumes are always on trend and simple to put together.

Vampires are expected to be impeccably dressed from head to toe in an understated, sophisticated, and suave manner. The impeccable attire of a vampire should be accessorized with pendant necklaces that are understated but eye-catching (remember, no crosses!), as well as rings that feature distinctive gemstone settings.

Look to well-known fashion ring designers like Michael Kors, Madison L., or even Gucci to find the perfect ring that is understated but still conveys a sense of significance. Keep an eye out for straightforward necklaces with pendants, too, like this one from Brother Wolf.

You should look for a pocket watch in a traditional style if you want to take the vampire look to the next level. This accessory will guarantee that your appearance will hypnotize others.

  1. Guy Fieri

A fan favorite in the PDJ office, we are aware of several people who have the intention of wearing their costumes to Flavortown this year.

Dressing up as everyone’s favorite expert on diners, drive-ins, and dives is a surefire way to take your Halloween celebration to the next level. This hometown hero is a connoisseur of all three types of eateries.

You only need a thick chain-link necklace in sterling silver or gold and a single bright gold earring to nail the Guy Fieri look. This is in addition to his signature spiky hair and trademark goatee.

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