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Some Latest Marketing Trends to Choose Your Dissertation Topic

A dissertation is an important piece of writing for every higher education student. A student is not eligible to obtain a degree without submitting a dissertation. To write a perfect dissertation, you must need to have a dissertation topic that is trending. The reason behind this is that people like to read the latest and trending knowledge. However, it is not the concern of our today’s topic. Today’s topic is about choosing the right dissertation topic for your research. There will be a description of all the main points and steps that you need to select a topic. So, let’s our discussion with the following question;

How Do I Find A Unique Dissertation Topic?

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing. You need to be careful in your selection of a topic. The whole research or dissertation depends on your topic. The unique dissertation topics sometimes can be very hectic to work on. They do not have much data available on them and pose difficulties in research. However, most of the time, the unique topics are easy to handle. As they are unique, they require less research, and the dissertation can be ready within a very limited time. Anyways, one thing is for sure you need some kind of guidance from a reliable dissertation help service to select a unique dissertation topic. So, below is a brief description of all the points you should follow;

Select a topic

Finding a unique topic is not an easy job. Students have to burn their midnight oil to find a topic worthy of research and unique. The first step in finding a unique topic is selecting the topic. The topic should be related to your research interests. Also, it should not be a broad topic because broad topics pose many difficulties in the end. While selecting a topic, make sure that you are not simply copying someone else’s research. If you do so, your topic is no more a unique one.

Check your topic

After selecting a dissertation topic, the next step is checking it. You need to make sure that your topic is viable. To check this, you need to search the literature and ensure that enough material is available on your topic. It will also allow you to identify the uniqueness of your topic by going through the literature. You will see that no research matches your research. You must also look for the different and unique methodologies you can apply to your research.

Check other dissertations

Finding a unique dissertation requires some hard work. After performing the steps mentioned above, the next step is to go to the library and check other relevant dissertations. It will be helpful for you as reading other dissertation give birth to new ideas. Those ideas can be the pioneer of your unique dissertation topic. Therefore, you must check other dissertations.

Make your topic

It is the last step in your quest to find a unique topic for your dissertation. Once you have performed all the steps mentioned above, you have more than enough knowledge to choose a dissertation topic. This is because you know what the latest trends and gaps are in research in your field. You can select a topic based on those gaps and know that the topic will be unique.

What Topic Should I Choose For My Dissertation?

Choosing a topic for a dissertation is the most important decision in the life of a student. Your future depends on the topic you choose to research. Therefore, before selecting any topic, you must keep the guidelines in mind mentioned below.

Select a topic that you find interesting

The dissertation topic selection can take up to several weeks. It is also a healthy practice to spend more time on topic selection. You must choose a topic that you find interesting. It is because you will enjoy working on such a topic. When you work on a topic of interest, you use all of your energies to producing a work that is the best. On the other hand, choosing a topic that does not pique your interest will only be a headache.

Choose something different

Uniqueness is very important in a topic so avoid general topics. The uniqueness of the topic allows you to conduct research that is genuine and original. Finding something different completely is seldom possible. The word something different here means that you need to research from an angle that was not explored before. The topic will be obviously related to the past knowledge, but you will be working from a different angle.

Do not be too narrow

Choosing narrow topics is a mistake that many students make. It is right that you should use a topic that is focused on your field of study, but it should not be narrow enough that you could not meet the word count of the dissertation. Selecting a narrow topic means you will be struggling to expand on your arguments, and this thing sucks. Therefore, the dissertation topic should not be too narrow.

Be objective

It is easy to fall in love with a topic when you see it first. It makes you blind, and you do not consider its weaknesses. You should avoid doing this and try to bring objectiveness to your research for a topic. Ask yourself as many questions as possible before choosing a topic. On the other hand, you can also hire a masters dissertation writing service in this regard.

Latest Marketing Trends That You Can Explore In Your Dissertation

Marketing or business dissertations explore the latest trends that help brands in their marketing. You can also choose a topic by looking at those trends. Some hot marketing trends for 2022 are as follows;

  • Hashtags will do the future talking.
  • Artificial intelligence will dominate the consumer engagement
  • How is social media affecting the behavior of people?
  • Pop-up advertisements. Hit or miss?


Choosing a dissertation topic is one difficult task that you have to face. Believe me, if you can do this successfully and choose a unique topic, the rest of the work will be easy. The tips and guidelines mentioned above related to topic selection can help you greatly.

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