Medical MasterMind EHR Software and Its Benefits

The benefits of Medical MasterMind EHR software are numerous, with several of the most notable being cost savings, reliability, and integration with practice management software and point-of-care apps. But what exactly are these benefits, and why should you choose this solution for your practice?


The Medical Mastermind EHR System is a web-based medical record and practice management solution for mid-sized and small practices. It is ICD-10-compliant and designed to support all of the requirements of HIPAA privacy and security regulations. Its features include an integrated patient portal, secure data backup, color-coded screens, and an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, Medical Mastermind also offers reliable and responsive customer support.

The Medical Mastermind EHR is licensed for $475 per user per month, which includes data migration, training, and customization costs. It has an overall reliability rating of 6.2 by ITQlick. It is suitable for all types of practices, including urgent care centers and dermatology clinics.

The RCM software vendor offers flexible pricing and is equipped to meet the needs of enterprise clients. It invests in significant infrastructure and offers IT solutions to meet the changing needs of physician practices. Further, it offers an extensive range of customization options, which is useful for organizations with varied needs and budgets.

Reliability assessment is essential to ensure the accuracy of the data collected by EHRs. Variability in data can be due to multiple factors, including poor reporting and multiple entry points. Hence, it is imperative for the EHR software to be tested for accuracy before being used in clinical practice.

Cost Savings

One of the common barriers to adoption is the unknown cost of EHR software. In addition to the upfront costs, a typical practice with three physicians could expect to pay at least $8,400 for the system and data migration and to spend over $10K annually on support. While some EHR vendors may provide some free trial periods, some of them will charge a fee for the full-featured version.

The Medical Mastermind EHR software costs start at $475 per user/month. The Quick Practice EHR is similar to Medical Mastermind EHR software, but the former is much cheaper. The cost includes the software license, subscription fees, hardware, and related services. Both systems offer cloud-based pricing and on-premise deployment options.

Physicians can also customize the system. Using Mastermind EHR software, physicians can quickly and easily document common patient concerns in an effective and efficient manner. Also offers physical exam features that let physicians document findings in narrative format. Allows physicians to build customized care plans based on their patients’ needs. Includes E&M coding support, appointment reminders, and easy access to previous visit information.

Using an EHR system can help you reduce the amount of paper used in the process of health care billing. It can help physicians save time and money by reducing errors and increasing the efficiency of the practice. It can also help reduce the cost of office supplies and tests. Further, EHR software helps physicians access patient records at any time and anywhere.

Integration with practice management software

With the right practice management software, your patient’s health information can be easily accessible. The Medical Mastermind EHR integrates with a variety of practice management platforms. Its cloud-based technology offers secure data transfer and password protection. These features make it suitable for many healthcare settings.

Its licensing costs start at $475 per user, per month. This includes customization, training, and data migration. It can be used by practices of any size. Medical Mastermind EHR and Practice Management can be adapted to a variety of specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, and geriatrics.

Integration With Point-Of-Care Apps

The point-of-care apps can be useful for a number of reasons, including patient health monitoring, reminders for appointments, and lab analysis reminders. They can also help with chronic disease management, as they can help ensure patients take their prescribed medication on time and in the correct amount. The apps are often integrated with Firebase or Twilo to collect user data. Then, a dashboard can be built into the app so physicians and patients can view trends that may be of interest.

The Medical Mastermind EHR software is an intuitive, customizable system. It includes features such as quick visits, which enable physicians to document common patient concerns, and physical exam features, which allow physicians to record physical exam findings in narrative format. Physicians can also build their own plans and templates, and access previous visit information and notes with ease. They can also use the software to integrate with imaging equipment, which allows them to offer patients more personalized care.

Another benefit of EHR software is its efficiency. It helps healthcare organizations run more efficiently, and physicians can spend more time on patient care. It also has a calendar, consumer portal, and telehealth-enabled EHR capabilities, which make it easier for medical professionals to manage their practice. Furthermore, the software is simple to use and has no hidden costs. It also offers free subsystem training and consumer support, which makes it a smart choice for medical professionals.


Medical Mastermind EHR is a cloud-based solution for healthcare providers. Its features make it an ideal choice for physicians looking for a software solution that will streamline their practice and help them save money. The software is compatible with multiple locations and supports secure data transfer and password protection. It is rated higher than Ultra Charts and Pronto EMR and is available at a reasonable price.

Privacy is a big concern for physicians, and Medical Mastermind has a number of privacy features that will keep patients’ data safe. The company also offers more than 100 reports and helps physicians manage multiple databases. It provides comprehensive training and unmatched support. Many physicians have expressed their satisfaction with the software.

Medical bioaqua cream Mastermind was founded in 1984, and currently has offices in Baltimore, Dallas, and Orlando. The company’s software solutions are designed by medical professionals and are ideal for any specialty or size practice. The company’s headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, but also has offices in Madison, MS, Arlington, TX, and Orlando, FL. It is available at a price that is usually half that of competing solutions.

Medical Mastermind EHR software is easy to use and comes with knowledgeable customer support. It starts at $475 per user/month, and the license fee includes training, customization, and data migration. Customers can also choose between on-premise and cloud versions. The software is HIPAA-compliant and is an excellent choice for a variety of healthcare settings.


Medical Mastermind offers a number of security features to protect your patients’ private information and has been certified for HIPAA compliance. The software also supports ambulatory criteria and has a password-protected database. As a result, it is more secure than competing solutions and is more cost-effective. The company also offers extensive training and unparalleled support.

The Medical Mastermind EHR software is a complete electronic health record (EHR) solution that combines practice management and electronic health records into a single platform. It is HIPAA compliant and integrates seamlessly with existing EMR software. The software also features a patient portal and streamlined record sharing. Other features include automatic backup and data security.

Medical Mastermind EHR software is a web-based EHR solution that allows doctors to replace their paper-based systems with a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution. It also includes a patient portal that allows patients to view and fill out their records online.

A Medical Mastermind EHR is compatible with a range of other medical practices. It supports HL7 and can be customized for a specific practice’s needs. Its flexibility makes it a viable option for many practices. However, it is not ideal for all practices, so it is important to choose the right option.


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