Looking for ways to make your home a safer and more secure space for you and your family? Then keep reading! Here, you’ll be able to find great home security tips that can keep your humble abode safe from theft, calamities, accidents and many more.

Although decorating your home’s interior and exterior are what most people prioritize these days, you always have to consider your home’s security as well. Before redesigning your home’s living room and adding in a new coffee table, why not install a couple of security cameras while you’re at it?

Or when picking out a new front door, why not pick up some sturdy locks as well? Incorporating design and safety can make the process of securing your home more enjoyable. But if you’re someone who finds joy in security and safety alone, then this whole process will simply be a hoot!

So if you’re ready to give your family the safe and secure home they deserve, then check out the list down below:

How do I protect my home from burglars?

Anyone who owns a home often worries about intruders breaking in and trespassing. That’s why there are various safety features you can add to your home advertised in every depot. Although most of them work and will make a good investment, some might not. To save you the trouble of having to try out every single item they offer, here are proven and effective ways to protect your home from intruders:

  • Secure your front door – You can try these reinforcements: Install a deadbolt, try installing a video doorbell, add in a strike plate and even upgrade to smart locks.
  • Secure your front lawn – Add in fences with locks, install motion-activated lights, install security cameras, remove anything that intruders can hide in and keep your lawn lit.
  • Secure your windows – Consider adding grills or window bars, plant bushes with thorns outside every window, get glass break sensors installed and even make it more secured by adding in a window security film.
  • Secure your garage – Upgrade your garage’s security by installing a smart garage door opener, adding in extra locks, installing a driveway alarm system, also adding in security cameras and covering all valuable items in your garage. 
  • Secure your backyard – Remove anything where trespassers could conceal themselves, put up fences, install motion-activated lights, and security cameras, and keep your property well-lit. 

How do I keep my family safe at home?

Now that you know how to secure your home from trespassers you can now step it up! There are more ways to make your home safer, in the sense that you don’t have to feel anxious when you’ve gone to work, out of town or on a vacation. Here’s a list to help you out:

  • Make sure to have a fire safety plan – Before heading out on a long trip away from home, make sure to have a fire safety plan in place.
  • Remove any form of hazard – This tip is an important one to consider, especially if you have kids. So to put your mind at ease when living with your kids unattended for a sec, consider eliminating anything that’s considered a hazard.
  • Keep documents in a safe – Gather all your important documents, I.Ds and so on in a safe.
  • Install a home security system – Just another precautionary thing to consider if all else fails. This will let off a loud alarm when doors are opened without a code or past curfew.

What are the 5 safety rules at home?

The next step closer to a safer home is by practising safety habits. You can even assign tasks to family members above 15 years old to help you out. These are simple yet effective ways to ensure security and safety:

  • Never open the door to strangers without a parent’s supervision.
  • Always keep the door closed and locked, even during the day.
  • Make sure medicines are kept safe and away from children’s reach.
  • Once every two weeks, check to see if your home security system works.
  • Double-check that you’ve locked every exit door in your home before heading off to bed.

How do I keep my home safe?

Last but not least is keeping your home safe. How that you know how to make your home a safer place, you can now move on to protecting your home. One effective and efficient way is by getting home insurance. Accidents and calamities may happen at any time so it’s best to safeguard your home by giving it the coverage it needs.

And to get the most out of your money, consider hiring an insurance broker. They’ll be the ones going through tedious procedures to find you the best insurance policy that best suits your home’s needs.  


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