How to Fix ‘spotify Can’t Play This Right Now’ Error on Windows?

Recently, a few Spotify customers were complaining approximately issues when the use of the app. They found themselves not able to play songs with the use of the Get Spotify Plays.

In some cases, users couldn’t play a selected track — or some songs — from an album. In others, whilst seeking to play music, users received a blunders message that didn’t provide any actual perception of how the issue might be resolved.

The error message genuinely said that Spotify couldn’t play the track in the meanwhile and caused to as a substitute import an audio report from a pc.

Why Is Spotify Not Working in 2021?

This may also certainly have something to do with the timing — perhaps your model of Spotify is corrupt or there are problems with the Spotify server that may be resolved soon. In a few instances, some tweaks in Spotify’s or your tool’s settings can be enough to fast restore the hassle.

In other instances, but, the trouble you are experiencing with the app may also have deeper roots. It may be related to an issue along with your audio drivers, in which case you could want to reinstall your drivers.

How to Fix “Spotify Not Playing on My Computer”

As we’ve mentioned above, there may be pretty a few motives why you’re going for walks into Spotify issues for your tool. Depending on what’s inflicting the hassle, you could additionally need to try out distinct solutions — or maybe a mixture of a few answers — to put off the hassle.

Below, we can go over some popular fixes for Get Spotify Plays playback problems. We will begin with the easiest options first — and we suggest you do the identical. If the easy solutions don’t work, you could move on to more complex fixes.

How to Fix the “Can’t Play the Current Track” Issue on Windows 10

Let’s begin fixing your Spotify problems. Here is how we recommend you start:

First, strive to restart your pc. This is the only and most obvious strategy to a lot of PC and app problems, and it’s far noticeably effective in numerous cases.

If this doesn’t paint, strive to disable the Get Spotify Plays hardware acceleration function.

If you are nevertheless going through the issue, clean out Spotify’s nearby cache — this is another restoration that is frequently successful in many instances.

You can also trade the streaming first-rate on Spotify. On maximum devices, you may have the choice of the subsequent playback levels: 24 kbps (Low), ninety-six kbps (Normal), one hundred sixty kbps (High), and 320 kbps (Very High).

Switching to decrease streaming exceptional may additionally help you do away with the “Can’t play this song” mistakes.

Finally, if not one of the answers above has worked, you could need to reinstall your audio drivers.
Now, permit’s have a look at every one of the above answers in a piece extra detail.

Fix 1: Restart your pc

The first aspect we advise you to attempt is definitely restarting your computer. To do that,

proper-click the Start menu button and hover the cursor over the ShutDown or Sign Out options. Here, pick Restart.

Once your pc restarts, open Spotify once more and test if the difficulty has been resolved. If you’re nonetheless having issues, attempt disabling Spotify’s hardware acceleration feature.

Fix 2: Disable Spotify’s hardware acceleration feature

Hardware acceleration is a wonderful feature to have on board as it is able to take numerous pressure off the

software program algorithms. By default, Spotify’s hardware acceleration characteristic is grown to become on. However, in case you are questioning the way to repair the “Can’t Get Spotify Plays the present day track” error message, disabling this feature may be one of the methods to go.

Here’s how to disable Spotify’s acceleration feature:

  • Open Spotify.
  • Click the Ellipsis button at the top left aspect of the web page.
  • Here, pick out View.
  • Next, deselect the Hardware Acceleration option.
  • Restart the app and check if you can now play tracks without problems.

Fix 3: Clear Spotify’s neighbourhood cache

If the above answers haven’t worked and you are running into equal hassle, attempt clearing out Spotify’s cache. To delete the data stored in Spotify’s cache, do the subsequent:

  • First, near Spotify when you have the app open.
  • Next, launch the Run dialogue box: use the Win + R key combo.
  • When you notice a textual content region, type the subsequent text and press the Enter key:
  • The AppData folder will open.
  • Once it does, visit Spotify > Users.
  • Click your username.
    In the folder, delete the document titled “local-documents. Bank”.

When this is completed, launch Get Spotify Plays. Check-in case you are nevertheless getting the mistake. If you are, strive to adjust the streaming first-rate on Spotify.

Fix 4: Change the streaming excellent on Spotify

As we’ve noted above, Spotify lets you pick between several streaming features. You can select to circulation in

  • 24 kbps (Low),
  • ninety-six kbps (Normal),
  • one hundred sixty kbps (High), or
    320 kbps (Very High).
  • To switch among distinct streaming traits, do the subsequent:
  • Click the Ellipsis button.
  • Next, go to Edit > Preferences.
  • Scroll right down to Audio Quality.
  • Here, you will see the specific high-quality options for your flow.
  • Choosing a lower circulation fine may additionally help you restore the playback troubles you’re having on Spotify.
  • Try going down a stage in circulation high-quality and take a look at if this resolves your Get Spotify Plays difficulty.

Fix 5: Update/reinstall your audio drivers

Now, if all the above fixes have failed, chances are that your Spotify trouble lies deeper — and you could want to update or reinstall your audio drivers.

Outdated or corrupt drivers can certainly motive plenty of trouble for your PC — and not best with apps like Spotify. Drivers are key factors in connecting and running a variety of external gadgets and are virtually vital to make your complete system run smoothly.

If they’re out of order or now not updated in time, you could run into plenty of various problems for your PC. Your device can enjoy a drastic slowdown, your peripherals might also malfunction, and you may additionally revel in sports crashes and security threats.

This is why it’s far very important to preserve your drivers updated and operating well.

There are numerous ways to preserve your driver in order.

First, you may replace your drivers manually. This choice is commonly advocated for users with extra enjoyment due to the fact making a mistake whilst updating your drivers can lead to very extreme outcomes. If you’re up for the task, right here’s how to continue:

  • Press the Windows key + X key blend to launch the Power User menu.
  • Select Device Manager from the menu.
  • Next, discover the “Sound, video and game controllers” class and make bigger it.
  • Right-click on your audio tool to choose it.
  • In the context menu, choose Update Driver.
  • Click “Search mechanically for drivers” for the gadget to find and install new drivers.
  • Restart Windows to complete the process.

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