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Guide to making elder flowers tea: The perfect cup every time

Ever tried making elderflower tea? When you think of tea, most of you only consider the standard black or green tea you can buy at the grocery store. On the other hand, you can also make a variety of herbal teas. Having an elder tree in your yard let you to make elderflower tea. Using fresh flower petals, you can prepare tea. You may also make elderflower tea with dried elderflowers if the time of year is off-season or if you do not have an elder tree. Since elderberry syrup is used to strengthen the immune system, you may already be familiar with it. If you do not have an elderflower, you can also try a gunpowder green tea that boosts your energy. Also, from the elder tree, these elderberries are produced. If you have an elder tree, be careful not to remove all the elderflowers otherwise, you won’t receive any elderberries. To collect the elderberries later in the season, you can leave some in your tree. Here you will see how to make an elder flowers tea:

What are Elderflowers?

The beautiful blossoms of the elder tree are known as elderflowers. These flowers are white and have five very little petals. They develop in umbels, which are floral clusters. Depending on the weather, they bloom from May to late June and are native to Europe and North America. When elderflowers are at their most fragrant, it is difficult to ignore their sweet, floral scent.

Ways to make Elderflowers tea:

Method 1: Making elderflower tea using fresh blossoms

Elderflowers can only be found fresh by searching for them. When foraging, you can look for recently bloomed flowers that are fully opened and have not yet turned brown. Pick them early on a sunny day without washing flowers. They produce pollen, which serves as a medium for the flavor and smells you wish to give to the tea. 

One cup of boiling water should be added to a pot with one spoonful of fresh elderflower flowers. To get an elderflower in this cup of tea, let it steep for at least 10 minutes. You can remove the flowers from the elder flowers tea and drink the pure, warm beverage, which has a mild flavor and is good to be taken. For flavor, you can add ginger or turmeric. Lemon and honey are also excellent additions. If you are worried that buying fresh elderflowers would make you sick, you can try dried elderflowers instead.

Method 2: Making stronger elderflower tea from dried elderflowers

You can use dried elderflowers if you prefer stronger infusions. Either dry the elderflowers you forage yourself or purchase dried elderflowers online. This elderflower infusion is the best for treating feverish cold and flu symptoms, and it is best when combined with yarrow or seasonal allergies, which is ideally combined with nettle. Since elderflower is also relaxing, it makes a great bedtime beverage, mainly when mixed with tea. You can use one tablespoon of dried elderflowers for every cup of boiling water and let it steep for at least 20 minutes. Then you have an elder flowers tea to enhance your immunity level.

Method 3: Making double elder tea

This tea combines the power of elderflowers and elderberries into a simple decoction that creates a strong infusion with intense flavor. For each cup of this strong tea, you will need two tablespoons of dried elderberries and one tablespoon of dried elderflowers.

Make a decoction by boiling 1 cup of dried elderflowers and elderberries for at least 10 minutes. Rather than soaking in boiling water, you can let the dried material simmer for 20 minutes. Then filter it, and your tea is ready. Dried elderberries can also be replaced with elderberry syrup or powder.

Final Thoughts

The elderflowers benefit you when you take them in a cup of tea. You can also use elderberry, which will also help you. In addition to this tea, you can also take a gunpowder green tea, the best tea for your health. The above-mentioned are the methods you can make elderflowers tea. 

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