Block Ads on Twitch

How To Block Ads On Twitch?

Firstly make sure you have Google Chrome and then visit the browser.Install Tampermonkey right there at the chrome extension.

When it’s installed, you’ll see this little jigsaw puzzle right there; click on it, and we’re just going to pin it.

Now you see it up there, so click on it and go to find the scripts; otherwise, it says to search by using hands and type in twitch ads; find twitch absolutions right here; this is what we’re going to use.

Just click on it and scroll down on the page until you find the notified strip. We’re going to click on the usual script right there and just click the install button that should solve your problem.

So now you can watch every single twitch stream about having any advertisement.


What to do when blocks are not working on your Twitch?

If you already have the ad blocker on your browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, and it’s still if you are getting the advertisements onto it or YouTube, then how do you need to fix it.

So number one, what you need to do is you need just make sure that your ad-block has not been disabled.

Sometimes we just disable it for some other work, and we forget just to enable it back.

This is the basic one, but you just need to verify as it happens in many cases where people disabled it.

For some other work, like for websites, they forgot just to enable back, and then when they came to Twitch (know more:, they found that they had severe problems coming up.

So what you have to do is just need to on Google Chrome on the very right in the top; you will see the three-dot click on it or up to more tools and then click on extensions. Now here, you can see additional features that have beads, but it has been disabled.

Then refresh Twitch and check if you are getting ads or not.


Updating the Extensions

If this is not the issue, make sure that you update your extension. You know, like which keeps bringing some new features and updates to block such extensions that block their ads to show on their channel.

What you have to do just needs to update your extension because the ad blocker also comes with new and new updates.

So to do that, just there on the extension bar only, you will see that date. In case you don’t find it there, then on the very right at the top, you will see the developer mode.

So what you have to do is just need to enable it ao. Once you allow it, you will see the option of updating; that’s what you have to do.

Once you click on it, this will update all the extensions you have on your browser.

Now rest what you do; just try restarting your browser and checking if this fixes a problem.

If you still face it and it doesn’t work, you do not need to worry. There are a few more solutions for you.


Check Block Settings of your Device

Next, what you need to do is just need to check for you to add block settings so, on the very right and top, you will see this ad block click on it and then click on Settings, and now you can see it in the available options.

It says to allow some known intrusive advertising. It would help if you disable this option, and then it seemed to be permitted at some specific to its channels.

So probably this has been checked in your case, so you also need to verify this is unchecked. 

If you don’t want to watch YouTube, just check this option. So this is how you have to make sure that these three options are injected.

If you come to the filter list this fine art, this option should also be disabled. After this restart, your browser opened it again and saw if this fixed a problem.

If it still doesn’t work, there can probably be some problem with other extensions.

There is a conflict, and many users reported that they fixed this problem by disabling some other extension.


Going for a New Extension

So again, just click on the three-dot on the right and go to more tools and extensions. What you have to do except add an available extension that will be temporary just to verify that other attachments are not creating the problem.

It is recommended that it be like the extension that you don’t use, or you don’t identify. It’s just better to remove them.

This simply removes it from your browser and then tries back again and checks. 

If nothing is working for you guys, you have the best solution. That is, you can just go with a new extension.

What you have to do has just come to Google, And there you need to type video add blocker or twitch.

Just go and install the extension because, recently, most users have had this problem. They went with this extension they added to their browser, and the problem was fixed; there was no kind of ads showing on their twitch. Okay, but this is the best solution, and dressed, there is some more solution.


VPN Settings

So the next one is that you can also go with a VPN; while talking about VPN, you might think it’s just to change your location and your IP address.

But it does not serve ads in all countries, for example, Russia, Mexico, and the hungry. These are the countries where twitch does not sell to you. You better do one thing that just goes and connect to these countries with your VPN and then access your to it; you won’t be getting any advertisements.  

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