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What’s Holding Back Custom Boxes In The Food Industry?

Custom boxes are made up of kraft paper or paperboard in all different shapes and designs. These boxes are manufactured from recycled cardboard or virgin wood pulp. Customized designs like beautiful colors, intricate patterns, and bold and unique company logos. Also the names on the boxes represent the brand in the most effective way. Cardboard is highly environmentally friendly and is very reasonable when it comes to price.

Living in today’s world and looking at the packaging trends in the past. There is nothing that has remained the same. In the old days, people were really happy to receive the product in whatever box it was available in. The main purposes of this were the availability of the packaging material. The use of printing and packaging technologies. The needs and requirements of the customers, and e-commerce. Due to advancements in all these fields, packaging took a very dramatic turn. All the consumers started depending on the way a product is packed and represented in the market.

As we see today, packaging is done for so many reasons. These are interlinked with each other and directly affect the performance of the product in the market. It aids in creating an appealing box outlook. Attracting customers, marketing the product to the appropriate audience and creating a positive brand image.

Every business has its own packaging requirements and standards that help in achieving the best packaging for the products. Unlike other niches, the food industry is still behind in knowing the full potential of packaging and how it affects businesses, especially bakeries. Bakery items are always neglected when it comes to custom boxes for packaging. There are a lot of reasons why the bakery business does not consider packaging an important factor in building a successful business.

Less understanding

The most important reason for proper custom packaging use in the food industry is a lack of understanding of the importance of packaging and its effect on building a strong brand image and gaining potential customers.A product is not the only thing that is of importance in business, as there are a lot of companies that offer the same product, but still some of them never make it to the top while others are touching the skies. It is because of the fact that such companies know how to target the sensitive points of their customers with effective packaging.

Limited budget

When people start some business, especially on a smaller scale. They are usually short on a budget because they have already spent too much on other things. There is no doubt that it costs a lot to start a business. But before even launching, there must be proper advertising of the brand through packaging. There are a lot of bakery businesses on every corner of the street. That creates tough competition and to stand out, it is important to be original and creative with your packaging. For instance, to be the most popular with the customers, the use of custom cake boxes that carry the brand name in beautiful colors on a pretty background that represents the theme of the company and complements the product packed inside the box is the right choice rather than putting your product in a plain Bath bomb boxes and slamming it on the customer’s face.

Fresh businesses have less knowledge due to which they think it is a waste of money to spend on a packaging box as it eventually goes to the trash as soon as the product is taken out of the box. Especially birthday cake boxes, they never even make it to the table as the whole fuss is about the cake itself.


There are a lot of misconceptions regarding packaging and the use of custom food boxes that hold back the proper use of custom boxes for food packaging.

The importance of presentation

What is food all about? Presentation!

Wedding cake boxes designed according to the theme of the event will make their mark. They are not just a box. It works as a portfolio for the company as every person pays proper attention to the packaging and a properly designed box that advertises the company leaves an everlasting impression on viewers. The same is the case with other custom-designed packaging for birthday cake boxes, party cake boxes, or gif cake boxes—every inch of the packaging matters in increasing the market.

Brand development

Companies are known for their product packaging, if not anything else. It leaves an everlasting impact on the customer’s mind, and it is what the food industry is. Especially bakery item manufacturers have not realized this. Custom boxes in custom designs work as a representative of the company. Cake box suppliers must offer all the food providers with customization options that could help them boost their sales and attract more customers.

The future of custom boxes in the food industry

At present, the companies that are aware of product packaging in custom boxes are making their mark in the market already. With their unique designs and shapes that enhance the appearance of their products, like cake boxes with windows that divert all the attention of the customers towards the beauty of the cake rather than hiding it in the box. Another really amazing innovation in the packaging of food is disposable cake boxes. That can be given any shape, size, and pattern according to the customer’s choice.

These printed cake boxes, as assumed by the companies, are not really expensive and will cost them a fortune. These boxes are made up of cardboard that is strong, sturdy, durable, health-friendly, bio-degradable, and the most cost-efficient packaging solution available on the market.


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