Easy Tips For Window Cleaning

Windows need to be cleaned from time to time, even though very few people have it as their favorite occupation. Window cleaning is not just something you do to be able to look out your windows. It is also about maintenance.

It is recommended to wash windows 3-4 times a year and in some cases more often. If you live next to a busy road with a lot of us from vehicles. Here you get our 7 best tips for window cleaning, so the mentioned 3-4 times are over faster, the result is better and you eventually become almost professional in the discipline.

Take a look at the sky – and the thermometer

Is it high sunshine? Then maybe you should postpone the window cleaning until it gets cloudy if you know you are not that quick with the razor.

When you polish windows in sunshine, streaks occur more easily because the sunshine causes water and soap to dry in faster than in cloudy weather. And striped windows were not the purpose of your window cleaning.

If it freezes outside, you may run into the same problem. If you still need to wash windows despite frost, you can put a little alcohol in the water. Then it does not freeze as fast to the pane.

Have the equipment in order

The right equipment does a lot of the work for you, and although you can buy cheap scrapers and so-called washers in most major supermarkets, it pays to spend a little more money on proper equipment. Especially because window washing is a recurring activity in a household.

The right tools are especially worth their weight in gold if your windows are of the type with smaller or narrower panes, for example lattice windows or Dannenberg windows. For this type of window, you can buy scrapers that fit in the width.

You can also invest in a telescopic pole if you have windows that sit high.

Learn the correct technique for window cleaning

Have you ever seen a Vinduespudser work? It can seem quite mesmerizing to look at and one is easily impressed with how quickly and effortlessly they can handle the task.

You can learn that too! There are lots of video guides on YouTube where you can study the technique. Over time, you become just as efficient and the task of window cleaning thus becomes a quick task, rather than something that takes all of Sunday morning,  See also:- Bond Cleaning Perth

Use rainwater

The reason why professional window cleaners often leave perfect results must be found, among other things, in the fact that they use lime-free water. When there is no lime in the water, streaks do not occur so easily.

Now you might think that it sounds difficult to have to remove lime from the water, but it is actually no more troublesome than collecting rainwater. This is because nature is very low in calcium.

If you have a condenser dryer, you can also use the excess water from its container. This water is also very low in lime, as the lime has bound in the clothes.

Add dishwashing liquid – and a splash of magic

Use ordinary dishwashing detergent when mixing the soapy water. If it is frosty weather, add a little more alcohol. This prevents the water from freezing on the pane. If the water is calcareous, vinegar is good to mix in because it minimizes the risk of streaks – and if the windows are very dirty, you can add a splash of salmon alcohol. This makes it easier to remove the dirt.

You can also buy specially developed window cleaner that has various additional benefits, such as dirt-repellent properties.

Minimize the hassle when washing windows

It can be tempting to use lots of soapy water, but you actually get the best results if you save on things. Therefore, soap in more sparingly. Then there is also less water and soap that must be scraped off afterwards.

This makes both the window cleaning easier and further minimizes the risk of the tedious streaks.

Remember frames and window frames

Window cleaning is not only about clean windows, but also about maintaining the window itself. This is done by keeping it free of the dirt, which over time can destroy both wood and edging.

At least twice a year you should therefore also clean and wash the “skeleton” of the window itself – i.e. The parts which are made of wood or plastic, respectively, depending on the type of windows you have.

You clean the so-called window frames and frames with a soft cloth or sponge and plain warm water, with added detergent. A toothbrush is also good for getting into the corners.

However, if your windows are made of mahogany, you should use oily soap so that the wood does not dry out. Plastic windows, on the other hand, can be washed with car shampoo. It gives the plastic a nice shine afterwards.

After washing and scrubbing the frame and

, wipe with a dry cloth.

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