Chhota Bheem Cake

Chhota Bheem Cake And Its Cartoon Series

Chhota Bheem is an Indian animated TV series produced by Green Gold Animation and is aired on Cartoon Network. The show is based on a fictional character named Bheem, who is known for his strength and adventurous nature.

The show focuses on Bheem and his friends as they travel through time and space, while fighting villains along the way.

Chhota Bheem has been dubbed in many languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English and Bengali and airs on Cartoon Network India.

Chhota Bheem is an Indian animated television series produced by Green Gold Animation. The show premiered on DD National on 23 February 2010, and stars Bheem, a 10-year-old boy who is strong and brave. The show has been translated into many languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada.

The show revolves around the life of Bheem who lives in a fictional village called Dholakpur with his friends Raju and Jaggu. He goes to school with his friends and plays with them after school hours. He also helps his mother in running the housework.

Chhota Bheem is a cartoon character from India. He is the main protagonist in the series. He is a small boy and lives in Dholakpur with his family members, friends and other characters. The show mainly revolves around his adventures with his friends and enemies, who are also his cousins. There are several episodes of Chhota Bheem that were released in different languages as well as different countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.

Chhota Bheem was created by Rajiv Chilaka who is also known as India’s ‘Father of Animation’. It has been airing on Pogo channel since 2008 and has become quite popular among kids all over India.

The main character has received many awards for his performances over the years including:

1- Best Male Character Award at the Annu Kapoor Filmfare Awards 2014

2- Star Parivaar Awards – Best Kids Show – 2013

3- Pogo Star Parivaar Award – Best Kids Show – 2012

Chhota Bheem is a cartoon series, telecasted on Pogo TV. The show features Bheem and his friends who have magical powers. In the show, Bheem and his friends fight evil forces and help people in need. The story is set in a fictional city called Dholakpur and revolves around the life of Bheem and his family.

The show has had many spin-offs like Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna which features Bheem and Krishna with their friends in a new story line. Chhota Bheem Jungle-Seeta was another spinoff that featured Bheem going on an adventure with his friends Seeta, Dholu and Dholu’s parents to find out about their roots.

Chhota Bheem Cakes

Chhota Bheem Cake is a cake that has been specially made for the kids. The chhota bheem cakes are available in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. If you want to gift something special to your child then this cake will be the perfect choice.

Chhota bheem cake is a very delicious type of cake. It is made with the help of wheat flour and sugar powder. It has the taste of chocolate and vanilla. It is very good to eat with tea or coffee.

Chhota bheem cake is also known as chocolate barfi, chhota bheem barfi, chhota bheem ki barfi, chocolate fudge and many other names by people. It is basically a sweet that is made out of flour, sugar powder and some other ingredients like ghee (clarified butter), milk powder, oil etc.

Chhota Bheem Cake – Chhota Bheem Cake is a very unique and easy to make cake. This Chhota Bheem Cake is very soft and yummy.

Chhota Bheem Cake Recipe


All purpose flour 1 cup

Gram flour 2 tbsp

Sugar 3/4 cup

Oil 1 tbsp

Baking powder 1/2 tsp

Vanilla essence 2 drops (optional)

Milk as required (I used whole milk)

Chhota Bheem is a very popular Indian cartoon character. This cartoon character is very famous among children and adults. Chhota Bheem Cake is a cake which has been made with the combination of chocolate, cheese and nuts. The main attraction in this recipe is that it has been decorated with the help of chhota bheem and his friends. This cake can be served on any special occasion or even for birthdays.

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