Care360 EMR – A Step-By-Step Approach to Meaningful Use

The Care360 platform embraces a step-by-step adoption approach, which takes the stress out of the traditional EHR process. New features are introduced at a pace that matches the practice’s pace, so the new platform can fit seamlessly into an existing workflow. Its flexible, scalable design incorporates features for efficient practice management, such as medical billing and appointment scheduling. In addition to the EHR functionality, Care360 features an integrated native app that provides patient access to the system. To get more information about it please visit:


Quanum care360 is a cloud-based electronic health record and prescription management software that provides comprehensive patient management. productivity, and patient outcomes. With its clinical messaging, electronic lab management, and multi-system interoperability, Quanum care360 offers a comprehensive patient health record that documents the entire patient encounter. It also allows physicians to access and share patient data from multiple devices and PCs.

Its EHR solution offers many advantages to small and mid-size medical practices. It includes features like lab integration, electronic prescribing, and custom SOAP note templates. Physicians can also use it to schedule appointments, assign specific rooms, and view patient history. It also includes an efficient medical billing module and is mobile-friendly.

Quest Diagnostics

A new partnership between AT&T and Quest Diagnostics is expected to expand the use of the Quest Diagnostics for care360 solution suite, an electronic health record and laboratory order/results service, in health care facilities. The solution suite will provide hospitals, integrated delivery networks, ACOs, physician practices, and other organizations with an easy, flexible online EHR.

Quest Diagnostics is a global leader in diagnostic information and testing, and its Care360 Electronic Health Record solution has been certified as a Meaningful Use EHR Module by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). Care360 meets the rigorous standards of the HITECH Act, meeting all 14 of the mandated requirements for an EHR module.

Quest Diagnostics’ Care360

The world’s leading provider of diagnostic information and diagnostic testing, Quest Diagnostics, announced the availability of the Care360(tm) Electronic Health Record. This solution meets all 14 of the requirements of the Meaningful Use Stage 1 EHR. It is developed by Quest Diagnostics’ health information technology subsidiary, MedPlus.

Care360 is an interoperable Web-based physician portal that enables secure exchange of clinical data and longitudinal reporting. This platform also transmits lab results to MyQuest accounts and enables physicians to order tests online. Additionally, Care360 provides tools for handling refills and sending prescriptions electronically.

Quest Diagnostics’ Care360 is an electronic health record for physicians, and has been used by over 310,000 physicians in more than 95,000 locations. This cloud-based EHR helps healthcare providers share clinical information between providers, and improves collaboration among physicians. Care360 is certified by the Authorized Testing and Certification Body of the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC-ACB) and meets HITECH Act requirements.


Recently, a data breach at Care360 MyQuest exposed patients’ medical data to unauthorized third parties. This breach involved information such as lab results and telephone numbers, but did not include sensitive information like social security numbers or credit card numbers. The breach occurred at a New Jersey-based medical laboratory, and it is currently investigating the incident to find out what caused the breach.

Through the Care360 MyQuest mobile health app, physicians can connect with patients electronically, view and share lab results, and track health. They can also access patient-specific analytics and data diagnostics in real time. This data can be used to make clinical and treatment decisions.

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Electronic lab stewardship

Electronic lab stewardship is a powerful tool for healthcare providers. It can help them identify and prioritize patient populations at risk for developing diseases and conditions, and it can help them improve their patient care capabilities. This program also provides valuable feedback on whether a test has been performed before, and whether it should be repeated. As a result, it can help make healthcare more transparent and maximize the use of resources. It can also help healthcare professionals anticipate patient needs and empower medical colleagues to deliver better patient care.

Increasingly, healthcare professionals are grappling with the issue of patient access to laboratory testing. For many patients, the logistics of transportation to a hospital can be difficult. Others have inflexible work schedules or child care arrangements. In such cases, bringing phlebotomy to the community can make a world of difference. Additionally, statistics show that up to 20% of laboratory tests order for outpatients are never completed. By improving access to lab testing, healthcare providers can improve patient care and reduce costs.

Electronic medical records software is now a standard in all healthcare organizations, regardless of size or type. These technology-driven tools allow practices to efficiently meet the needs patients, providers, staff, and other stakeholders. Practitioners can streamline their clinical workflows and process and transfer information instantly without the need to use paper charts.

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Care360, and NextGen are two of the most widely use EMR software available. These software options are viable for different medical specialties because of their extensive features. How do they compare? Which one is best for your healthcare company?

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