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5 Effective Ways to Lower the Risk of Heart Failure

Some of the changes in your daily lifestyle can help you go a long way without the interference of medication. Now when it comes to your heart, the only organ that helps pump blood in the body. Now, to add to the health of your heart there are a number of ways that can help you out.

The best cardiologist in Karachi says that eating well and doing great exercise can help a lot in keeping your risk of heart attack lower. Your heart is a machine and needs to be fed on its fuel and the fuel can be a good diet, any lifestyle change, or the addition of a habit. 

Let’s know more about what ways heart failure can be prevented and what effective steps can b taken to save your heart from failure in the article. For more information, keep on reading. 

It can never be too late to think about starting a routine that has an exercise routine added to it. It has also been observed that people who are more active and those who indulge in activities are less likely to get sick and suffer from heart diseases or heart issues. 

Exercises like aerobics and cardio can help a lot in keeping heart health in check. Try to do aerobics every 2 to 2.5 hours a week. This can help a lot in keeping the heart healthy and pumping normally. It is not always a good idea to keep on exercising and exert yourself.

Do watch out for the ways that can help your heart pumping, if you are young enough then you can also indulge in heavy-weight exercise.

  • Treat Heart Issues

Heart problems and issues like heart attacks can increase the chances of getting heart failure. You need to take care of your heart even if you are suffering from issues that aren’t even big enough.

For a routine condition like high blood pressure, there are chances that it increases the risk of your heart getting into trouble and ending up failing. 

Even if you are struggling to keep your cholesterol levels in control, make sure you work on it as soon as possible. As cholesterol when gets too high or too low can cause issues to the heart. In case you are suffering or struggling to take your medicines on time, then make sure that you visit your doctor on time to get the needed help.

  • Start Eating Right

Taking good nutrition and eating right can help a lot in preventing your heart from failure. Limit the intake of sugar, add vegetables and fruits to your diet, add low-fat dairy, and go for saturated fats instead of unsaturated. 

With that, try to add good fats to your food. Choose good fats in general like avocados, walnuts, and olive oil, and add tuna or salmon. Such food options can help a lot in keeping your health in check.

Just avoid foods that are fried, processed, or artificial in any way. If there are other issues that you feel with the consumption of some food options then make sure to get your blood test done. One of them is the hba1c test. The best hba1c test price in Pakistan so it can be easily done.

  • Stop Sitting Around Too Much

The risk of your heart getting fail is more when you just try to sit down a lot and not move around much. Try and lessen your couch potato time as much as you can and try to utilize the time that you spend sitting on an office chair and replace it with additional activity in between. Now, it is your job to look for ways that can help you not sit for hours and keep you moving.

There are a number of studies that support this and one of them proposed that people who sit for almost 5 hours or more at work or at the house even are more likely to get issues with their heart

  • Lose Your Weight

There is a great way to prevent the chances of heart failure and that is by losing weight. This is way different from just exercising. A simple exercise can help you in staying active but a proper workout to lose weight can help you get lean and lose the extra fat, reducing the extra weight.

To lose weight, it is important to look for BMI which is the body mass index. By looking at that closely, you can find how much extra fat is there and how much you need to lose by controlling your calorie count.

Even a small amount of weight loss can add a lot in reducing the risks of heart issues. 


The heart is a very delicate organ and can easily suffer from heart failure. You can reduce the risk of heart failure and heart issues by making some changes in your diet and lifestyle in general.

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