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Company policies and procedures

Business is run by many policies. When talking about HR policies, there are many questions that employees always look for answers. For example, procedures for applying for long vacations, or disciplinary procedures to be followed in the office. Other policies may include the use of the Internet on the company’s systems and the use of parties and drinks on the company’s campus. Organizations are expected to follow many procedural rules.

A well-documented corporate intranet portal can help meet the answers to these questions. Having a section of policies and procedures helps employees carry a better work culture.

Latest news about the company

The Corporate Intranet Portal becomes more transparent as employees receive daily news about everyday events. For example, news about the latest partnerships the company has received. New awards and honors at the company, or new ones that encourage employees to take career-oriented steps that can be productive to the organization.

News articles on the corporate intranet portal also help employees learn more about the company. It will create better employee-employer relationships that create eternal bonds and trust. If possible, ensure that employees subscribe to these news updates with their email ID to keep them up to date. Therefore, it is a wise decision to get company updates to add functionality to your portal.


A good workflow makes it easier for teams to collaborate on specific tasks. Greater collaboration is expected to produce better output. There are many advantages that can contribute and help production like

Employee Intranet Solution can collaborate and get new ideas and results.

It makes it easier to get a more structured document.

You can talk anywhere.

Project tracking will be smoother and will converge to the defined target.

Task assignments and schedules are in place.

A survey of workflow management systems in the IEEE Journal shows that 94% of companies use workflow management systems to deliver their projects on time. Therefore, if your team in your organization expects to exceed excellent records and provide world-class benchmarks, an integrated workflow is the best option.

Product and service information

People who are part of your team or organization are members of your community. Let them know which products and services are the winners for them. This is a factor of encouragement and motivation for more contributions.

The employee intranet solution must contain product and service updates. Employees must be able to see how the company is climbing the ladder of success. They feel they can work more safely in a growing industry.

Third-party integration in the employee portal

If you don’t have one, get the integrated setup option in the employee intranet solution portal. This is far more important than any feature you can expect. Integration with third parties allows employees to streamline their work. To that end, I’m looking for tools that can easily improve documents, data, and so on.

For example, if a company uses Google Sheets (for example, not intranet) to track the daily production, utilization, and quality of projects and employees, integrating a third party into Google Sheets will make it easier for Sheets Manager to add functionality.

Similarly, if your employee portal has worksheets that teams are collaborating on for a particular task, third-party integration can increase tool integration to design better workflows. I can do it.

It keeps the structure of the work sophisticated and users only use it according to their choice.

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