5 Best Weekend Getaways in Oregon

Oregon is a small state in the northern United States. The state capital is the small city of Salem. Oregon is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. There are deserts, mountains, scenic lakes, rushing rivers, steppe expanses, and many volcanoes in the state. To this day, there is debate about the origin of the name “Oregon”. The most common belief is that the word from the French translates to “hurricane”. However, there are other versions. 

There is another place of interest for tourists. The state is constantly opening interesting cafes and restaurants. People from neighboring states and even travelers from the other side of the United States come here for gastronomic tourism. Oregon is especially known throughout the world for its street food culture. In the planning of buildings in local towns here, the natural features and landscape were taken into account first and foremost.

The bridges are a key detail that forms the unique look of Oregon. The St. Johns Bridge is especially popular, as is the Hawthorne Bridge. Pedestrian walkways are provided on these bridges.


Often, young people with friends travel around the state together. The first question that arises in this case is how old do you have to be to rent a car in Oregon. And you really need to know the permitted age to rent a car in Oregon

If you don’t, you’ll miss a great opportunity to drive through the Willamette Valley, the famous land of vineyards. This is where the best wine in the Western United States is made. “Wine tours” through this area are very popular with tourists. When you come to Oregon, don’t count on free parking.

Where should you go when you arrive in Oregon?

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Mount Hood

Tourists are especially interested in Mount Hood. The mountain is considered the highest point in Oregon (its peak is 3426 meters). It is located near Portland. According to experts, the volcano may still be active and spew lava at any time. Most tourists are attracted by the opportunity to take a ride on the difficult slopes of the ski resort. In addition, this place is popular with climbers.

Thor’s Well

Among other attractions there is a unique place, the name of which is Thor’s Well. On the coast of Oregon is a huge crater, where flowing gurgling streams of water. At first glance, it may seem like a waterfall. Both beginners and professional photographers love to take pictures here.


This city is worth the emphasis. Portland is rich in unique attractions. For example, there is a park whose area is only 0.3 square meters. You can find this object  the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Eastbank Esplanade, which was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, offers extraordinary views of the river and the city. The several-kilometer-long shoreline is very popular with vacationers. 

Visit one of the many excursions to see as many interesting locations as possible. There’s a lot to see here. Immediately upon arriving in the state, it is best to rent a car. On this subject, you can contact car rental under 25 Portland. But you should know that in this city, drivers aged 21-25 who rent a car, need to pay a tax.

There are more than 40 breweries in the city. By the way, it is more than in the German city of Cologne. Tourists have the opportunity to try different kinds of beer, which differ from each other in taste and color. 

Here is the symbol of Oregon – copper statue of the Goddess of Commerce Portlandia. It is one of the main patronesses of America. The height of the wrought iron statue is 12 meters.

Mount Jefferson

Of particular interest compared to other national parks is the area near the Jefferson Volcano. The volcano was named after the U.S. president. The last eruption was in 950 B.C. This place is popular with fans of mountain tourism.

The mysterious house in Newport

The cause of interest is a house located in the small town of Newport. Its mystery can be solved only once you are inside the building. Unremarkable in appearance, clad with siding on the outside, inside it is an amazing ancient castle. The interior features a Renaissance style. The house has a lot of interesting antiques. Most of them were bought by the first owner of this house.

Among the other interesting places in the state are: Gold Beach, with its luxurious beaches, Springfield (famous for the TV series “The Simpsons”), Medford (famous for the incredibly delicious and juicy pears grown here) and Gresham (known for the annual jazz music festival).

In the picturesque surroundings, tourists can visit various hot springs all year round. Among the large list, the following are worth mentioning: Umpqua (Umpqua National Forest), Paulina Lake Hot Springs (Newberry National Volcanic Monument), and Terwilliger (Willamette National Forest). To see all these beauties, you’d be better off renting a car under 25. So you will have a guarantee of a safe overnight stay in such places.

A trip to Oregon can be an unforgettable vacation. You can have a great vacation here. At the same time, you will not spend a lot of money on leisure and recreation, visiting a variety of natural and tourist attractions. You’ll also have money left over for original souvenirs for friends and family in memory of the trip.

The state has become a tourist attraction because of its nature. You won’t find such natural attractions anywhere else in the world. There are plenty of bubbling rivers and picturesque lakes with clear water. More than half of the area is covered by dense forests inhabited by wildlife. All this makes Oregon a great vacation destination.

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