Visiting Florida: Car Rental Tips

Whether you go on a staycation or a weekend to sunny Florida and 25th island of greece, make your time-spending comfortable there. One proper tool for achieving that is a rental car. Check it out! You do not need to postpone your plans because of the public transport schedule or expensive taxi. So, here we answer how to find the most profitable conditions to rent a car in Florida. 

Do your homework

A car rental network is comprehensive and flexible for travelers. It is easy to decide your route on the go and make orders with a car rental app or find apartments on the Internet. However, renting a car at the airport saves time but is more expensive. Alternatively, you may calmly check different options ahead of your trip. You may compare conditions and prices. Then, find the optimal one and make a deal online. For example, the NU rental car at Orlando airport works that way. After your plane’s arrival, go there and pick up the pre-ordered vehicle at a lower cost. 

The best car choice

While checking the available options on the rental website or app, you might see different vehicles, car classes, and the number of baggage possible to carry. Do not worry! These indicated parameters are for your convenience to pick up a car. What you should look at are your needs. Analyze, who you are going with on the trip, and where to. For example, if you have kids and need many suitcases, you may consider a minivan with lower clearance. It is spacious and flexible with its removable seats. Next, if you dream of rural surfaces, take an SUV with a 4X-wheel-drive. However, if you are going to navigate inside a city, a small vehicle like the Nissan Versa of the Compact car class would be pretty good. That is up to you!

Rental offices along your route

We recalled that the airport rental car might be more expensive than the one booked online. Here we say it may be cheaper to rent a car somewhere in the downtown or the neighborhood. For example, offices at Kissimmee Disney Islands and Disney World Orlando are about 20 miles away from the airport. It is just a shortlist, as long as offices are spread all around the state. You can come to any of them, take or drop wheels and see all the entertainment and attractions of Florida that interest you without being tied to location. The only thing you should pay attention to, in such a case, is a schedule of the events and attractions. 

Discounts and coupons

Before making a profitable deal, spend some time making sure to find the discount code on your car provider’s website. Of course, prices and discounts in Florida are highly dependent on the season and dates of your arrival. Check that ahead or ask a rental agent at the registration desk. 

Miscellaneous details

There are some aspects you have to consider ahead. They are threefold:

  1. Policy for 25 drivers;
  2. Unlimited mileage;
  3. Insurance.

We want to stress that there are general rules that young drivers should pay an additional fee daily. The amount depends on the supplier. Still, there are exceptions. For example, if you are a military or governmental employee on a business trip, you may avoid that surcharge. Clarify that with a rental company for your specific case. 

Then, better to take a vehicle with no limitations. It may be expensive, though. But you will count on what you paid with no further surprises. At first, you might think the limit for 200 miles is reasonable, and you would never drive more than that. The truth is, people commonly use agreed distance on the first days of their trip. Drivers may miss a turn or decide to go elsewhere, except the planned route.

Last but not least is insurance. It looks strange to convince people to secure themselves and their vehicles. Still, it is so. In case you do not plan to take full coverage insurance, car rental services oblige clients to take the one to protect deposit funds. Consider that and add the costs to your calculations.


Traveling by car in Florida is profitable and comfortable. Natural beauties, an abundance of delicious food, spectacular monuments will make you remember these days for your life. 

Use our tips to make your road trip both convenient and safe. Have a great vacation!


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