You can automatic re-spins your reel

When the tiger symbol lands anywhere on the reels, it immediately transforms into a stacked wild that expands to fill the entirety of that reel. Compared to conventional wild symbols, stacked wilds offer 토토사이트  gamblers three times the number of potential winning combinations.

This wild symbol will stay in position while the rest of the reels are automatically given a new spin by the game. You are granted a second opportunity to win without being required to place a new wager. The Jungle Stripe’s real money slot contains pay lines that go in both directions, which contributes to the increased winning possibilities. When the wild symbol appears on reel 3, it does not matter which way you play to win.

You may wonder what occurs if you get multiple wild symbols in a row. If you acquire a second wild symbol, both will remain in position for another re-spin during your re-spin. You will never be awarded more than one wild symbol during a single spin.

Although it is a straightforward symbol, the stacked wild symbol packs quite a punch in terms of its worth. It gives you additional chances to win at any stage in the game. You can earn free spins before you can win a significant amount of money.

There is just one aspect of the wild symbol feature that does not live up to expectations, and that is that. While playing the Jungle Stripes slot machine, we saw that the wild symbol does not appear on any reels other than the second, third, and fourth reels.


If you are lucky enough to get three switch symbols, the Wild Switches bonus round will be activated for you. A predetermined number of times along the game, one of the reels will transform into a wild reel 토토사이트.


The wild symbol appears on one of the reels in random order. If you get more switch symbols on the reels than normal during the wild spins, you will be awarded additional spins with the wild reel.

The only other time a wild symbol appears in the Madder Scientist casino slot game is during this particular bonus feature. Carrots would look out of place in a game with a scientific theme. But since Dr. Prescott is insane, anything can happen! It is the carrot that serves as the subject of his various experiments. When you successfully activate the chemical bonus round, you will be presented with a choice between two beakers, each containing a different colored liquid. Each of the beakers contains a unique monetary prize. Following your selection of the two chemicals, Dr. Prescott combines them in a container and then applies them to the carrot to observe the results. You will receive an additional cash prize no matter the outcome of the competition.

Chemical bonus round

The chemical bonus round adds some variety to the game and provides wonderful prizes. It also helps to emphasize the topic. The Madder Scientist casino game includes it, and it is a delightful component of the game.

After each spin that results in a payout, a new button labeled “Re-Spin” will appear at the base of the reels. If another extra feature has already been enabled for the current spin, you will not be able to use the re-spin feature.


If you click on a re-spin button, only the selected reel will spin again, while the remaining reels will remain still. There is no cap placed on the number of re-spins that can be utilized by the player.

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