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What is the History of Pre Roll Boxes?

You’ve probably wondered: “What is the history of Pre Roll boxes?” Before we look at materials, shapes, and colors, let’s explore the evolution of this packaging style. Throughout history, pre-roll packaging has been the standard for shipping cigars and cigarettes. However, in recent years, custom pre roll boxes have become a more sophisticated form of packaging. These boxes have many advantages over other forms of packaging.

Pre-roll packaging

The popularity of pre-roll boxes is increasing. Today, these boxes are able to highlight a brand name, making it stand out among other goods on store shelves. Some brands even have unique packagings, such as those with a custom logo or shape. These boxes can be a great way to increase brand recognition and educate consumers about the brand. However, before we look at the benefits of pre-roll packaging, let’s explore how they came to be.

Pre-roll joints are high-quality products, so the packaging of these joints is important. These boxes allow the manufacturers to promote their brand without spending a lot of time on the marketing process. Besides, it also offers free publicity to the brand. The pre-roll packaging also contains essential information about the brand, such as the tagline. These boxes are also very useful in distributing goods quickly. Here are some of the advantages of pre-roll packaging:


There are different types of materials used in the production of pre roll packaging. One type is cardboard, which is an inexpensive and eco-friendly material. Another type is kraft, which is a brown-colored material made from wood pulp. These materials are sturdy and help prevent damaging factors and contaminating elements from penetrating the box. Pre roll packaging uses a combination of materials, including cardboard and kraft. Some of the materials used in the production of pre roll packaging are listed below.

Printing is another type of material used in pre roll joint packaging. Many people consider printing a crucial element in making any display look appealing. Logos, pictures, and product information can be printed onto pre roll joint packaging. Different printing techniques are used for the process, including offset and digital printing. Digital printing uses liquid ink toner and offsets printing uses ink. While offset printing utilizes traditional printing processes, digital printing is preferred for quality, professional-looking results.


Shapes of pre roll boxes are essential for attracting more customers. However, if the packaging does not attract more customers, it is of no use. In addition, custom pre-rolls packaging has the potential to magnify the customer’s opinion and increase the chances of revenue generation. Pre-roll boxes are often made of cardboard, which offers numerous benefits besides just protecting the products. The cardboard boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be used for a variety of products, including cigars, pre-rolls, and many other types of tobacco.

Regardless of the brand, pre-roll boxes play an important role in keeping the pre-rolls fresh and free of humidity. Advanced pre-roll packaging boxes not only serve these purposes, but they also promote the brand name and give the consumer a history lesson. By using pre-roll packaging boxes, the purchaser can plan to purchase one, three, five, or seven pre-roll sets. Moreover, the buyer can choose the shapes of the boxes depending on his or her needs.


There are many options for the color of your pre roll packaging. Choose from a variety of different color combinations to create a unique look for your product. There are also several different colors available that are great for various events or as gifts for friends. You can choose from various colors and designs to match your theme or your product’s color scheme. In addition to the colors available, you can also have different props and embellishments for your pre roll packaging to add a special touch to your product.

Custom pre roll boxes are another option for showcasing your brand. Customization allows you to choose from matte or glossy finishes. You can also choose spot UV for an elegant gold finish. If you want to add extra detail to your paper tubes, consider foil stamping or embossing. Foil stamping will create unique ink patterns that are different than the other options available for pre roll packaging. You can even choose a window to show off your product.

Environmental impact

The importance of custom printed pre roll boxes cannot be understated. These boxes have several advantages for brands, from the appearance to the longevity of the product. The materials used in their manufacture are highly durable and resistant to external conditions. They ensure the safety and protection of the product, and the pre-roll boxes make them ideal for promotional campaigns. In addition, custom packaging also highlights a brand’s elegance and growth. Moreover, custom packaging also influences customer purchasing behavior, as it spreads a brand message. Moreover, it is possible to design the packaging in such a way as to minimize its environmental impact. 


The customized pre roll boxes have multiple benefits for your business. They can reflect your brand and store’s personality. This way, you can increase your sales by enhancing the looks of your products. If you’re looking for more information, contact a graphic design firm.

YBY Boxes provides high-quality printing and packaging solutions. Place your order within minutes. Custom pre roll boxes wholesale is a great way to set trends and stand out from the competition. These boxes printed with your logo or customized with graphics that are eye-catching, retail-ready, and storage-ready. You can even use cut-outs to add flair to the box. Whatever you want, you can find a custom pre roll box from YBY Boxes that perfectly matches your brand.

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