What is Plagiarism? What does a plagiarism checker do?

..What is Plagiarism?

As it is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary that the acts of the plagiarism. Are described as stealing as well as passing off of the ideas, concepts or works of another person to be their own work. In simple words, the plagiarism is defined as the process of taking up of the work. Ideas or concepts of other people and pretending that the work is their own work. Another definition of the plagiarism which has been defined by efforts of Collins Dictionary is that the plagiarism is considered to be a practice of making use of the work of someone else and pretending that it is their own.

It can also be defined as to be the actions of deliberately trying to abruptly deceive the academic tutor by taking the initiative of submitting the content which is not the work of that person and instead it is the work of the other person. In the recent times, supremely for the purpose of increase in the popularity of purchases of the internet assignments, the concept of the plagiarism has turned out to be worse. There has been the prevalence of the spike in that of the plagiarism across the number of academic institutions which are based in the United States. It has been seen that in the last 3 years, around fifty thousand of students have been caught due to having posed for plagiarised content in the examination and they can take help Assignment Help Perth also.

The plagiarism is considered to be a serious issue in nowadays.

When a student is caught for using plagiarised contents, serious actions like detainment can be imposed on the student from that of the university. Apart from that of the disciplinary perspectives, the plagiarism is also considered to be harmful to the extent by which a student can be able to learn while being in the years of the academic studies. When a student is considered to be cheating through the use of the plagiarism.

The student is ultimately cheating himself or herself as they lose the chance of learning. As well as developing the knowledge on a specific type of subjects. Therefore, the process of learning as well as developing the skillsets can have the students take a fair stead in the later part of the lives in terms of all the other kinds of perspectives. Therefore, it is to be accessed that the use of the plagiarised content must be avoided as well as discarded at all cost. This is because a person uses all his or her merit and hard work to complete a work, idea or concept which all of his or her own. And, using his or her own idea, concept or work and taking the credit in other’s own name is certainly not acceptable and preferable.

What does a plagiarism checker do?

The job of a plagiarism checker is to take the help of an advanced software for the purpose of scanning for the similar texts and the existing texts. The plagiarism checker is also used by that of the colleges as well as universities for the purpose of scanning the assignment of the students. There are also some types of the commercial plagiarism checkers. Which are used for the purpose of checking the work of the students even before they consider. It submitting to that of the universities as well as colleges.

The plagiarism checkers are helpful in crawling the web content as well as index. It for the purpose of scanning the texts in order to catch hold of the similarities. Against the database of the existing contents over the internet. In the plagiarism checker, the exact matches get highlighted by using the analysis of the keywords. Some checkers has also the ability for identifying the non-copied and paraphrased writings as well.

How can we check plagiarism online?

The technique for checking plagiarism online is to enter a piece of content. A phrase or a sentence, on a standard plagiarism checker software like Plagiarism Checker. By Grammarly and Turnitin. The plagiarism checker will give report as outcomes in which. It is supposed to mention the percentage of the plagiarism content. And from which source has it been coped and pasted.

Which is the best plagiarism checker free?

Although there are a number of websites for checking the plagiarism for free in the internet. The software of Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly is considered to be one of the best for this purpose. Not only it is used for highlighting the plagiarised words in percentage. It also helps in the detection of the repeated and poorly used words. And suggests for proper sentence construction as well.

How many percentages plagiarism is acceptable?

Even though it is not advised to use plagiarised contents at all. Still it is said that around 10 per cent plagiarism is considered to be fine.

What are the five examples of plagiarism?

The common five examples of plagiarism are as follows-

  • Paraphrasing from a source which is too closely related from that of the content
  • Inclusion of a direct quote without the use of the quotation marks
  • Copying the elements from a lot of different types of sources as well as considering. It to be pasting them over the new documents
  • Leaving behind an in-text citation after a sentence or a phrase as the source
  • Submission of a full text which is not at all someone’s own and of others


Plagiarised content-

“Colonialism had a destabilizing effect on what had been a number of ethnic groups. That is still being felt in African politics. Between 1870 and World War I, the European scramble for Africa resulted in the adding of around one-fifth of the land area of the globe to its overseas colonial possessions. Prior to European influence, national borders were not much of a concern. With Africans generally following the practice of other areas of the world. Such as the Arabian Peninsula, where a group’s territory was congruent with its military or trade influence”.

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