What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings?

What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings?

You can start the best virtual meeting using the most suitable icebreaker. Moreover, you need to create proper planning and execution of all the activities that you think can be helpful to make your virtual meeting a success. So, start the event preparation by picking the top virtual AGM platform

However, it can be hard to start your virtual meeting with an attractive starter. So, you need a complete knowledge of the pointers that can be helpful to make your starting fun. Hence, here are the best icebreakers that can be helpful to make your virtual meeting attendees attentive from the start. 

80 Good Icebreakers for Your Virtual Meetings!

A list of the most fun and engaging icebreaker activities for your virtual AGM in 2022 are as follows:

  1. The funniest memory with everyone on the virtual AGM platform
  2. Ask the attendees to draw their moods via the virtual exhibition platform. 
  3. The craziest dare you have ever taken. 
  4. Share a knock-knock joke with the team.
  5. The teenage anthems.
  6. Share the food you would be eating if you could be eating any in the world. 
  7. Which store would you be in if you were at the mall?
  8. Share your worst date story. 
  9. Tell us your past favorite Halloween costumes. 
  10. Share any guilty pleasure shows that you watch.
  11. Show us the strangest item you have right now near you.
  12. Sing the commercial jingles or theme songs that get stuck in your head.
  13. What would you choose as your own nickname and why?
  14. Share the unnecessary thing or experience you would indulge in with a ridiculous amount of money. 
  15. What one food would you like to eliminate from the world?
  16. Ask attendees to share what they are grateful for via the virtual trade fair platform. 
  17. What is a good or bad impression you experienced?
  18. Name a song that you could listen to for the rest of your life.
  19. Which brand would you prefer to be sponsored by
  20. Topic you know a lot of random trivia about
  21. Which fictional character would you want to be if your life became an action movie?
  22. A common thing that you have never done in your life.
  23. Which sitcom universe could you live in rather than this?
  24. The word you would choose on a shirt to wear for an entire year
  25. Who would be your opponent in the wrestling ring?
  26. One way your parents used to embarrass you as a kid
  27. Tell us about the unique thing on your bucket list.
  28. What would your topic be for a two minutes speech?
  29. Your favorite website or blog that you like to visit in your free time
  30. Who would you choose from the historical figure to live a life like them?
  31. A clothing article that you would like to be
  32. A skill that you could learn right now. 
  33. Your favorite movie. How many times have you seen it?
  34. A superpower that you would like to have. 
  35. Curate the perfect playlist for any occasion.
  36. The thing you liked the most about your last job.
  37. Something you feel proud of this week.
  38. The things that you feel everyone is missing out on as they do not know much about it.
  39. A question or statement someone says when they find out what you do for a living or where you are from
  40. The self-improvement activity that you think would help others. 
  41. Share about the most interesting person you have met or had a conversation with
  42. Your favorite breakfast. 
  43. Share your morning routine. 
  44. The way you make your week the most productive.
  45. The ways you like to relax and de-stress
  46. Name the person in your life that inspires you the most.
  47. A thing that you want to focus on this week
  48. Who would you give a toast to for doing a good job?
  49. Methods you find most effective to brainstorm.
  50. Things that motivate you the most. 
  51. Weird things that you feel nostalgic for
  52. Which vegetable would you like to be and why?
  53. Name the movie that you think is the scariest for you. 
  54. What would be the reason most likely to feature you on the news?
  55. Your favorite international food.
  56. Your favorite physical activity.
  57. Animals you are amazed by the most. 
  58. Smell you hate that others seem to like.
  59. The food you love that others typically do not
  60. Some of your favorite games to play
  61. Can you share a funny meme with the group via the virtual exhibition platform?
  62. The thing that takes a lot of time but is definitely worth it.
  63. A wish someone taught you a long time ago.
  64. Share your experience while taking your driver’s test.
  65. A popular song that drives you crazy.
  66. Ideas you find yourself recommending to people you first meet.
  67. Share a funny anecdote you witnessed this week with the virtual AGM platform attendees. 
  68. Share any exciting plans coming up.
  69. The book that had the most significance for you
  70. Your favorite obscure belonging.
  71. Show things you have in your junk drawer.
  72. What can be your setup for the perfect nap?
  73. Tell everyone about your favorite food combination.
  74. You can plan a book club with the best virtual AGM platform.
  75. Ask everyone to submit a movie pitch and let one person declare a winner for the best pitch.
  76. Use a selection of riddles to solve as a team-building activity.
  77. Create a fun debate on mundane things like Which makes a better pet? Cats or dogs?
  78. Ask everyone to find 10 common things that everyone in the team has.
  79. Ask everyone to take a personality quiz and compare their results on a scoreboard with the best virtual trade fair platform. 
  80. Ask everyone to share their future goals and aims. 

So, these are the various good icebreakers that can be helpful to start your virtual meeting. Moreover, you can use any shared pointers in your virtual exhibition. The best way to make the start of your meeting more attractive is the AR/VR gamification and AR photo booth. You can get countless AR/VR games at your virtual trade fair. Also, attendees can take photos using the AR photo booth. It provides different backgrounds to photographs that you can even share on your social media accounts. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to understand and choose the icebreaker for your virtual meeting in 2022.

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