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Top 5 Webinar Software Platforms in 2022

If you are looking to create brand awareness among your targeted audience and generate highly engaged leads, and get real-time feedback from the viewers then there is no better choice than hosting a webinar session.

With the help of webinar services, organizers are able to track the valuable insights which are important for the event improvement strategies. According to the latest research live webinars have more than 2 times more registrations as compared to on-demand videos.

In this blog, we will be explaining webinar services along with some of its trending key features to have a better understanding before making choice for the platforms. Later we will be providing a list of some popular webinar platforms to ensure you make your best choice.

What do you mean by Webinar Services?

A webinar basically is a live presentation with a higher number of interactions by the audience virtually sitting in their own place. These are great ways to connect with potential customers and provide valuable content to the targeted customers.

By choosing interactive webinar platforms you will be able to connect live with a new audience, building your brand authority in front of them and promoting a product or service launch.

With a similar concept as in the case of an in-person seminar, a webinar also consists of one host or a panel of participants and we will be dealing with the audience for 30-40 minutes.

From the audience’s point of view, they can easily attend while sitting at a remote location. They can interact with the host with chat & messaging options & in some cases also speak directly to the speakers.

When it comes to marketing, webinar marketing finds its way to being the best attention seeker for the audience. People love to hear from industry experts & having their questions answered during the ongoing event.

Webinar services deliver high-quality leads, and broader audience reaches with live engaging sessions for the audience which works in business growth.

Some of the most popular benefits of webinars have been described below –

  • Presenting new products & services
  • Selling of B2B products
  • Highly engaging lead generation
  • Catching the attention of the blog audience
  • Tracking of existing customers & their valuable feedback

Key Features of Webinar Software in 2022

Online webinar platforms come with lots of exciting features to offer. While making the most of these features, firstly we should know in detail some of these features & then implement them for making your event successful-

  • Attendee Count: choosing the number of live audiences & what the package offers is something to be concerned about.
  • Social Media: Facility to go live on leading social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, etc. simultaneously to reach a vast audience without having a single penny spent on it.
  • Sharing of the private link
  • Dedicated Phone support: its dedicated phone support to more relying on their services
  • Lead Generation tools: interactive chat, Q&A options, feedback data, etc. work in generating high leads.

Top 5 Popular Webinar Software Platforms

Here is the list of some of the best webinar platforms which can be a lot of help for you when you are willing to host a successful session –


Livestorm is a good webinar software which is mainly used for product description purposes & sales. Their software works on almost every browser without any type of restrictions whatsoever.

With the features like on-demand webinars, automated webinars etc. livestorm is also a versatile software to use.

With some features on its con side like – virtual background detection, improper logo & cover image detection etc. livestorm is the software one can rely on.


It is one of the popular webinar software, especially for larger companies. It’s scaling, personalizing engaging webinars & content services are remarkable. When it comes to live stream your wedding, ON24 stands apart from its competitors to deliver quality service.

With some drawbacks like- in the case of multiscreen events, expensive costs, and complicated configuration processes this can be trustworthy when the budget is not the issue for the organizers.


With its real-time analytics reWhen in search of webinar live streaming services, Dreamcast finds its way to catch the attention of the customers.

port of your webinar for providing detailed insight information, it is very helpful software in the management of audience feedback & performance metrics measurement.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting software comes up with HD video & audio as well as screen sharing functions. It automatically backup the meeting data to its cloud server. It also offers free registration to its users & no one-time costs.

Recently, there have been some issues with the working hardware of zoom which is a major factor in the reduction of the number of potential clients for the company.


It is a good tool especially used by the training professionals for training clients individually or in a group. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily deliver a quality coaching experience to your potential customers.

Webinarninja is a powerful webinar platform that helps you create a webinar in a very less time.

It has limited integration with other tools which are being used for business purposes which makes this tool a bit on the limited service providers.


Webinars allow you to share your field expertise at scale, enable you to build direct relationships with your potential customers and deeply engage with the existing ones.

But there is a lot more to make out of webinars rather than just delivering the content. The most important is the valuable feedback provided by the audience which helps in improving the quality of the session and ultimately rising the growth of your business.

Making the right choice for webinar software can be a great strategy for your business growth. With so many facilities like – handling the product launch, engagement with the community, achieving futuristic goals and much more to accomplish.

Virtual webinar platforms are a win-win situation for every business. Webinars do not guarantee the generation of leads but can ensure you with the best experience for the viewers.

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