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Tracking a phone can help you keep your loved ones safe

Whether it’s a major milestone in your family life like a kid going to school, or maybe you have a personal fear, protection, and security for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, we have technology that can keep us safer than ever. Thanks to many great apps, your phone is able to be a lifesaver.

Whether you need an app to make sure you can contact emergency services quickly and securely or just need an app to monitor the well-being of your friends and family. Check out these apps that help you in tracking a phone, which can really help save lives when needed.


TheOneSpy has become one of the world’s best location tracking apps. This is the most important parental control app that allows you to track the activities of your child’s smartphone. TheOneSpy is not only valuable in tracking a phone or recording your child’s GPS location but also sends it to you so that you can track their location in real-time throughout the day. Plus, it’s one of the best phone tracker apps with countless features including calling, texting, GPS tracking, and more. Just install this app on your child’s phone and monitor their activity without telling them, you are tracking them.


With OgyMogy, you can take advantage of Geo-location, smart parental control settings, app blocker and web filtering, location tracking, web filtering, screen time control, and emergency alerts. Using geofencing, you can create your own virtual safety zone, such as your child’s school or your grandparents’ clinic on their cell phone.

You will receive alerts when your child or grandparents enter or leave the area. This is a great location tracker that keeps you informed of your loved one’s whereabouts without any pressure. OgyMogy comes with a 1-day free trial and is available for Android platforms.


The short XNSPY review will help you to identify the spy app. XNSPY is a popular choice for monitoring phones, tablets, and desktops, with over 400,000 registered users worldwide. It includes parental control for the safety of your children, employee monitoring, and a covert watch on your spouse for a happy marriage. You may rest easy knowing that our monitoring service will keep your family and business safe from any potential threats.

Some of the many features of this app include a GPS tracker, screenshots capture, monitoring other devices from one place, and a key logger to keep track of the entire user accounts that the target device accesses.


SecureKin, which is available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X, can follow a variety of actions while remaining absolutely undetectable.

With the aid of its GPS capability, it can track SMS, calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber data and position. There’s also a function that snaps a photo of the target’s device’s front camera every time they try to unlock the screen. This is particularly useful if the gadget is lost or stolen.


Highster has received rave reviews from users all around the world because it is an excellent option for keeping your children safe and your employees productive at all times.

You’ll be able to use this app for the rest of your life for only a one-time fee. It can monitor text messages, phone conversations, location, internet history, social media accounts, and much more. You may manage many elements of the target device in addition to tracking it, such as taking images of the surroundings with its camera.

You can download Hyster on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X devices and start monitoring securely without giving a single click.

Family Locator

Family Locator is another finest app for anyone with children who wants to know where they are at all times. You may use it to track the whereabouts of everyone else in your family who uses the app in real-time. There’s also an integrated message system for communicating with other users.

It offers an SOS button for parents, which is very crucial in terms of kid protection. When they push the button, it will immediately mark their children’s location on a map. It’s great for family outings in vast public settings where children are prone to wandering off.

Parents may also set up notifications for when their children arrive at a certain location (such as school or a friend’s house). The software also allows parents to create safe/unsafe zones; if a kid violates a barrier, the parents are notified.


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