Custom Made Kitchens

Top Benefits of Custom Made Kitchens in Home Improvements

Is it time to remodel the important space in your home that you use for cooking and sharing meals with family members? You might be wondering if it is worth investing in custom made kitchens or ones that have been pre-designed. We will tell you all you need to know about it.


What are custom made kitchens?

Custom kitchens are furniture pieces that are made specifically for your home according to the dimensions of the room where they will be placed. They take into consideration the measurements of the walls, the surfaces, and any obstacles.


What’s the difference between a kitchen that is made to measure and one that doesn’t?

The main difference is that custom kitchens can be made exactly according to the space they will be placed in and your preferences. However, standard dimensions are not available for those that haven’t been pre-designed. They cannot offer the same fit and satisfy all users.


What are the benefits of custom-made kitchens?

Custom kitchens have many advantages over pre-designed and manufactured ones. Let’s take a look at them:

  • You can rest assured that your kitchen design is original. This means that you won’t go to a friend’s house or a neighbor’s house and find the same house. Although furniture finishes might have the same aesthetic, the result will be quite different.
  • It will look exactly as you envision it. This means that while the designer will give you advice based on the space’s characteristics, you will be the final word. The designer will integrate all elements you consider important. This could be an island, a peninsula, a tower with an oven and microwave, a dishwasher, or a stacked washer machine.
  • It is the best choice for small kitchens. Every centimeter matters in these kitchens. You can lose space by not designing furniture that is in line with the space’s characteristics. This can make it difficult to cook or perform other tasks comfortably.

We can’t deny that custom-built kitchens have some drawbacks, but they are more expensive than modular ones.


How much does a custom-made kitchen cost?

This is a difficult question to answer. Why? Price is not just determined by how big the room is, but many other factors. These are:

  • The layout of the kitchen. According to the kitchen organizers, there are different types of kitchens available on market. Each has its pros and disadvantages. These options are less common in homes, and they usually require higher payments.
  • Materials for furniture. Users prefer matte or gloss laminates today because of their durability, availability in a variety of colors, and excellent finishes.
  • The shooters. Although it may seem like an insignificant detail, it is vital. The most cost-effective options are traditional handles located at the bottom of drawers or on the sides of doors. Goal 45 is, however, the most costly because they are almost invisible. Between are the push-pull, fingernail and knob, and handle systems.
  • Countertops. In recent years, the number of options has increased significantly. Agglomerates have almost disappeared from the market due to their high price and sensitivity to humidity. Quartz countertops are without a doubt the most popular choice today although this name refers only to one brand. They are durable, customizable, and cost-effective.
  • The faucet and the sink. The traditional stainless steel ones will be the most affordable. You will have to pay more if you want one made from synthetic resin or quartz. You will also have to consider whether the sink is under-mount, flush, or built-in.
  • Peelable, embedded, or free installation The purpose of paneling an appliance is to hide its aesthetics and create a more harmonious kitchen design. The price of the panel is more expensive than the other options.
  • The dining room. It is not common in all kitchens, but most do. You can either have an island or a table and chairs that match the size of your kitchen. It is important to incorporate it if there is not enough space in your living room. This will result in a significant increase in the final cost.
  • Accessories. These accessories can also impact the cost of your kitchen. The shelves that hold plates and glasses, the accessories that take advantage of corners, or the garbage bins are all examples.
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What is the cost of custom-made kitchens?

Many believe that custom kitchens include only the manufacturing of furniture. It isn’t true. It is important to consider the location, the project, and the space design. Also, If you are in Guelph, Canada you may want to know about the best services for basement renovations in Guelph.

This could be replacing water and electricity lines and re-designing them to the new design. You will likely want to replace the floor or the tiles on the walls. You will need to pay labor costs for masons, electricians, and plumbers.


How are custom-made kitchens created?

Although it sounds simple, it’s not. It is not easy to design a kitchen with custom-made furniture. The triangle rule states that has three zones. is the cooking zone, which includes the oven, microwave, induction or gas hob, is the washing area (the sink, dishwasher, and optionally the washer and dryer), is the storage space (the fridge and pantry), To ensure enough space, each must be located at one of three vertices. You cannot join more than one.

For its part, at least 50cm must be between each appliance on the countertop. Also, the passageways must be at least 80 cm in width to allow for comfortable walking. This distance should be at least 120 cm if the kitchen is parallel and has pieces of furniture facing one another.

We must also consider the height of the countertop. It is best to place it between 90 cm and 92cm above the ground. The key to cooking is comfort.

This includes the location of drawers (cutlery tray, pot holders, etc.). The depth of the upper and lower units (60 cm and 30.5 cm, respectively), and the space needed for door openings.

When it comes to renovating or reforming this space, custom-made kitchens can be the best option. You must hire a professional to design your kitchen. They will know how to balance maximum functionality and your personal aesthetic preferences.

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