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Top 7 Game Development Trends For 2022

Trying to predict how game development will flourish until 2025? In the present day, more than 3 billion people play online games, which proves that the future will be equally exciting and interesting.

You can increase your knowledge and skill level to better manage the risks and issues in the gaming industry by learning about game development trends for producing a unique and real-time strategy game. You can also understand the wants and routines of your potential game players.

Top 7 Trends in Game Development that you should know

Waiting in anticipation to learn about clever and deliberate trends in game development? In 2022, the following trends are expected to dominate:

1. Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) can give you the impression that you are in a fictional world and enable you to credibly share elements of that world with those closest to you.

Making preparations to spend your life’s fondest moments in such worlds? You can get there in a couple of seconds with the aid of a VR technology headset. Alternately, employ augmented reality to place items and characters in the real environment.

Additionally, XR, or you might say a hybrid combination of AR and VR, is facilitating learning for those who have trouble remembering complex ideas.

As a result, many of the intricate untold stories may now not only be told but also experienced, enabling people of all ages to engage in them. This is known as the mixed reality or extended reality movement.

2. Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming

Another development that will influence the gaming industry in 2022 is cross-platform gaming. You can use consoles and various systems to play cross-platform games. The biggest barriers preventing players from playing across platforms were money and technology. But in 2021, players had access to cross-platform gaming with actual game codes.

One such mobile game, Book of Oz, served as the model for several different slot machines, including this one from Microgaming. With its five reels, 10 pay lines, and a massive amount of entertaining features, Book of Oz transports players right into the center of the Emerald City.

If you’re fortunate enough to land those high-paying symbols, you can win a top prize of 500 times your wager. There are also some interesting features to watch out for in the free spins round. Why not spin the reels and see if the magic of is on your side?

3. Triple-A Gaming   

Since the gaming quality is at the highest level and gamers may detect traces of innovation along with its groundbreaking success when measured in terms of income earned, AAA is the highest rating given to games like GTA 5, Witcher 3, & Far Cry 5.

  1. Cloud Gaming / GaAs

GaaS (Gaming as a Service), also referred to as mobile cloud gaming, teaches us the finest methods to live. Additionally, subscription business models influence and motivate creators more. They can, after all, quickly connect some payment methods with player power.

As a result, players in games like Fortnight, Candy Crush, PUBG, and others may act fast and shrewdly if users wish to build some strength, such as including a player or players with weapons.

Developers unquestionably make a tidy profit when their customers or clients turn on their PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and so forth to access distant servers and play cloud games devoid of hardware.

5. Wearable Technology

Electronic devices known as wearables have sensors that can collect, identify, and share data with users in real-time. Smartwatches, fitness rings, and wristbands are a few examples of common wearable devices that make use of wearable technology.

Wearables are typically connected to health and wellbeing, but they are also swiftly emerging in the gaming sector. A data-tracking wearable gadget can be used to monitor the players’ participation in gaming sessions. Consequently, using and evaluating this information enhances the gaming experience for the players.

You may utilize wearables to improve the streaming quality by employing various microphones, which will improve the whole gaming experience for players around the world, in addition to using them to keep track of everything from checking, analyzing, and monitoring gamers’ performance in real-time.

6. Gaming with Artificial Intelligence

AI models unquestionably offer the best gaming experiences. The AI used to create games may have an impact on how well your game does. As said earlier, popular technologies like AR and VR are becoming more widely used. Additionally, the combined power of AR, VR, and AI will fundamentally change the video game industry.

We anticipate AI to have a more significant impact on games in 2022. AI helps game developers create more captivating games. With the use of AI, NPCs with learning skills are already being developed. Mobile video games become harder as NPCs may alter their behavior using AI-powered learning. Industry study projections predict that AI will go further in the world of mobile gaming.

7. Metaverse

One of the most recent advancements is the Metaverse, but it is not yet obvious what it will mean for the mobile game industry. Mobile gaming will be connected to the Metaverse this year, creating a more advanced in-game experience.

The companies that make the gaming worlds include Nickel and Roblox. Startups want to help the infrastructure of the Metaverse by giving their consumers tools to expand it, including lifelike avatars. In conclusion, the Metaverse will be easier to access and the ideal location in 2022.


The main trends in game creation are expected to increase more quickly in 2022 than they have in previous years. As was previously stated, the world of mobile games will continue to see the emergence of augmented reality and virtual reality. Additionally, the development of mobile games will be significantly impacted by these technologies. As a result, in the upcoming years, we could expect to see an increase in the number of gamers.

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