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Linksys wifi extender setup

Setup your Linksys RE7000 Extender as Extender mode?

When you start the Linksys wifi extender setup, it provides high-speed internet connectivity and eliminates the dead zones inside your home. You can also set up your Linksys Wi-Fi router as Extender mode with the help of in any of the latest browsers you have, or you can download the browser from the play store. 

Get the SSID and the password of your host router before you start the Linksys wifi extender setup process for your Linksys extender RE7000. The default login details for your Linksys Wi-Fi extender are available on the outer panel of your router. Moreover, you should also get the default login web address that is 

Making the setup for Linksys extender RE7000 

  1. Use a computer for the setup and configuration of your and its administrative page. 
  2. Connect this computer to the default SSID of your Linksys range extender that might be Linksys Extender Setup-xxx. 
  3. Here the last three characters, [xxx] represent the MAC ID of your Linksys RE7000. 
  4. Open up or launch the web browser from the connected computer and move your pointer to its address bar. 
  5. There you should type either the IP address of your range extender that is You can also type in the default login web domain
  6. The Linksys wifi extender setup page will appear on your computer’s screen. 
  7. Select the option “Range Extender as Access Point” from all the available options. Now, select the type of WIFI network that you have. 
  8. The page will show the WIFI network list that is available nearby you, but you have to choose your home network and then click the Next. 
  9. In this step, you also get a chance to modify your Linksys Extender Login password and Username or SSID.
  10. Change the password from default to unique. And then comes the step to position the extender to bring it under the range of the WIFI network of your router.
  11. Here you can take help from the spot finder app that will guide you to place your range extender in a perfect position. 
  12. After placing your RE7000 extender, register your product by giving your email address and mobile number. 

After that, you have completed the Linksys wifi extender setup steps. After that, you can place the extender to the location where you receive less signal out of your router.

Upgrade the firmware of your Linksys wifi extender setup RE7000 

First Step

To upgrade the firmware of your Linksys RE7000, you must have a browser in your computer or the device that you have connected to your range extender. In the beginning, you have to make a login to your range extender, and if you have already logged in, then continue with launching the browser

Second Step

At the browser, enter the IP address [] of your range extender or enter the web link or are reliable and give you direct access to your range extender.

Third Step

You will now receive a prompt to enter the user name and the password if you have not changed these credentials from default to something. Else, you can enter “ADMIN” in the place of username and password.

Fourth Step

If you have changed the default credentials of your Linksys wifi extender setup for security purposes, enter those personal details in the field of default login credentials. Now at the login page, click the Firmware Upgrade under the Administration section.

Fifth Step

There are two methods by which you can do the firmware update for your Linksys Wi-Fi extender. We will tell you the two methods to update the firmware of your Linksys extender, one of which is the Automatic Update method. In this method, you have to enable the auto-update method for the firmware you configure the router for the first time. After that, the firmware of your Linksys RE7000 will upgrade automatically.

Sixth Step

The second method manually updates the firmware. In this method, Click and select a file to update the firmware of your range extender manually. For this, save a file previously on your computer. And then, you have to go to the official website of Linksys to get the latest version of the firmware.

Click the file and launch the update. After a few minutes, the firmware of your linksys default password will get its latest version. Then it will reboot the range extender automatically to APPLY the changes. 

Reset your Linksys extender RE7000 to the default settings 

  1. Turn on the RE7000 extender first, press the reset button.
  2.  This reset button is usually very tine and is fixed firmly at the back of the range extender.
  3. Press the button gently using a thin and sharp pin on your Linksys wifi extender setup device. 
  4. You can use your kid’s pencil also. Press the button for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds. 
  5. And then release the button. The device will start resetting automatically. 
  6. Now the default settings have been restored to your WIFI range extender. 

Now, wait till the Wi-Fi extender reboots automatically. As you see that the power light has stopped blinking, then be calm. Your Linksys extender has factory defaults. Resetting the Wi-Fi extender does not mean it has acquired the latest firmware version. You need to configure your Linksys wifi extender setup RE7000 manually to its default settings.    

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