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In this digital world, everyone wants to showcase their products and services online. Being online is a way to grow your business digitally. By growing your business digitally you can increase your sales. In the beginning, everyone hosts their websites on a shared server because it is low-cost and later they face problems. Hosting a website on a shared server can lose your traffic, and it also downfalls your sales.  

However, if you want to set yourself aside from the competitor, a VPS Server is the best way to go. Currently, Serverwala is providing up to 10% savings on a Cyprus VPS Hosting with a 99.90% network uptime. You can host your website on a Cyprus VPS Server at a reasonable price, and it will help you establish a recognizable brand.

About VPS Cyprus

The full form of VPS is  “Virtual Private Server”. VPS Server in Cyprus gives a new peak to your website.

Cyprus VPS Hosting is a combination of a shared server and a dedicated server that provides you with the aspects of both shared and dedicated hosting. VPS, as the name signifies, is a private server that gives the features and resources of a dedicated server at the best price.

As your business expands, a VPS delivers the degree of accomplishment which is vital for continuous scalability. It is especially important for organizations that rely significantly on their online presence.

Advantages of VPS Server

Cyprus VPS Hosting is enhancing the most suitable server for a variety of reasons.


The cloud infrastructure used by VPS Server delivers high redundancy, resource availability, and error susceptibility. It also ensures a 99.90% uptime guarantee. As a result, the Cyprus VPS Hosting can provide you with excellent reliability.


You won’t get the same type of scalability with shared hosting as you get with VPS Server. Scalability options on VPS grant you to escalate up to your web hosting resources for your online business website as needed. You also have the ability to add resources to your server and remove those that aren’t needed.


A virtual private server (VPS) in Cyprus provides you with increased data and network protection. You can have DDoS protection, server security, anti-viruses, malware scanning, and VPN, among other things. Security methods protect your data while also preventing incoming threats from reaching your server via networks.

Root Access

You can have root access along with the ability to run scripts that aren’t commonly acknowledged in shared hosting environments. Root Access gives you the benefit of controlling your server on your own. Install the needed software and applications according to your needs. 


Cyprus VPS Hosting offers a stable configuration, robust hardware specifications, and solid-state discs for consistent performance. Its great scalability and round-the-clock resource availability also help to accelerate the computing process and offer the best results.

Moreover, if you await an expansion in traffic, you can easily scale up your licensed resources with a Cyprus VPS Server. The next time you conduct a special offer, live chat, or other action that attracts visitors your way, you’ll be glad you have those extra resources.


While VPS Servers appear with both managed and unmanaged options, this will lower the server’s overall cost. You won’t be charged more for your Cyprus VPS and configurations.

Serverwala-The Best VPS Server Provider

Serverwala is a reputable web hosting company that was founded in 2015. You can get a lot of dedicated resources with such web hosting packages. There are some tools provided by Serverwala you can use to develop your website in Cyprus VPS Hosting. Furthermore, Serverwala is well-known for providing these enterprise-level services. Serverwala has amassed a large following as a result of these services, with over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Furthermore, you may count on the company’s help 24/7. 

Get the Best Plans for VPS Server in Cyprus

Serverwala Cyprus VPS Hosting offers up to 10% off costs for a 6 Month subscription. You can personalize your bundle by adding any number of abundant functions you desire. With its Best VPS in Cyprus package, You may choose from our different plans: Starter, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. You will receive a 25% discount on a 1 Year plan.

Cyprus VPS Hosting


A professional web hosting service will help you take your business to the next level by providing you with the best tools. As a result, each service provided by a hosting company should be carefully monitored. They’re useful when you’re getting good outcomes with them. Additionally, having a cost-effective provider is necessary.

As a result, Serverwala is here to host your website with its Cyprus VPS Hosting, which offers a 10% discount when purchased for a six-month period. It comes with everything you need, including SSD storage, as well as a fantastic server management system. Serverwala’s VPS Servers plan offers discounts on all of the available locations.

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