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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

There are two types of likes you can get on Facebook you must obtain:

  • You can get likes for your posts on Facebook.
  • “Likes,” (fans/followers) for your Facebook page.

Both are vital. They are both driving each other.

The more likes you earn on your posts, the more Likes you’ll receive on your Facebook page.

The more Likes you’ll get for your Facebook page (the more followers you’ll get), The more Likes you’ll see in your blog posts.

What should you be focusing on first?

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I’d suggest starting by getting more Likes for your Facebook posts.

Posts on your Facebook account are essential.

The most successful posts that garner a considerable amount of people talking about them will likely impact your website significantly click here.

Engaging more people with your posts will help your Facebook page more than any else you can do.

What do you want to achieve in terms of engagement in your blog posts?

Your objectives should include these:

  • Please encourage others to spread your content with their friends.
  • Make sure that people take note of your posts
  • Encourage people to interact with your posts (i.e., click them)

If you can convince people to do these three items, Your posts will be shared with lots of people and extend your brand’s reach widely across the Facebook community!

And then people who’ve never seen your company before will be able to see your posts… And the majority of them will be fans of your page with the hope of receiving more.

If you continue to share unique content, people will continue to engage with your website.

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Each time they interact with your page, it will send a message asking Facebook to display increasing numbers of your content.

And that, my friend, that is what you want! If Facebook has shown your content to a large number of people, you will be able to move on to the next natural step to grow your business:

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Start publishing articles that include links to your site!

The posts will bring users to your site and turn your Facebook friends into customers, subscribers, and brand advocates!

Post has proven data-driven content.

If you’re looking to increase the number of Likes and engagements on Your Facebook post, nothing is more crucial than this initial method.

Utilizing reliable, data-driven content on your blog posts gives them the best chances of being through the internet, and it will reach millions.

What exactly is “proven data-driven, dependable content”?

The content has already been viewed by an audience and garnered massive engagement.

Its content has demonstrated its past effectiveness.

As an example, I selected the quote I used in my earlier post (the one about treating the janitor in the same way as the company’s CEO) in light of the impressive performance of the quote in another blog.

This post came from an account on Facebook known as “SEEK.”

In their blog posts, I saw that one had significantly higher engagement than the other posts.

It got a lot more likes and comments. It also had shares!

The post had more than 100,000 shares and 500,000 likes when I first came across it.

Be aware that SEEK Facebook page had only 200k people following it at the time.

When I saw the many engagements on this blog post, I knew there had to be something special about this quotation.

It was well-received by people.

And I was sure it was the quote by itself and not something else in the post.

Look at the style of the image! Does it have any design??

The image is a handwritten quote placed on a plain backdrop with an emblem at the bottom.

Despite the simplicity (or perhaps due to it! ), A million people thought the phrase was worth sharing with acquaintances!

They achieved each of the three goals of engagement previously mentioned:

  • They listened to the article
  • They clicked on the post (like, like, and like… millions of times)
  • The post was shared with their networks.

This is the question I’d like to ask you to think about:

Did I know how many people might be interested in the janitor/CEO quotes on my blog post if I hadn’t seen it already be so successful on the SEEK post?

Re-design & re-use proven content

This method is similar to tip #1; however, it is focused on redesigning and re-using content.

Take note of the crazy engagement numbers!

Two hundred thirty-five thousand people have shared the photo on our Lessons Learned in Life page!

With that vast number is likely to have been thousands to millions.

It’s certainly been tested by the public!

The quote that appears in the image is a great design and usage opportunity.

So, that’s what I did.

I have redesigned it and used it.

My post wasn’t as effective as Lessons Learned’s.

It did get to more than 126,000 individuals… and it was free!

It’s a story of success in my book.

How did I go about redesigning and re-using this tested content?

You can view the complete webinar here. (Yes, I made this image live for an online webinar!)

But don’t worry. If you don’t have the time to go through the video, I’ll summarize the process in three steps:

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I made this happen by writing the quote, then copying the selection to my clipboard.

Enhance the appearance

I came up with this idea by finding a copyright-free photo on Unsplash, using it as a background, and then adding the quote to the image.

Create branding

I achieved this by adding Post Planner’s logo. Post the Planner logo to the image.

After completing these three steps and making my image, I uploaded it to Facebook and got thousands of Likes!

The process is a good one to use to create any content. It can be done using images (described previously), videos, gifs, and even articles.

And it works on any platform!…. incredibly visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

The first two steps are among the most critical steps in the blog article.

You should most likely put aside this article and implement them and see thousands and thousands of new likes on your pages and posts.

However, if you’d like to know greater… absolutely… continue reading!

Be constant

If you implement the suggested suggestions, you see an increase in Likes on your post. However, it won’t make any lasting difference to your website.


It would be best if you stayed at the forefront of your followers for them to keep sharing and engaging with your content.

When you consistently post, you send this crucial message to followers of yours:

  • Your business is active
  • Your page will add value
  • If you’re interested in establishing a community

This constant (and the messages) is essential to growing your site!

As a minimum, you should post at least every day at least once on Facebook.

If you’re experiencing excellent engagement, you should try posting a post!

It is a matter of trial and error that is the only way to determine the ideal frequency for your posting.

Be sure to be checking everything on Facebook Insights.

If you’re posting at least one (preferably three to five times) each day, you’ll begin to gain weight over time.

Time is right

The optimal time for posting will differ from industry to sector.

In the health and fitness field, postings in the morning may be more popular because it’s when your followers are (probably) more active.

If your company is targeting Gen Z consumers, posting at a later date (might) result in better engagement.

Finding the ideal time to post is a process that requires (you guessed you guessed it) trial and trial.

Check your engagement rates at various times of each day to find your ideal posting time more info.

When You’ve installed Post Planner, You can quickly decide when you want to post by adding times to your calendar. We’ll discuss scheduling towards the close of this post!

Eye-catching use images

Have you ever heard that content with pictures gets 94 percent more views?

It’s pretty crazy.

Images and images are the most shared item of information on Facebook.

Also, people love visuals!

Images help us focus on how we can comprehend, connect, and understand the information in our sight.

Pictures should be a crucial part of your plan!

Where can you find PHENOMENAL photos that can be used in posts on Facebook?

Post Planner!

A glance through the content streams in the Post Planner will give you plenty of photos to choose from.

Keep it brief

Facebook posts have the most fantastic response when they’re between 50 and 99 characters long.

Also, people don’t like to read extended captions.

And the principle of keeping short and sweet doesn’t only apply to captions.

It’s excellent for article and video posts Also!

A good guideline is limiting your Facebook videos from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

What does that mean to you?

Don’t over-lengthen your videos, posts, or other content pieces longer than you should.

If you could utilize ten words instead 15, your engagement is likely to rise.

If you could send your message in just 15 seconds, instead of 60, you’ll see many more views (hello, TikTok).

The stunning image catches the eye of the viewer.

Then, the caption has enough to make us want to read more and earn the desired click.

The more quickly your blog posts are available to watch or read, the more likely your readers will be inclined to interact with them and then share them with others.


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