How Is Digital Marketing Transforming Business Industries?

In earlier days, companies used several ways to promote their products and services. They used to take the help of TV commercials to promote their products and services. They used to take the help of print media such as magazines and newspapers to reach out to their target audience. Hoarding, banners and posters are also a few ways companies promote their business.

These are the few offline ways companies promote and reach out to their audience.

The evolution in the marketing world took place between 2010 and 2015. In these five years, billions of people worldwide started using social media. Companies all around made use of these social media platforms to reach out to their audience. They started making creative ads and posts to get the customers’ attention.

Digital marketing changed the whole game of promoting and advertising. Now companies cannot even imagine not using digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is used by companies belonging to all industries.

From mobile phone companies to business law assignment help┬ácompanies, it is related to business. Let’s discuss how digital marketing is changing business industries.

Reach out to target customers

Suppose your brand makes products suitable only for people between the age group of 20-45. So, you don’t need to show your advertisements to someone above 50 years of age because your target audience does not fall into that age group. However, when companies use newspapers or radio, they have to reach out to all people, even if they are not their target consumers. Digital marketing changed this.

Now companies can reach out only to their target consumers. The target consumers are divided by age and preferences. For example, XYZ is a brand that makes women’s apparel. So, they can show their ads and posts to women from their social media platform and let them know about their company. This way, they reach out to more customers and increase their sales.

Video marketing

Imagine that you came home tired. You freshen up and think of doing something until dinner is ready. Then, you went to your room and saw both the newspaper and your mobile. You will, of course, pick your mobile and check your social media accounts or watch Insta reels.

While browsing through social media, have you ever counted how many promotional videos you saw? Video marketing is another way that companies use to get the attention of their audience. And you chose your smartphone over the newspaper because from your smartphone; you can access social media or even can listen to songs at the same time.

People like to see more than read, which is why companies always try to make short and creative ads. It will not waste the viewers’ time, and they will also be able to reach the ultimate message to the viewers.

Email marketing

Remember that one email which you find very attractive? And by clicking on that, you find it very appealing, and then you end up buying the product you have never planned for. That is the power of email marketing.

If you have an account on food ordering sites or shopping sites, you will receive daily emails. These emails are short, and the subject lines are full of puns and sarcasm.

This is another form of digital marketing. It would not have been possible if companies had still used newspaper and TV commercials for promoting their products.

Influencer marketing

Brands hire social media personalities who have millions of followers on social media to promote their products or services. This is known as influencer marketing.

Brands hire them because millions of people are following them. Their one post or just one story can increase the sales of that particular company. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular ways brands use these days.


Stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Brands use keywords that bring more traffic to their website. A website is important. Previously, customers were unable to reach out to their favourite brand and suggest some new ideas or appreciate their service.

From the website, they can get their official email id or number. They can reach out to them and let me know about their issues. This is another major way how digital marketing is transforming business industries all over the world.

Social media marketing

SMM, also known as social media marketing, is surely the most common advertising method. Brands post several short videos, posts and podcasts to keep them engaged. In addition, brands hire social media managers who can professionally manage all the brand’s social media handles and generate traffic.


From the above discussions, it can thus be said that digital marketing has completely changed the way companies use it to promote their business. With advanced technology, it can be said that more digital marketing techniques may come shortly.

Companies worldwide prefer digital marketing because using this; they easily can reach out to their target consumers. The target consumers are divided by age and preferences.


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