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Google My Business is now known by the new name Google Business Profile with new features.

Google My Business is transforming now to provide better service to businesses. Google My Business has been changed into Google Business Profile. It has happened after Google got its features to move into Maps and Search. Your business will benefit from the search engine as it will help you manage your business directly. You can do it easily using google search and maps.

The new name of Google My Business

The name Google My Business is getting a new vocabulary. Now it will be recognized by named Google Business Profile. There is a reason behind this initiative of Google. The purpose is to bring more business from the app of My Business to Google search, Google maps, and other relevant apps. It will benefit your business as everything is integrated into one place. It is now about more convenience and ease of doing business.

Google Business Profile has made things more straightforward than before for doing business. There was one Google My Business App previously. It is now retiring, welcoming fresh new features for the business community.

New features that are added in Google Business Profile

There have been many evolutions regarding the names getting changed over some time. The present name Google Business Profile was some other name before. One should understand that Google My Business is slowly receding to the background. The going of Google My Business means that businesses are encouraged to use Google Search or Google Maps for managing their businesses. These are primarily for those businesses which are having single listings. Companies can use Google Search or Google Maps via mobile apps or web interfaces. Now the businesses have a better option to use these two destinations to search on instead of using the old My business console. It has been a positive shift by Google, bringing in more significant benefits for the businesses.

Larger businesses have many locations today. The business Profile Manager will support these businesses. You may be having companies spread across areas. You are now going to use Business Profile Manager instead of Google My Business. The Business Profile Manager will undergo many changes in the coming months. The search engine has announced that many new features will be brought in during a period. The following are the new features:

  • You are the business owner, and you have been using Google My Business till now. Now things have been changed. If you wish to claim and verify your business profile, you can now use Google Search and Google Maps.
  • There have been some changes in messaging too. You can do the messaging today directly using Google Search.
  • You may value message read receipts. Many businesses appreciate this service. You can avail yourself of this facility using Google Search and Google Maps.


You may have a business listing free from Google if running a business. It comes via Google Business Profile. You will have the business photos, location, products, and other details in it. Having this profile free has quite an advantage. It enhances the visibility of your business across all the services of Google. Whatever information is stored in this profile can be seen on Google search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

Google Business Profile is not for every business, and It is for those businesses that have contact with customers. The businesses include a restaurant or a store. It is also for location-specific companies that provide services like that of consultants. They have interaction with people. If your business is not in the fields, your benefits will differ. If you have an online business, you will be using tools of Google like Google Ads or Google Analytics.

Google is the ultimate viable option for you if your area of concern is the footfall of customers or web traffic. The Google profile ensures that people looking for your business are directed to your products and services. The people searching for your business will know how to visit you and where. It improves your SEO also.

How you manage the business is determined by the search made by people for your business or business name in Google Search or Google Maps.

Planning the performance

Google Ads gives you multiple advantages. It gives you the ability to plan your campaign budget. You can do so using Performance Planner. A performance planner is an essential tool enabling you to design the expenses on your advertisement. It also lets you estimate how your ads will affect the key performance indices of your business. The tool enables you to know forecasts of business and your business campaign. You can explore the campaign outcome through the settings. You can also learn about the opportunities during various business seasons. You can manage your budget using this tool. Never forget to follow Google My Business because it will entail rebranding over the next few weeks.

Through this tool, the customers will be enabled to be in touch with you in real-time. They can do so using your profile on Google. You can use this platform to respond to their queries, narrate your story, and draw many customers to your business. The chat will create the possibility of conversation between your customers and your business. To be successful, you should use the guidelines of discussion.

There are many advantages of chatting. Your customers can find the Chat button on your profile on Google, and They can message you any time. An arrangement makes it easy for the messages to appear on the business profile based on Google. There is an option of getting notifications of the incoming messages.


If you wish to take advantage of various tools and techniques of attracting customers, you can be in touch with JDM Web Technologies. They will provide the business solution through proper Web or mobile interfaces suitable to you.

JDM Web Technologies experts have skills in placing a website on Google Business Profile.

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